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Found 5 results

  1. This PCB was designed by me for my Formula Student Team. The BSPD circuit is a non-programmable circuit which is used to open the shutdown circuit when hard braking occurs. It is placed behind the dashboard. In this circuit we have used EPT 3100 pressure transducer. The circuit uses a quad package dual comparator IC (LM324: A and LM324: B to compare the input signals to threshold voltages set by the potentiometers (ISense and BSE). The comparator will compare the equivalent voltage with the pre-calibrated voltage. The BSPD circuit checks if the Brake is pressed hard and if there is greater than 5kW motor power at the same time, the BSPD output will be low (0V) when there is BSPD fault and will be high (12V) if there is fault. We have used jlcpcb for our BSPD circuit. The quality is really good. Check the below photo for our pcb board. TRACTIVE SYSTEM ACTIVE LIGHT: The TSAL is supported by a mount which is LED printed. The tractive system active light illuminates GREEN when the TRACTIVE SYSTEM is active and flashes RED when it is inactive. The TS Voltage is divided using 2W resistors to bias the 6N135 opto-isolator. When it gets biased the output turns low from high. This output is connected to the inverting terminal of LM358 comparator. We have a pre charge relay which is a DPDT switch. We use one pole for the TS line and the other as Auxiliary connection. All three Auxiliary lines are pulled down. When either of them switches, the corresponding OR gates switches high and ultimately the relay is switched. The COM terminal of the relay is connected the supply. The NC terminal is connected to the Green LED, hence it illuminates until the relay is switched. The NO terminal of the relay is connected to supply pins (4 & 😎 of a stable multi vibrator IC 555. This way we generate a 3 Hz signal when the relay is triggered. The output of the multi vibrator is connected to the Red LED.
  2. Hi all, I'm building a project in which a sensor attached to a moving vehicle (a motor bike ) will give warning when its speed is above a certain limit and the distance between the vehicle and the vehicle in front of it is less than a safe value (say 4m). Can I use a basic Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for my project.I plan to use MSP432 launchpad for prototyping.Here is the link to the specific sensor that I plan to use. Does my choice work? If not can anyone please suggest me an alternative.
  3. Recently there was a contest for applications using TI's ESI hardware rotation/flow sensing peripheral, I was one of the winners of that. Actually TI did a pretty cool thing and gave the prize (target board and programmer) to everybody who entered rather than just their favorite five. Go TI! In any event, here is product pitch I submitted: I also submitted a more advanced version that ties into the fuel injectors and computes instant and average mileage, but I may or may not get to that in a reasonable time period. This is my project thread for this project, if you hadn't guessed. I'll be updating this first post as progress continues, as well as making more posts in the thread. I welcome any/all input, feature ideas, suggestions, comments, etc. I'm hoping to begin work on prototype code later today, I'll probably start off using a MSP430G2553 rather than a FRAM w/ESI chip, as I'd much rather blow up a $2.70 chip than a $25 launchpad or a FRAM MCU that isn't available for sale yet. I do have a FR5969 launchpad, which has the ESI bits in it as well, that will go into use once I make sure the inputs are at the voltage(s) I think they are.
  4. Decided to start a project based discussion regarding the BP I posted http://forum.43oh.com/topic/4301-manifold-absolute-pressure-sensing/ so as to not clutter that up. For those that haven't visited that, here's a re-cap: MCU samples an MPX4250A absolute pressure sensor, takes the reading and looks up a value from a table, and sends that to a DAC for output. It's actually two DACs though so there are possibly two values to read and send. There's an SPI eeprom for storing the values and the DAC's are set over SPI as well. There will be software that interfaces to it, at least for the stand-alone version, that allows for altering the tables therefore making the unit able to read absolute pressure and output arbitrary voltages based on the readings. There will be two tables, more appropriately I guess I should call them arrays, with 256 entries. Not considering the accuracy of the MPX sensor, ADC or the DAC, considering 5 volts, that's a resolution of approximately 0.02 volts per cell / entry. Good enough, I think, for my purposes. Eagle board / schematics can be found at the link above.
  5. I have to mention RobG and cubeberg have helped with this. THANKS!!!! What it is, is one pressure sensor affecting two, 16 bit DAC output channels. What it will do (hopefully ;-)) is read an (automotive) industry standard MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor- in this case an MPX4250A 20-250 kPa (kilo Pascal) / 2.9-36.3 PSI sensor (~100 kPa / 14.7 PSI is ambient pressure at sea level), and appear as up to two potentially different sensors. Possible uses could include: replacing obsolete MAP sensors with more readily available ones because of different output range / scaling; fooling a vehicle's engine control unit to allow for bigger injectors or turbocharging; splitting one MAP signal for two purposes; or affecting pressure controlled devices. The aforementioned MAP sensor will be connected to whatever vacuum / pressure source. The MCU will sample that and generate an output. But instead of doing a mathematical conversion, there will be look-up tables. This will permit non-linear adjustments to be made, allowing for compensation factors to be applied to the output, tuning. What I am uploading now, is a Booster Pack version of this, which should be usable with MSP430 and Stellaris/Tiva LaunchPads. Eventually, I want to have a complete stand-alone, with software to interface with it from a PC. I think we are close to that too; but still some details to work out. Hardware is: - MPX4250AP absolute pressure sensor- http://www.freescale.com/files/sensors/doc/data_sheet/MPX4250A.pdf - AD8644A quad op-amp- http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/data_sheets/AD8614_8644.pdf - LTC2602IM dual-channel, 16 bit DAC- http://cds.linear.com/docs/en/datasheet/2602fa.pdf - 25AA512 eeprom- http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/22021F.pdf - supporting resistors, capacitors, do dad's and whatnot's. Should probably mention I have added jumpers to disconnect V+ from either of the output sensor connections... the board is meant to be connected to the sensors and use their 5V+ to power the op-amp and provide external voltage reference for the ADC, but on my motorcycle one of the sensors has 12v and an internal voltage regulator. Therefore, I put the jumpers in so any sensor with inappropriate V+ could be kept out of the system. I've also put a jumper between the 5v from the sensors and the 3.3v LDO so that the LDO can be disabled if the LaunchPad is operating off USB. I do not have any presentable code to offer at the moment but am working on it; suggestions will be appreciated... and I'm working in Energia, which might have been evident with my post in the Energia forum: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/4292-multiple-slaves-on-spi/, so be kind. ;-) SingleBP.brdSingleBP.sch Comments and suggestions greatly appreciated. * Please ignore the name "SingleBP". I used that because the 500T version of my motorcycle uses 4 MAP sensors, and the 650T uses two. So "Single" means one unit needed for the 650T.
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