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Found 19 results

  1. This library allows you to quickly and easily connect your LaunchPad project to Exosite's Data Platform in the cloud. It connects your project using a MSP430F5529 LaunchPad and CC3000 BoosterPack. Two software packages are available: the Exosite barebones-template solution and a real-world example in the form of the Exosite BBQ Companion Combination. Both of these use-cases have code available for the Energia and Code Composer Studio IDEs. Present Support: MSP430F5529 LaunchPad Future Support: Tiva C Series TM4C123G LaunchPad Required: CC3000 Wi-Fi Transceiver BoosterPack Optional: ADS1118 BoosterPack (bonus Energia beta-library available) GitHub Repository: https://github.com/a-whitehead/exositeLaunchPad Note: A free account on Exosite Portals is required: https://ti.exosite.com
  2. Below is a link to the port of the Arduino Library HTTPClient for Energia/MSP430. It works with the latest version of Energia with F5529LP + CC3000 BoosterPack. Simply download/clone the library into the hardware/msp430/libraries folder of Energia and the library will appear upon restart. The library makes it easy to interact with web servers using Energia/MSP430. The included example shows how to download a webpage (energia.nu), check http response codes and display the content of the downloaded webpage. GitHub Link: https://github.com/zlalanne/HttpClient
  3. Below is a link to a port of the Arduino library to interact with xively for Energia/MSP4305529LP. For those that don't know xively (formerly cosm) is an IoT online service where you can send and receive data from. It allows you to view the data sent in graph form to view trends over long periods of time. This library requires the HTTPClient Library found here: 43oh Github Once both libraries are installed you have access to high level APIs to send and receive data to the Xively servers. There are examples that demonstrate how to upload/download a single datapoint as well as an example that uploads to several different channels at once. More information can be found on the github page. https://github.com/zlalanne/xively_energia
  4. Hi guys, I am working on a project and am in need of a second WiFi booster pack for my MSP430f5529LP. I have been using energia code as a base for my project and it has been working great, but I recently decided I need a second MSP + BoosterPack. Anyways, the TI store doesn't seem to be offering the CC3000 booster pack right now so I am wondering how easy it is to make my cc3000 code compatible with the cc3100 or cc3200 BoosterPack. Does anyone have experience with this upgrade? Thanks for the information.
  5. I ported the Adafruit MDNS Library for Energia + CC3000, tested on Tiva-C LP, should also work for F5529 LP after changing the Boosterpackpins. Using this library you can access the CC3000 by "energia.local" or whatever you name it when calling mdns.begin(<servername>) in the setup. You have to call mdns.update() in the main loop to handle incoming name queries. I modified Robert's simpleWebServer example to use the library. Be aware that some access points and wifi routers do not forward multicast packets from the LAN to the WiFi Interface. (My Router has this bug and it took me over a week to find out... ) This library is Copyright © 2013 by Tony DiCola published under MIT license (see CC3000_MDNS.h for details). I just changed a few things to make it work with Energia. Have fun, Nick CC3000_MDNS.zip
  6. Hi, I am following this video to create a simple web server on MSP430F5529LP with CC3000 Boost, with Energia version 11. The output of the serial monitor is attached. When I access the server IP ( from the browser, the page doesn't load. The boost IP doesn't seem legit. Look at the attached output and you will see the gateway is but actually the gateway is (got from cmd prompt ipconfig result). Similarly, the boost IP should be, not Tried both in the browser but none works. It seems like my CC3000 Boost is not properly configured. Can anyone please suggest?
  7. I recently bought a Fram board and a CC3000 for a small project. I have Code Composer already but wanted to try somthing new and ran across Energia. So I installed it and fired it up. I selected CC3000FirwareUpdate project to get started. Selected the FraunchPad w/ msp430fr5739 board in the Tools menu. Then I hit the Verify button... "Error compiling." c:/energia-0101e0011/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3/../../../../msp430/bin/ld.exe: CC3000FirwareUpdate.cpp.elf section `.rodata' will not fit in region `rom' Regards Ken
  8. Hi, I was trying to run simple web client code example in energia (MSP-EXP430FR5739 + CC3000). In the code, we have to set communication pins for CC3000 (CS, EN and IRQ pins). From the wiki page (http://processors.wi...-Fi_MSP430_FRAM), pins on FRAM associated with these functions through RF connector are pin 1.3, 4.1 and 2.3. So I tried to find out the pin numbers to use in the code for these pins. But in the default pin mapping for fraunchpad, pin2.3 is not defined (The pins defined in pin mapping seem to be correct). Is there a pin mapping specifically for MSP-EXP430FR5739 which would have pin 2.3. Or else could you point me to the tutorial for creating your own pin mapping? Thank you.
