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Found 9 results

  1. I've dabbled in a lot of languages, but never made it to C or C++. Now, in the course of helping my son pursue a CS degree, I find myself learning Java. What, if any, are the options for programming the TI LaunchPads in Java? Opinions? (other than the expected "Java sux" :-(
  2. I am currently testing the MSP430FR5994 launchpad. The available sram memory is 8Kbytes, but it is declared at 2 Kbytes in the boards.txt file. It is a mistake?
  3. Is there a way to display line numbers in Energia IDE so it is easier to track error messages? Thanks.
  4. I just discovered an impressive Arduino program called Bitlash in a video demo http://pinocc.io/blog/building-the-internet-of-things/preview-pinoccio-api/ (about the Pinoccio mesh networking module). It lets you define and run tasks from a shell. Has anyone tried porting it to the MSP430?
  5. Tiva/Stellaris programs were compiled with optimization -Os in Energia E0012. (Optimize for size). In Energia E0013 optimization is turned off for Tiva/Stellaris and CC3200. (-O0) How do I turn optimization back on in Energia E0013? I have been working on a Arduino/Energia library which has a timing critical interrupt handler. Of course there is the #pragma route to controlling optimization. But is there a way in the IDE, or in preferences.txt, is #pragma the preferred method. On a somewhat related note, are there any release notes for the new version (which might cove
  6. Hello all, A year or two ago I attempted to setup Code::Blocks with the arm-none-eabi toolchain so that I could compile and run my Energia projects without dealing with the idiosyncrasies of the Processing-based IDE. I did not much understand command-line tools or GCC and so my efforts were somewhat frustrated. I have picked it up again, and almost have it working. I have analyzed the verbose output from Energia to determine which compiler/linker flags are used, and set up Code::Blocks to do the exact same things as Energia during compilation (excepting one thing, which I will get to later
  7. Hi, I have been working for the past few years on a project called UECIDE. It's a new IDE that is intended to be a single environment for programming a whole gamut of different development boards. It was originally based on MPIDE, which was originally itself based on Arduino 0023, but there's only about 100 lines of the original code left there now. Everything else has been completely re-written. Anyway, it has for some time now had Launchpad and Stellaris supoort in it - at least it's meant to. However, I am only one man, and I only have an original Launchpad and a Stellaris LM
  8. Please find the latest releases of Energia: energia-0101E0009-macosx.dmg - Mac OS X: Binary release version 0101E0009 (12/06/2012) energia-0101E0009-windows.zip - Windows: Binary release version 0101E0009 (12/06/2012) energia-0101E0009-linux.tgz - Linux: Binary release version 0101E0009 (12/06/2012)· Other links of interest: http://github.com/energia/Energia/wiki'>http://github.com/energia/Energia/wiki – Wiki http://github.com/energia/Energia/downloads'>http://github.com/en...ergia/downloads – Downloads http://github.com/energia/Energia'>http://github.com/energia/Energia
  9. [ ADMIN - Please see this thread by admin and response by thread author about mod updates. ] NOTE: This is NOT the official Energia release. Report here the problems you find using this mod. Don't nag anyone else. ____________________________________________ Hello there! this is a tweaked Energia IDE (Arduino version here), don't lose time setting up anything, Java or the drivers, just use this fully automated installer. Plus, you get a improved experience (and extra time to think in sending me a little tip :wave:) Download (2013-02-09): Soon? maybe? http://static.themetapicture.com/m
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