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Found 14 results

  1. CoRTOS is a Cooperative Real Time Operating System for bare-metal applications. Its advantages over other systems are that it is fully documented with a manual and examples, is easy to understand and use and is astonishingly simple: The kernel is just 16 lines of C. The CoRTOS module compiles to ~200 bytes of code. The system includes optional modules implementing delays, timers, messaging, mutexes and signaling. It is intended for smaller microprocessors, such as the MSP430, Cortex M0+, AVR and PIC24, and for smaller systems of maybe a dozen tasks. CoRTOS is not a task sched
  2. Hello, I am looking for a working Eagle library for the CC1310F64RHBT. I am not experienced with creating .lbr files for Eagle, but after some googling I have produced a rough one which is based on a conversion from the Ultra Librarian .bxl format. If anyone has a working library that they already use, it would be super helpful if they could share it with me. Taking a look at the library attached below which I have produced and confirming that the SMD footprint will work would be super helpful. Thanks, Cameron CC1310F64RHB.lbr
  3. I started learning TIVA C launchPad from past 15 days only . I am watching youtube videos. and refering datasheet. I wrote code in DRM style ,ie. direct register assignment method as shown in videos. I know little only about ADC , timer as I used these modules only. I want to learn API style coding using tivaware. How do I start..? there are many doc and videos that talks about how to install tivaware, CCS or IAR workbench. there is pdf by TI -> ' TivaWare
  4. Hello Guys, Iam starting to learn embedded systems with Tiva C board. I have issue in understanding simple code below this is part of the code input = GPIOPinRead(GPIO_PORTF_BASE, GPIO_PIN_4); GPIOPinWrite(GPIO_PORTF_BASE, GPIO_PIN_1 , input); PIN4 connected to switch and pin connected to led. It shall take the switch value and show it on the led but it doesn't work. Someone suggested to write the same code with the below if condition and it worked but I don't understand why the above code doesn't work. if(GPIOPinRead(GPIO_PORTF_BASE, GPIO_PIN_4 ) == GPIO_PIN_4) { GPIOPin
  5. A totally new MSP on the way. I assume a new device rather than just a new LaunchPad, although the video focuses on LaunchPads.
  6. Hello all, I have few concepts which I need to clear! Please provide your important experience and knowledge. I keep on reading different controllers with different ratings of flash memory and SRAM. MSP has FRAM. Queries; 1. Usually flash memory is usually much larger than SRAM, because of cheaper price? 2. I know that prog is stored in flash and variables in SRAM. But the variable can be stored in flash also. right? 3. I know that FRAM is faster, less power consuming, longer life than flash.. Only MSP has this FRAM technology right? I know that most of the ARM controllers to
  7. Fred

    Cortex M7 coming

    I guess it'll be a while until someone like TI manufacturers one and sticks it on a Launchpad, but ARM have announced the M7 which will be above the M4 in the microcontroller range. http://arm.com/products/processors/cortex-m/cortex-m7-processor.php
  8. WS2812 driver for Tiva is available here
  9. Hello friends, I just now got the stellaris launchpad to have hands on experience with ARM architecture. I have installed the driverlib and I can blink the LEDs through the APIs. The driverlib makes it easy to program the stellaris but with these APIs we cannot understand how the registers are programmed even when we look at the definitions of the APIs. These APIs are specific to a particular family. Thus, I wont be able to understand the ARM architecture. I request you all to please guide me regarding this problem. It would be great if I could find online training material
  10. Hi all. My name is Dragu Mircea and I am a beginner in ARM processors. I have seen all tutorials on youtube about Tiva C Stellaris posted by Miro Samek and I have an issue about Lesson 5 : Preprocessor and volatile. At minute 7 : 35 Mr. Miro Samek add a header file - #include"lm4f120h5qr.h". When I try to do the same thing this header file is missing (see the the attachments). Thank you. With respect Mircea.
  11. OK, I'm pretty new to the BBB and my background is in programming not electronics. I would really like to setup the BBB as a robotic arm controller. The arm I'm looking at is the Lynxmotion AL5D 4 Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm. http://www.robotshop.com/en/lynxmotion-al5d-robot-arm-combo-kit-4-dof.html#Multimedia Is the BBB capable of controlling this 4-axis robot? I would assume I need a cape to do this but can't determine if an existing one would work. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  12. Hi, I have recently started to work with ARM. I have read a bit about it but, unfortunately, I have not ever been successful in implementing my code in practice. When I connect my board to the USB port of my PC an error message says: “USB device is not recognized.” Have you ever faced this problem? Do you know how it can be solved? It would be so grateful if you could guide me in this regard. Thank you veryyy much in advance, Hossein Amooie
  13. ianmcewan


    Hy for all forum members! I want to show you a newly developed ARM device for which we raise funds (for the prototype, and manufacturing) Some words about the AshimaCore : AshimaCore The AshimaCore is designed to be a very flexible, programmable inertial measurement unit - with a whole bunch of onboard computing capability. You don't need any propriety tools to program it - we recommend gcc, gmake, and dfu-util - just plug it in to your labtop via usb and you're ready to hack! This isn't Arduino, it's a far more powerful embedded development tool. We've packaged the board in a
  14. Hi everyone! I'm waiting for my Stellaris boards to ship, and they won't be here until December at the earliest, so I thought maybe while I'm reading about ARM development I'd also try my hand at something a little more low level. I'm fairly comfortable with AVR development and one of the things I love about it is that you can pop a chip on a bare breadboard, add a power brick, voltage regulator, a few caps, and you've got a running "board" that you put together with your bare hands. Not that there's anything wrong with prefabbed boards like the Ardiuno or Stellaris, but there's a cer
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