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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Folks, Here is Malkiat Singh from Punjab India.This forum has been doing a suberb job and lot of great topics enlighting various aspects on Low-power microcontrollers. I was reading " What's left for MSP430?" and decided to join a forum. Wonderful job by you guys. Currently, I am making various agro-based sensors and scratching web and 43oh.
  2. hi, i have also facing the ROM_OVERFLOW issue....: /msp430-elf/bin/ld: region `ROM' overflowed by 29894 bytes....... my .ld file contains like this.......... MEMORY { SFR : ORIGIN = 0x0000, LENGTH = 0x0010 /* END=0x0010, size 16 */ PERIPHERAL_8BIT : ORIGIN = 0x0010, LENGTH = 0x00F0 /* END=0x0100, size 240 */ PERIPHERAL_16BIT : ORIGIN = 0x0100, LENGTH = 0x0100 /* END=0x0200, size 256 */ RAM : ORIGIN = 0x1C00, LENGTH = 0x0FFE /* END=0x2BFD, size 4094 */ INFOMEM : ORIGIN = 0x1800, LENGTH = 0x0200 /* END=0x19FF, size 512 as 4 128-byte segments */ INFOA : ORIGIN = 0x1980, LENGTH = 0x0080 /* END=0x1
  3. Does Energia support CC430 Devices? If yes Plz help me on this... Thanks in advance.
  4. Dear colleagues, I'm more than happy to announce the release of panStamp NRG, our new Wireless ISM (868/915 MHz) module based on the CC430F5137 MCU and programmable from the Arduino 1.5 IDE. panStamp NRG is pin, radio and software compatible with our classic AVR modules but entirely relies on a Texas Instruments CC430F5137 MCU instead of our old Atmega + CC1101 approach. As result, we are getting a more robust module providing more features, more speed and consuming less power. Wiki page Commercial website Webstore panStamp NRG can be programmed serially from the Arduino
  5. Hi everyone, I'm working on Energia CC430 support. It's the first time I do this kind of work, it allowed me to understand a lot of things but not everything of course So I have a lot of questions ! So for now where I am : I'm working on a eZ430 - Chronos 433 mhz (==> CC430F6137). I program it with the ez430 USB stick (I will see later for upload using radio BSL). For now I just tried to get something working, I made a pin_energia.h creating a new MSP430 variant. I edited the board.h and I had to modify wiring.c to get the clock system working : Original line 168 : #i
  6. Hi everybody, I find the Energia very very cool project, and i'm very new user of it, so bare with me if the questions sound stupid. I would like to know if anyone of you has some experience with Energia using MSP430-JTAG-TINY-V2 for program a CC430F513. If not which will be the most "compatible way for Energia" to communicate with the CC430. I do have also a ez430 usb programmer the i've got with the ez-chronos watch, would be that a better option? Which one whould you suggest? Thank you in advance
  7. http://www.ti.com/tool/ez430-chronos&DCMP=Chronos&HQS=Other+OT+chronos I noticed that the users' guide was recently updated, so I took a look. About 14-18 months ago, I did some work on a 5509 + CC1101 USB stick that was a poorly-kept secret. It seems as though TI finally got the bugs out of the board and started replenishing their Chronos kits with it. In the users' guide, TI refers to the old kits as "BLACK" and new kits as "WHITE". Of course, it is the silkscreen they are talking about, but the boards are entirely different. Anyway, I would make sure to get the WHITE Chr
  8. I've been working on a Chronos altimeter app. But after some code changes suddenly my Chronos is not recognized by the FET. I got another, same story - programmed my code and it is bricked. I did not change the BSL address (so it should not be locked). The hex file of the code that kills the cc430f6137: http://dmitry.gr/ChronosAlt.hex Here is the session whewre I flash it and the part dies. It should not be a complier issue, since no opcode shoudl disable debugging, but in case it matters: mspgcc to compile&link, mspdebug to program the code. I verified that the FET is functional b
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