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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Everybody; I am newbei about C200O programming with CodeComposerStudio. I tried simple code which is led blinking. But I want to use button. And I can't run it. Anyway I attached code and screenshot. What's wrong my code? GPIO_setMode(myGpio, GPIO_Number_12, GPIO_12_Mode_GeneralPurpose); GPIO_setDirection(myGpio, GPIO_Number_12, GPIO_Direction_Input ); int state = GPIO_getData(myGpio, GPIO_Number_12); GPIO_setLow(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0); GPIO_setLow(myGpio, GPIO_Number_1); GPIO_setLow(myGpio, GPIO_Number_2); GPIO_setLow(myGpio, GPIO_Number_3); while(1) { if(state != 1) { GPIO_setHigh(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0); GPIO_setHigh(myGpio, GPIO_Number_1); GPIO_setHigh(myGpio, GPIO_Number_2); GPIO_setHigh(myGpio, GPIO_Number_3); } else { GPIO_setLow(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0); GPIO_setLow(myGpio, GPIO_Number_1); GPIO_setLow(myGpio, GPIO_Number_2); GPIO_setLow(myGpio, GPIO_Number_3); } } }
  2. Energia C2000 upload Failed

    Hi Guys; Recently time, I am using energia to programming microcontrollers. Especially, G2553 and TivaC. But I have some tackles when I change the launchpad which is C2000 F28027. I read all messages in this forum. I cannot manage with problem. First of all : I remove 0101E0016 version, because it has a cpp code problem for C2000. Secondly: I can compile with 0101E0014 version. But no Upload. Always same fault " JAVA Problem." All stiationm can be show the below images.
  3. I am starting with C2000 launchPad LAUNCHXL-F28069M, try to configure PWM. When I use analogFrequency(), it is black(not working). I checked the wiring_analog.c and found this function is empty. The problem now is I don't know how to write analogFrequency() by myself. Did someone already fulfill the function and would like to give some advice? Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone! I have just bought a C2000 Piccolo LaunchPad Evaluation Kit, de LAUNCHXL - F28027F. I have also just started learning to program in Energia, and I am following the tutorials in the guide section (they are very useful if someone is a beginer). While I was doing the first tutorial (Blinking LED), it appeared this error: "Put C2000 LaunchPad switches (S1) ON-OFF-OFF (UP-DOWN-DOWN), ensure the back channel serial connection is enabled, and press the reset button. If the download fails try a baud rate below 38400." I put the switches as it says, and I also decreased the baud rte to 10000, but the error does not disappear. Moreover, I only changed 1 line of code because I haven't got the same board as the example, so I can't understand what I am doing wrong. Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance! PS: I copy the main code I have in my sketch, and also upload it. void setup() { Serial.begin(10000); pinMode(LED0, OUTPUT); } void loop() { digitalWrite(LED0, HIGH); delay(1000); digitalWrite(LED0, LOW); delay(1000); } prova1.ino
  5. c2000 flags, and eprom or flash

    Hello, What is the flag for a C2000, like in below __MSP430F5529__ or __TM4C123GH6PM__ is used for different launchpads. what do we use for c2000. For the C2000 board is there any area for storing user settings, like we did with MspFlash.h or with EEPROM.h ? I peeked inside the hardware dirs of energia, but could not find Eeprom.h under the c2000 section. And recomendations/ideas and help greatly appreciated. #if defined(__MSP430G2553__) || defined(__MSP430F5529__) || defined() #include "MspFlash.h" void calLibErase(byte device) .. void calLibWrite(byte device, CALLIB_DATA *calData) .. boolean calLibRead(byte device, CALLIB_DATA *calData) .. #endif #if defined(__LM4F120H5QR__) || defined(__TM4C123GH6PM__) #include "EEPROM.h" ..
  6. New C2000 LaunchPad

    http://www.ti.com/tool/launchxl-f28069m BoosterPack XL form factor. $24.99 USD Features C2000 Piccolo F28069M MCU with InstaSPIN
  7. C2000:Problem with flash memory

    I bought C2000 a 1 week ago. I started working today, have been working from last 6 hours. Problem is when ever I flash the program into the C2000 it gets uploaded but whenever I press reset button then program gets lost. All this is happening in Energia IDE. Correct me if I am doing something wrong. Reply asap Thank You
  8. Hello everyone! Just wanted to say thank you for all the support and guidance everyone in this forum has towards beginners, you guys have been of so much help!! Now, here is a question: I am trying to interface 2 microcontrollers, a MSP430F5529 with a C2000 F28335 I was told the MSP doesnt support CAN, I would have to convert SPI to CAN and go from there. What do you guys suggest? I have never successfully used communication protocols. Any good examples of send and receive out there? Thanks in advance!
  9. In at least two places the Energia documentation claims that LaunchPad pins can source or sink up to 40 mA. Is that true of all (or any) of the launchpads supported by Energia? (i.e., Stellaris/Tiva, Tiva Connected, MSP430, Fraunchpad, C2000, CC3200) For the Stellaris launchpad, the documentation for the LM4F120 gives drive strength options of 2, 4, or 8 mA, and says up to 4 pins can sink 18 mA. So where does the 40mA come from (or go to)? Yet energia.nu says: "LaunchPad pins can source (provide positive current) or sink (provide negative current) up to 40 mA (milliamps) of current to other devices/circuits." http://energia.nu/guide/tutorial_digitalpins/ http://energia.nu/reference/constants/ I note that the Arduino documentation says the same 40mA, so suspect this specification may have accidentally been copied from the AVR. If so, seems like an invitation to release the magic smoke. Please someone either point me to where the documentation says that the various launchpads can source/sink that much, or fix the web site to either include the actual numbers for the various launchpads, or remove the misleading number. I previously posted this question on stellarisiti (where it failed to generate any action), but just noticed that the web site says to post documentation corrections on the 43oh Energia forums.