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Found 2 results

  1. This is a JeeLab ENC28J60 library mod for Energia StellarPad, working OK with other devices on the same SPI bus. Library: Ethercard_v09a.zip Ethercard_v09.zip Ethercard_v08.zip EtherCard_v07a.zip EtherCard_v07.zip EtherCard_v06.zip EtherCard_v05.zip New version 0.9a [28.06.2014]: 1. fix wrong type of variable in emit_p 2. fixes by Francis Van Den Bussche, email 9/5/2014 3. fixed obvious bug, redmine issue #539 4. update README info and links 5. Add documentation on class BufferFiller New version 0.9 [20.06.2014]: 1. added all fixes since my last release -> exactly between 01-03.05.2014 (https://github.com/jcw/ethercard/commits/master) 2. library (v09) from now should work on MSP430F5529 too, please test New version 0.8 [26.04.2014]: 1. Fixes issue #492 (DNS lookup fails) New version 0.7a [07.04.2014]: 1. changes inside dhcp.cpp - Custom DHCP option processing #119 New version 0.7 [05.04.2014]: 1. contains all github fixes since the last release. 2. working with oryginal spi library from Energia 0101E0012 New version 0.6 [27.04.2013]: 1. For clarity *.ino files I decided to move SPI initialize to library. from now begin look like this: ether.begin(sizeof Ethernet::buffer, mymac, CS_PIN, SPI_MODULE). eg.: - ether.begin(sizeof Ethernet::buffer, mymac) -> DEFAULT initialize eth on SPI 2 & Chip Select on PB_5 - ether.begin(sizeof Ethernet::buffer, mymac, PD_1, 3) -> initialize eth on SPI 3 & Chip Select on PD_1 SPI speed is defined in enc28j60.cpp file (line 256), maybe more sense is move SPI speed to begin too? New version 0.5 [20.04.2013]: 1. "DHCP fix" - Andy Lindsay github commit New version 0.4 [12.04.2013]: 1. "Implemented a simple UDP listening server, that listens for packets on ports and triggers callbacks" - brianlah87 github commit New version 0.3 [04.04.2013]: 1. "adding header arg to browseUrl" - jscrane github commit New version 0.2 [24.02.2013]: 1. "Accept of tcp packets refactored to a separate method" - mrbig github commit 2. New example for the above: "quasiMultiport" -> You can open more browser windows on different ports with different contents e.g. http://stella_ip, http://stella_ip:1224, http://stella_ip:22222, etc... 3. New function setupWakeUp() in enc28j60.cpp/h -> You can setup enc28j60 to filter/receive only WOL package for e.g. WakeUp host (StellarPad) from hibernation,(enc28j60 pdf - chapter 12.2.1 pt1-3), return to normal mode through existing function enableBroadcast() P.S. pt2 & 3 is my low quality ideas, so - don't report problem with them to jeelib still is some bugs e.g. DHCP with mac addr starting with first number > 0 not working for me :-/ Connections (If You are using default Energia SPI bus 2): My sandwich StellarPad + universal ENC28J60 module from e.g. eBay + LCD5110 with tongue (nrf24l01+): Sandwich get temperature from remote sensor (based on my second StellarPad and this project moved to Energia) via MiRF library, display temp on LCD5110 modified library (number & graph idea by timotet) and create a simply web page to display temp This is a very simply and fast making test platform
  2. from now EtherCard library (v09) are available for MSP430F5529LP too please check on stellarisiti energia forum: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/6977-energia-library-stellarpad-ethercard-enc28j60-library/
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