  9. I'm using MSP-EXP430FR5739 with CC3000 and I did my own library for RF connectors (Just add the 2.3 in pins_energia.h). I used WiFi.begin(ssid) and after of this doesn't do any instruction (still there). Are there problems with CC3000 and energia? Is there something to fix it?
  10. I recently bought a Fram board and a CC3000 for a small project. I have Code Composer already but wanted to try somthing new and ran across Energia. So I installed it and fired it up. I selected CC3000FirwareUpdate project to get started. Selected the FraunchPad w/ msp430fr5739 board in the Tools menu. Then I hit the Verify button... "Error compiling." See attached file. Regards Ken Error Compiling.txt
  11. Updated Firmware 1.26 for CC3000 SimpleLinkWiFi Boosterpack Warning!!! You do this on your own risk! If you brick your CC3000 its not my fault! This file replaces the fw_patch.h in <energia_install_folder>\hardware\msp430\libraries\SimplelinkWifi\utility - Load the Simplelinkwifi Example: CC3000FirwareUpdate - you might need to Edit the Pins for the Boosterpack in the Sketch if you are using a different platform. - and start the Sketch. Warning!!! You do this on your own risk! If you brick your CC3000 its not my fault! This worked for me on Tiva-C Launchpad with CC3000 Boosterpack. Changes i've noticed yet: mdnsAdvertiser(...) - correctly advertises the Servicename instead of "target.local" regards, Nick fw_patch.h
  12. I have been trying to make a F5229 Launchpad and CC3000 work like a Belkin Wemo, in the sense that I could use it to switch appliances such as heaters and lights in my house on and off from a remote web site (or iPhone/Android) without the need for a server within my house. My whole project would use about 20 devices. The problem one immediately faces is getting past the NAT in a domestic router. I have studied subjects such as STUN, TURN & ICE and uPnP and spent rather more time than I should have on failed attempts at UDP Hole punching. This is clearly possible, since the Wemo can do it (I believe it uses STUN). The questions are how secure and reliable it would be and how to do it. My current thoughts are that it may be simpler and more secure to have a small "relay server" in ones home network using port forwarding to allow the outside world to have access to it. It could then relay messages to one or more CC3000 based devices behind the router, but this is a clunky solution. Another solution would be to allow the devices to poll an external web server for instructions, but this would generate a heap of network traffic and be very inelegant. If all else fails, one could set up static addresses and use port forwarding but, again, a compromise. I appreciate that the CC3000 is still relatively new, but if anyone has any ideas/thoughts/libraries I would be very interested.
  13. Hardware: MSP430F5529 Launchpad, CC3000 Boosterpack. Hi, im running a webduino port on the Launchpad and connected a chip (cannot disclose which chip), which requires software spi since it doesnt have a CS pin, to the launchpad. P2.5 is connected to the Data Ready Pin / Data Out pin of the chip. P2.4 to SCLK of the Chip When Data is available, the chip signals with a falling edge on Data Ready Pin, i attached an interrupt to that pin - attachInterrupt(dataReadyPin,readChip,FALLING); The interrupt gets invoked about ten times a second and when continously polling a webpage (small xml document with the chip readings, about every 500ms) the main loop hangs after a while (about 2-5 minutes). My interrupt is still running, i'm toggling the red_led in the interrupt routine and its still blinking. The CC3000 responds to pings. So i suspect there is some problem with the communication of the Launchpad with the CC3000. After rewiring the DataReadyPin to P1.5, and therefore attaching the interrupt to port 1, everything works fine, the server is running for an hour without problems now. So i suspect there is a problem in either the energia code for the interrupts or the SimpleLinkWifi interrupt handler since the CC3000 IRQpin is connected to P2.0. best regards, Nick
  14. Hi there, I am trying to use the WiFi.startSmartConfig() feature for the CC3000 booster pack on a TIVA C launchpad, but I can't seem to get it to work with energia (works fine with TI examples on code composer). I'm using smartconfigAES16 as the key and home_assistant as the device name, is there an example of how to use smartConfig with energia? I currently have it running in the setup() function, but it seems to get caught within the WiFi.startSmartConfig() function. I'm using the java applet http://www.ti.com/ww/en/wifi/smartConfig/ for the smartconfig. Thank you in advance!
