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Found 10 results

  1. I have been searching for a FatFs Energia library for the FR5969 a while and haven't come across anything that worked, so I decided to try make one. If there is one out there.... ahhhhhhhhhhghhghgh. The library is called Jaffl: Just another FatFs library It is located at: https://github.com/geometrikal/Jaffl Details: It is written for the MSP430FR5969, mainly because transmit and receive SPI bytes routines hard coded to USCB0. If someone can make this more generic it would be welcome. The Jaffl wrapper is based on the FatFs wrapper by David Sirkin. The latest FatFs version (ff11) is used, but not all functions may have made it to the wrapper. The diskio.c MMC interface comes from the TI example code for the MSP430F5529 LaunchPad with a few changes: 1. there were extra functions added to attach the SPI init / change speed / cs routines. 2. Class 6 and 10 cards weren't initialising, so instead of sending CMD0 once before failing (during disk_initialization()) it keeps sending every 1ms until it gets the right response, or one second has passed. f_printf was changed to f_vprintf in ff.c and modified to accept va_list instead of the normal variable argument designator (the dots: ...) . This is because Jaffl.printf wraps it, and needs to pass the variable arguments as va_list. A quick test example: #include "SPI.h" #include "Jaffl.h" int counter = 0; void setup() { Serial.begin(57600); Serial.println("Startup"); Serial.print("Begin, return code: "); Serial.println(Jaffl.begin(P3_0)); Serial.print("Open file, return code: "); Serial.println(Jaffl.open("test.txt", FA_WRITE | FA_CREATE_ALWAYS)); } void loop() { Serial.print("Print file, return code: "); Serial.println(Jaffl.printf("Hello world: %d\r\n", counter++)); Serial.print("Sync, return code: "); Serial.println(Jaffl.sync()); delay(1000); } The code isn't polished, but seems to work. I will be doing on going testing as this will be used in another project, but I've put it up now to get feedback and help spot bugs. 99% of the code came from other sources so thanks to those people. Its all on github so if you have changes do a pull request. 2015-03-18 - Added MISO internal pull up to get some cards to work.
  2. HI EVERYONE, Long time no see. University has been hard, not time for anything. But I am back into the MCU world! And I am having some problems so I first would like to know if anyone ever tried this. I am using a SD card to save data with FATFS. The problem is that the MCU is also doing other stuff... I've been having writes of a few ms which is normal with FATFS. I am considering of course trying to write 512bytes at a time but also implementing DMA on the SPI. But I am not sure the DMA will help. It seems FATFS f_write and the port function disk_write, want to right away read or write more stuff into the card, meaning I would anyway have to wait the couple of ms... Am I wrong in this? (from what I've seen I probably have to directly write into the SD card after pre-allocating a file if I want the DMA to help)
  3. I know I haven't finished off my desk clock project just yet, But I've been requested to design a new GPS logging device for my sisters Beagle Club, The basic idea is that a sent is placed with a guy that forms a path, the GPS logger is taken along also. They then attach the device to a beagle (using some kind of vest, I think). And let them follow the scent. Post event they extract the GPS data from the logger and overlay both tracks in google earth. They have one unit that has been working well for them, developed by a previous club member. It consists of off the shelf components from Sparkfun. With a total BOM just over $150 Logomatic V2 (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12772) GPS (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8975) 128mb uSD Old Cell phone battery (Li-ion) (~700mAh judging from physical size) All of these are connected together and fit into an off the shelf jiffy box. They would like 5 more made, which would perform identical/similar function Design goals: Lower cost (< $50AUD per unit, making 5 units) Externally operates identically to the old versionUSB MSC Logs start when unit powered on via toggle switch new log created when button pressed All additional tools stored on SD card (GPS utilities, past logs) Long battery life, unit should operate for > 10Hours Physically the same size or smaller (if time allows, a simple PC tool to to reset the device into DFU mode, and update the firmware) I'm planning to source a more slimline case. once I have that I will begin PCB design. I have drawn some quick System level schematics The hardware is pretty straight forward Same with the software, I have already played with the MSP430 USB MSC examples, and am familiar with FATFS. I should be able to glue in some UART code to get it all to work. The device will operate under two modes depending on if it's connected to USB or not. Hopefully someone will find this mildly interesting as I work through it.
