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Found 1 result

  1. Hello. Been lurking here for while and learning from the pro's. ;-) I have this project of doing my own RC radios with MSP430G2553 and the nRF24L01p. The problem is that when I try to go to low power mode and use a ISR driven by the IRQ pin of the nRF24L01p to wake up. I get this error "#10099-D program will not fit into available memory. placement with alignment fails for section "PORT2" size 0x4 . Available memory ranges:" If I substitute the low power mode and ISR with while loop the code compiles whit out any errors. What I understand the while loop is not the ideal way of doing it, as it wastes energy doing nothing. How do I get around this? Is the chip really too small? I have googled the error, but as I am some sort of a beginner, the results I found where not very helpful. So any and all help is very much appreciated. Any pointers for my code, what could be leaner, what I have done wrong, are appreciated also. Attachment is the source code for RX part. The TX part is still WIP. Sorry if this is in wrong section, but what I gathered whit my limited knowledge from my googling the problem is some how related to the compilers linker. Edit: To add I am using Code Composer Studio Version: in Linux. Can't get to my windows machine atm because of horrid window renovation at my apartment. main.c msprf24.c msprf24.h nRF24L01.h nrf_userconfig.h printf.h
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