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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm currently working on a project involving G2553 MCU and Sparkfun Bluesmirf Silver BT module. I'm programming my MCU using the MSP430 Launchpad as a programmer and Energia IDE. I'm trying to configure the Bluetooth module using the firmware that I upload to the MCU. I connected the MCU's hardware UART pins to the Bluesmirf pins. Pin 1.1 (HW RX) to the module's RX and vice versa. I supply the same voltage to the MCU and the module (supply voltage connected to the breadboard from the Launchpad itself, multimeter shows values at around 3.5V). Bluesmirf's datasheet says the Vcc shoul
  2. Hi all well I got a problem with my Serial comunication, when I conect my launchpad with the jumpers in the default (software uart position) parallel like: || || || || almost everything works ok, i can programm my launchpad with energia I can see the Serial port is right But when i try to test the serial comunication with de serial monitor it can not send anything or recieve. then I desconect and change the jumpers for a Hardware UART like: = || || || then i conect my launchpad and i can not see my serialport name on energia and can not open the serial monitor. Im work
  3. Hi, I am new to the whole world of microprocessors and just playing around with my Launchpad v1.5 with the MSP430G2553 for a while. I got the UW UART up and running so far, using putty and the virtual "MSP430 Application UART" com port. The jumpers on J3 are set to HW UART. But I need some help understanding how the HW UART and the UART on P1.1 and P1.2 belong together or don't. I don't know if they are the same or something different. I am confused: What exactly changes when setting the jumpers on J3 to SW UART (virtual com port is still there, but why does my software not wor
  4. Hi, I am working on a sensor module design for a research project I am doing. I using an MSP430G2553 that I plug into a socket on my custom PCB. The MSP430 manages a collection of I2C sensors and then communicates data over Bluetooth. The Bluetooth module connects to the MSP430 with the hardware UART, 9600 baud rate. I was planning on programming the MSPs with the Launchpad and then plugging them into my sensor module PCBs. The issue I am having is that I am receiving no response over the serial connection when I try the setup on my custom PCB. I bread boarded the design prior to crea
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