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Found 1 result

  1. I am working on a breakout / test board for a TLC5940 that I got in one of those HTSSOP-28 packages, with the little metal back that you're supposed to attach to a copper area using thermal vias and use as heat sink. My question is: is there a way for me to "hand solder" that part without reflowing the board? Will it work if I try to heat it from the back of the board with a soldering iron, or is the copper area too large and it will never heat up to a point where the solder melts? Would some flux maybe help? Should I just wack some thermal paste between board and component and not even bother trying to solder it? I do not plan on using high currents, but thought it would be nice to have it properly done. I will get the boards made by Elecrow, and will use HASL finishing as I guess that would make it easier to solder that part, am I right? I am using the new Altium Circuit Maker, therefore you can check the project here (still work in progress): https://workspace.circuitmaker.com/Projects/148E0C7D-1CA4-472C-8BE4-44C2DBD13361 (I guess, never shared a project, hope the link will take you there). If you have any tips on the board itself also feel free to comment. My first board using Circuit Maker and well, haven't done many elsewhere, so I'm open to suggestions!