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  1. I'm trying to port the usb_host_msc example to the Tiva Launchpad (EK-TM4C123GXL). I've been struggling with setting up the paths/build variables correctly. Ever since I introduced a function that uses the third part FatFs library. #10010 errors encountered during linking; "usb_host_mass_storage.out" not built usb_host_mass_storage C/C++ Problem unresolved symbols remain usb_host_mass_storage C/C++ Problem unresolved symbol f_mount, first referenced in ./main.obj usb_host_mass_storage C/C++ Problem I've double-checked the project properties several times, but i'm unable to deter
  2. i am using a tiva c 1294 and the latest version of Energia. what i need to do is to be able to send information i get from the ADC via the Ethernet. that being said i already have a working version of the ADC, and right now i am just trying to get the Ethernet working. i figured that since i really only need to send the collected data out that sending it using UDP would be best since i haven't really worked with many Ethernet applications and i from what i know UDP is the simplest. I loaded the program listed under: File>Examples>Ethernet>UDPSendReceiveString (where the underli
  3. Hello! I'm an Arduino old timer, been working with it for years, but I am new to this platform. I bought one of the new 'Connected Launchpads' with the ARM Cortex M4 (TM4C1294NCPDTI) microcontroller. Part of what tempted me to try this one is that it is supposed to have floating point support in the processor hardware. (Correct?) I have been working on a celestial clock that calculates sunrise, sunset, moonrise, set, phase, precise angles in the skies, tides, and various other astrological events, and displays it on a small LCD. It uses a cheap GPS module for the user's location an
  4. Hello community members.. I am trying to interface MMA7455 digital accelerometer with my Tiva C launchpad..I am using this code for interfacing. I have tested code provided in that link on my arduino uno and its working perfectly fine and give accurate value. Now, I have used same code in Energia and connected MMA7455 at I2C module-3 which is default module in Tiva C launchpad. My problem is the acceleration values in particular direction I am getting is some random garbage value. This is my first time encounter with Energia. Please help me to resolve my problem. I have connected two
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