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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there! I wanted to do a temperature logger with my chronos ez-430. Everything worked fine, and I installed the DataLog firmware (correct frequency). After that I wasn't able to communicate with the watch anymore. Wireless update still works, but on the normal firmware i can't sync, yust like with datalog firmware. do you have any suggestions on how to solve this? thanks, Jonas Otto
  2. I loved the eZ430-Chronos. On the Internet many projects made ??on the basis of this development tool. But one thing I did not like is that you need a computer to manage their programs. And without a computer Chronos watch can not control anything. So I bought Anaren CC110L RF BoosterPack (868 Mhz). But this kit does not work with Chronos. I looked a lot of information and code on this forum and on the internet. But always something was wrong, I did not want to rewrite the SimpliciTi protocol. And finally... I did emulation of RF USB dongle. The project uses the unmodified Chronos Control Centre and firmware of sportswatch. But blurobin and wireless firmware update does not work. To me, this part is not important. I used code composer studio. And now I have a working SimpliciTI on msp430g2553 with CC110L. And Run many examples which are in SimpliciTi installation directory. Here is a video how it works. p.s. Thanks to @gwdeveloper, with post SimpiciTI Tutorial for CC2500 p.p.s. Project attached CCS SimpliciTI MSP430 CC110L Anaren busterpack.rar
  3. nickds1


    Hi - I've been trying to find the source of the RF-BSL used by the Chronos watch - probably looking in the wrong place as I'm a bit new to this... Anyone know if it was released and if so, where can I find it? (the source, that is...) Thanks Nick
  4. Hey all! I have received an email from the Official MSP430 Blog where they announce a Holidays offer. They are taking 54% off the regular price for just this last two weeks of the year!!! So if you always wanted a Chronos or a Fraunchpad and the price tag was your restraint... now you have no more excuses. Woohoo!!! http://e2e.ti.com/blogs_/b/msp430blog/archive/2013/12/17/get-a-chronos-for-christmas-or-an-fram-experimenter-39-s-board.aspx I just bought my very first Fraunchpad, and the discount code works... and I'm feeling tempted to get another Chronos... mmmmmmmmm Gast
  5. So, in last week's deal i got one Ez430 Chronos watch. Installed the last CCS, got almost a day of infrutiferously reading the e2e community reports on how to correct the **** path error on "C:\ti\ccsv5\msp430\include".. I ended up finding by miself these files were relocated to C:\ti\ccsv5\ccs_base\msp430\include. So i took the easiest way and just duplicated the whole folder to the place where ccs was looking for it. (didn't found out how to change this in CCS, and somewhere i read that it was a eclipse bug, so i decided not to discuss with ccs and do what it wanted). I was able to get the examples imported and compiled. Woohoo!!! Now, i have no idea how to backup the information memory, so i don't mess with the calibrations. Anybody knows of a TI note on doing that? Thank-you very much for the attention, and i hope that helps anibody who runs in the same path invalid thing. Took me almost two days to fix ><"
  6. http://www.ti.com/tool/ez430-chronos&DCMP=Chronos&HQS=Other+OT+chronos I noticed that the users' guide was recently updated, so I took a look. About 14-18 months ago, I did some work on a 5509 + CC1101 USB stick that was a poorly-kept secret. It seems as though TI finally got the bugs out of the board and started replenishing their Chronos kits with it. In the users' guide, TI refers to the old kits as "BLACK" and new kits as "WHITE". Of course, it is the silkscreen they are talking about, but the boards are entirely different. Anyway, I would make sure to get the WHITE Chronos. The BLACK RF Gateway uses a CC1111, which is an 8051 core with an entirely different toolchain. The WHITE one can use the normal MSP430 toolchain. The 5509 is better than the CC1111 is terms of power (8051 is slow and has poor code density), but it is still a bit anemic (24KB/6KB). I can't really figure why they didn't use the 5503, considering that the ADC is unused, but I guess TI probably makes more 5509s, so it is easier for them to source (just guessing). Last year when I was working on this kit, I did manage to squeeze a full server build of OpenTag on it. I don't think other cool stacks (namely Contiki) can fit, but it might be worth a shot. In any case, it's a lot more hackable than the old kit was.
  7. Hi, Is it possible to change RF frequency of the Chronos from 868mhz to 915mhz? If it is possible, could you, please, say how? Thanks a lot,
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