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Found 2 results

  1. While trying to incorporate Adafruit's FT6206 library (capacitative touch for a TFT LCD) after calling the constructor: Adafruit_FT6206 ctp = Adafruit_FT6206(); a following call to: ctp.begin() would hang. While stepping in with the CCS debugger I finally found (after a couple of hair-pulling hours) in the call stack that there were a number of calls to Serial.print() to enumerate and display the registers and status of the FT6206. My solution, which leaves me wondering if there's not a better way, is to wrap their calls in a #ifdef/#endif regarding a debug console for the hardware seri
  2. how do i add math.h (the arduino library) to energia? or is there an equivalent library i can use that includes math functions. And where could i find either of those. thank you
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