  4. Hello, I have used petit FatFs library in my project and it is working great but only problem is It can not create new file it only can modify already created file. But in my project I need to create many files on runtime. where can I ger FatFs SD Host library which I can use with energia. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi, I am a novice to MSP430 so my prior apologies for asking basic or stupid questions. I am trying to interface SD Card with msp430f5529 launchpad using FatFS file system of elm-chen. Luckily I found some of the files on the github via google which included mmc.c, mmc.h, HAL_SDCard.c and \HAL_SDCard.h . I wrote the main file and somehow my SD card is being mounted but root directory is not being opened and I am always getting SD Card not ready message. I tried changing the card but it did no benefit. Can someone guide where is it going wrong and whats the way to resolve it. Let me know if I should attach some other stuff like files and stuff or a sample code where I can somehow compare to find out where am I going wrong. Below is the code for fat_init void fat_init(void){ errCode = -1; while (errCode != FR_OK){ //go until f_open returns FR_OK (function successful) errCode = f_mount(0, &fatfs); //mount drive number 0 errCode = f_opendir(&dir, "/"); //root directory errCode = f_open(&file, "/Data.csv", FA_CREATE_ALWAYS | FA_WRITE); if(errCode != FR_OK) result=0; //used as a debugging flag } }
  6. Hi, I had interface MSP430F5529 launchpad with FatFS Sd card. I was trying to store value from ADC into SD card and I found that I cannot store the value on SD Card, unless I do "sprintf" or equivalent printf of the data, only then I was able to store the value on SD card. However, sprintf is expensive command and takes more cycle then ADC output i.e some of the data is lost from ADC in doing sprintf. Is there a better alternative than sprintf or something like if I store raw value and later post process it? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi, I am trying to compile ELM Chen FatFs and I am getting identifier error in ff.h (line 157) for typedef struct DIR in code composer studio. It also leads to a type specifier error on line 215,216 and 217 which uses this identifier. Any help to sort it out will be highly appreciateable. The errors are below: Description Resource Path Location Type #41 expected an identifier ff.h /SD_Up2 line 157 C/C++ Problem #80 expected a type specifier ff.h /SD_Up2 line 215 C/C++ Problem #80 expected a type specifier ff.h /SD_Up2 line 217 C/C++ Problem #80 expected a type specifier ff.h /SD_Up2 line 216 C/C++ Problem thanks
  8. https://github.com/jmagnuson/fatfs-tiva-cm4f/blob/master/src/third_party/fatfs/port/mmc-tiva-cm4f.c It's still a work in progress, but should be a working drop-in replacement for the MMC driver TI provides. I've only done minimal testing on it thus far, so any corrections or improvements would be greatly appreciated!
  9. madvoid

    FatFS on FR5969?

    Hi All, I'm attempting to get an SD card working with the MSP430FR5969 (launchpad) and FatFS but I'm having a difficult time. Two questions: 1. Is it possible to get FatFS working with the MSP430? When I did a search of these forums I mostly saw PetitFat being used with MSP430s. Ultimately, PetitFat would be okay but I would prefer FatFS. 2. Has anyone gotten either PetitFat or FatFS working with the MSP430FR5969? If so, would you be willing to share your code or knowledge regarding it? Thank you in advance for any help, Nipun
  10. I was looking to interface FatFS to the MSP430G2744: It has 1KB of ram (may be enough? If not I might look into using the MSP430G2755 with 4KB of ram) I've been hacking away at getting it interfaced after doing Petit FatFS and realizing I needed to have resizable files and file creation (oops).... and that Petit has already been ported (double oops). I've been able to get it to compile with GCC, here's the FatFS branch of the project. But things are not running smoothly anymore, after I upload the code the LEDs are dim and it doesn't seem to execute past my little serial logging solution (in com.c) I've taken a break for about a week and just started looking back into this, I'm feeling sort of lost at the moment, I'm not very good at low level debugging with the open source tools. Thanks for any ideas, Chris
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