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Found 5 results

  1. This DMX to Analog converter was designed to be used with stage props (servo pneumatic proportional control system, which is capable of positioning heavy loads at high speeds.) It's 8 channel (selectable start channel,) 8-12 bits resolution, 0-10V output, dimensions are 2" x 2".
  2. Shivasanketh


    I have to implement 3 DACs on TMS320F28377S c2000 launchpad, but I'm not able to access the DAC pins from the Energia software. Eg: If I want to access pin #19 (P4) I use "P4". In the same way how can I access the DACs on the F28377S. I'm talking about the actual DACs on the F28377S ( NOT the PWM pins).
  3. Hello! I am having trouble getting the correct values from my MSP432 to my DAC. So basically my project setup is as follows: Transmitting: -Microphone connected to the A15 channel of my MSP432 -Xbee connected to the UART pins 3.2, 3.3 CODE Tx: const int MICAN = A15; // MIC in void setup() { Serial1.begin(9600); // baud rate setting } void loop() { Serial1.print(analogRead(MICAN));// send mic value over serial delay(100); // for testing } /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Receiving: -MSP432 connected to my other Xbee device UART pins 3.2, 3.3 -MSP432 connected to LTC1658 14-bit DAC. -DAC is connected to pins 1.6 (MOSI, or input), 4.3 (CS), and 1.5 (SCLK) CODE Rx: const int slaveSelectPin = 6; // CS for the DAC #include <SPI.h> int DacVal = 0; // value to be sent to the dac void setup() { Serial1.begin(9600);//baud rate setting //spi crap pinMode (slaveSelectPin, OUTPUT); SPI.setClockDivider(SPI_CLOCK_DIV4); SPI.begin(); } void loop() { if (Serial1.available()>0) {// If there is SHIT in the buffer DacVal = Serial1.read(); } //YOUR POST PROCESING HERE!!!!!!! DACWrite(DacVal); } void DACWrite(int Val) { char LSBs; char MSBs; // take the SS pin low to select the chip: //Split the int to 2 chars, the bit shift may be off, but i dont have any hardware to test on LSBs=char(Val); MSBs=char(Val>>8); digitalWrite(slaveSelectPin,LOW); // send in the address and value via SPI 1 byte at a time: SPI.transfer(LSBs); SPI.transfer(MSBs); // take the SS pin high to de-select the chip: digitalWrite(slaveSelectPin,HIGH); } ////////////////////////////////////// And basically I am not getting values that are correct when I put a oscilloscope on the output of the DAC. I am thinking my problem is somewhere in the Rx code because when my Tx board is setup I am reading the values from my other zigbee through the computer successfully. Any help would be great, thank you!!
  4. This is a simple Energia library for the Texas Instrument TLC5615 Digital to Analog Converter, a 10 bit ADC. The TLC5615 library is located here. I recently took an online course based on the FR6989 and the C language that used this chip and thought I would implement in Energia. Here is a screenshot from my oscilloscope of the Energia version generating a sawtooth wave.
  5. Hey forum! I always wanted to make a synthesizer , so i chose the msp430 launchpad, because it's one of the most inappropriate chip i can use for it :grin: When i started to make it i didn't have real goal, i just wanted to make a sound, so this project is kind if all over the place but i have learned a lot doing it so it was totally worth it. The DAC used is a TI TLC5615, it's not the best choice, but i only had this in my parts bin. Probably any other SPI DAC could be used with minimal modification, or even PWM. (I don't sound good with PWM IMO.) The TLC5615 needs 5 volts, but it seem to run good with 3.6 volt from the launchpad,or you could use TP3 (the USB 5V) but that can be noisy, I used a separate 5V supply. The crystal is required, because it tunes the DCO on every start up to a pre-defined value ( i ran it at 19Mhz without any problems) If you change the frequency , you only need to change the bit rate divider for the USCI UART. There are a lot to optimize/rewrite but i kind of grew tired of playing with variables to get a few more bytes of free ram. Maybe i'll rewrite it on an F5510 as it would be a much better choice because it has 8 x Ram as much ram and a hardware multiplier. This is a synth with 16 voice of polyphony. It accepts midi massages from 1-8 and 10 (for the drum sounds). Each midi channel has it's own different settings for: -MIDI program -LFO width and speed (CC01 for combined mod wheel control, CC02 for width,CC03 for speed -Oscillator type (simple with any waveform or with ADSR square or sine wave) -Pitch bend -Portamento on/of (CC65) -Portamento speed (CC05) -Channel volume (CC07) It plays 8 sine/square with ADSR, 4 with any waveform (now only Saw and triangle), and 4 drum sounds simultaneously. Here are two songs i recorded with it: Soundcloud. I have attached the CCS Project with the source codes in a ZIP, the schematics, and a picture of how it look on my breadboard. mSpYNTH.zip mysy
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