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  1. Hi everyone, I am currently working on some code on my MSP430G2553. It's a dual direction UART using TA0CCR1 (I posted about this code earlier.) I would like to intigrate this code into my main program to give it UART functionality however my program is set up using ACLK in upmode. TA0CTL = TASSEL_1 + ID_3 + MC_1; and the code uses SMCLK in continuous mode, so how do i make the code work with ACLK in upmode (and preferably with ID_3)? Here is the code I am trying to modify: /****************************************************************************** * Half Duplex So
  2. Hi every one, I am now using the msp430 launch pad with software-uart 9600 baud to communicate with the ez430-cc2500 kit via J4 jack (jack on the top left). I use the sample code slac490 for booster pack to output the capacitive value to the ez430, I realize that the received values from the vitual COM port on PC and from pin 1.1, 1.2 are different. With a single byte transmit such as
  3. On the 'Serial Communication' wiki entry, I see that the 'Software UART' case has not been elaborated or explained, unlike the Hardware UART feature available on v1.5 Launchpads. Can it be used to communicate with a Processing sketch running on PC (running Linux) ? Can someone please confirm that they have got the serial communication working (bidrectional) between MSP launchpad ?
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