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Found 1 result

  1. While working with Mikal Hart's IridiumSBD library I ran into a problem if I tried sending a message that exceeded 120 characters in length. Considering I'd paid $250 for the transceiver which claims a 340 character message capability, I was a bit frustrated, to say the least. FWIW, Sparkfun support was responsive, though not clear on the solution. However, after spending time doing the requisite RTFM, coupled with examining the code, I realized that the library didn't check, or account for, two different versions of the AT+SBDWT command. If the command AT+SBDWT= is issued, followed by a text string, the limit is 120 characters, and anything longer generates an "ERROR" response. If, instead, an AT+SBDTW command, no "=" sign, is issued, the device responds with "READY" and expects a text string of up to 340 characters (within 60 seconds), and on success issues a "0" response. Mikal's code doesn't check the length of the submitted string, and triggers an error, but with no other explanation. I added a test for the string length (it's included in the function call) to select the appropriate command, as well as adding a new error code indicating a message length error. Given that I consider my programming skils at the beginner+ level (it's been almost 20 years since I was a "professional"), I hesitate to update the library on github. What's the best approach to save others the hours I spent tracking this down??? Bob
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