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Found 1 result

  1. Here's the thread to document the research and development of a vehicle engine management system based on the LM3S8962 Evaluation Kit. Let me preface this by saying, as I am quite new to C programming and microcontrollers this is definitely diving into the deep end of the pool, though perhaps it would be more accurate to relate it to a trip to the depths of the Pacific Ocean. I will also say that I do not expect much feedback from the community with regards to this. What I mean is that unless you have this kit and are interested in doing the same thing, I do not expect many comments. But if you see any errors in the coding, PLEASE comment. The goals I have set for this are: Provide accurate fuel control over at least 2 banks of injectors, possibly more if the hardware is capable. Provide accurate ignition timing control over engine speeds ranging from a few hundred to over 10000 RPMs. Enable configuration of the system through the built-in display, over CAN and possibly Ethernet. Enable operational error reporting in-situ through the built-in display and CAN, and possibly external fault-LED's or similar. Utilize the main and device boards as efficiently as possible, separating tasks accordingly. Create open-source code free of restrictive licensing: I received the kit for free so this is my way of giving back in kind. Develop open-source hardware interfaces between the EKT boards and the sensors, injectors and ignition components. Come up with a catchy name. StellariSquirt immediately came to mind but is likely too similar to another products name to be used. I will use the next two posts to identify hardware and software considerations. Thank you.
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