  15. I'm new to ARM / TI in general. I'm trying to try out the CC3000 with the Tiva C launchpad. The chip is a TM4C123GH6PM. In following the instructions at this page I can build the CC3000HostDriver project, but the CC3000 SPI project will not build. I get many errors. I'll try to add the screenshot to this post. The demo calls for including Stellarisware, and I'm including "Tivaware." So being as new to these as I am, I didn't think there was a difference but I could be quite wrong. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you. And if I'm missing some vital information please ask and I'll post it.
  16. https://estore.ti.com/ek-tm4c123gxl-cc3000boost.aspx https://estore.ti.com/msp-exp430g2-cc3000boost.aspx Looks like bundle is cheaper than buying 2 separately
  17. Hi, I just wrote my first basic energia library that blinks an LED in Morse code, and now that I see how its done I'm looking for a bigger challenge. I want to write a library for the CC3000 Wifi BoosterPack. Check this post for more information: https://github.com/energia/Energia/issues/232 From some of my initial testing, the MSP430 LaunchPad will be hard pressed to meet the memory and power requirements for this BoosterPack so I'm going to use the Stellaris / Tiva LaunchPad as my initial prototype and then hopefully be able to port it over to the MSP430G2 later (supposedly it does run on it in native code). I have set up these function prototypes based on the APIs in the CC3000 wiki: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/CC3000_Basic_Wi-Fi_example_application_for_Stellaris#Running_the_Application /* CC3000Boost.h - Library for CC3000 BoosterPack Created by Mark Easley, May 2013. Released into the public domain. */ #ifndef CC3000Boost_h #define CC3000Boost_h #include "Energia.h" class CC3000Boost { public: CC3000Boost(); void SmartConfig(); void Connect(int SSID, int SSID_LENGTH); void SocketOpen(); void SendData(int DESTINATION_PORT, int IPADDR_AND_DATA); //length of packet cannot exceed 255 bytes void ReceiveData(); void Bind(int PORT_TO_BIND); void SocketClose(); void IPConfig(int LOCAL_IP_ADDR, int DEFAULT_GATEWAY); //No DHCP configuration is supported void Disconnect(); void DeletePolicy(); void SendmDNSAdvertisements(); private: int _pin; }; #endif /* CC3000Boost.cpp - Library for CC3000 BoosterPack Created by Mark Easley, May 2013. Released into the public domain. */ #include "Energia.h" #include "CC3000Boost.h" CC3000Boost::CC3000Boost() { pinMode(pin, OUTPUT); _pin = pin; } void CC3000Boost::SmartConfig() { } void CC3000Boost::Connect(int SSID, int SSID_LENGTH) { } void CC3000Boost::SocketOpen() { } void CC3000Boost::SendData(int DESTINATION_PORT, int IPADDR_AND_DATA) { } void CC3000Boost::ReceiveData() { } void CC3000Boost::Bind(int PORT_TO_BIND) { } void CC3000Boost::SocketClose() { } void CC3000Boost::IPConfig(int LOCAL_IP_ADDR, int DEFAULT_GATEWAY) { } void CC3000Boost::Disconnect() { } void CC3000Boost::DeletePolicy() { } void CC3000Boost::SendmDNSAdvertisements() { } Is this the right way to approach library design? Do I now convert the native code that is already available in Code Composer to these energia functions? The CCS code is dependent on 3 separate projects, do I need to convert these to Energia libraries too, or just try to combine everything into this library? Finally, the TI apps team did not provide a good demo for this BoosterPack. The only thing you can do is send and receive UDP packets but there is no "practical" application of using embedded wifi. Is there a good out of box demo we can design using energia that demonstrates how useful this is to projects and applications?
  18. I'm interested in some applications combining a microcontroller and wifi for home automation. My plan is to use an MSP430 with a cc3000 wifi module. I have started some high level functional block diagrams and am interested in any opinions on correctness and suggestions on specific 430 MCUs for the applications. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Alarm Panel Window Blinds Ceiling Fan Dog Door Garage Door Door Lock Pool Pump Water Heater
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