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Found 30 results

  1. Quick questions: Is there already a macro in Energia for the StellarPad which is equivilant to cbi and sbi? Am I correct that portDATARegister in Energia.h (for stellaris) is basically the same as portOutputRegister for the Mps430 or AVR's? I am trying to port a library to Stellaris which uses cbi, sbi, and the portOutputRegister macro's. Any advice is appreciated. L293D
  2. Hi Guy ! I trying to programming an emulator of UV-PROM with the Stellaris Launchpad. and, i have a problem with use port. I probably not understand the concept. please help me ! I use #define for "replacement" of lot of commands : // like P2OUT on MSP430 ? #define BUSDATA GPIO_PORTB_BASE //(like P2DIR =B00000000 ?) #define BUSDATA_HIGHZ ROM_GPIOPinTypeGPIOInput(GPIO_PORTB_BASE, GPIO_PIN_0 | GPIO_PIN_1 | GPIO_PIN_2 | GPIO_PIN_3 | GPIO_PIN_4 | GPIO_PIN_5 | GPIO_PIN_6 | GPIO_PIN_7 ); //(like P2DIR =B11111111 ?) #define BUSDATA_OUTPUT ROM_GPIOPinTypeGPIOOutput(GPIO_PORTB_BASE, GPIO_PIN_0 | GPIO_PIN_1 | GPIO_PIN_2 | GPIO_PIN_3 | GPIO_PIN_4 | GPIO_PIN_5 | GPIO_PIN_6 | GPIO_PIN_7 ); I'd like write an octet on one step for the data bus (PORTB), and, after, i toggle this bus on high impedance (input state). there is a another method for put port in input or output state ? // Data bus in output state. BUSDATA_OUTPUT; // Send DATA While Output_Enable/Chip_Enable == 0 BUSDATA = Eprom[addr]; // like P2OUT = Octet in MSP430.... // byte Eprom[size_of_eprom]; // int addr; //index in Eprom array. // after : // Data bus in HighZ (input state). BUSDATA_HIGHZ; i've an error of compilation in BUSDATA = Eprom[addr]; => "error: lvalue required as left operand of assignment" and, i don't sure of my syntax for put PORTB in output/input... can you help me please ? thank you ! JY. ps:sorry for my english, it's bad, but i working for increase my level.
  3. Whats are the pins and Interrupts for Stellarich Launchpad to use with this function: attachInterrupt(interrupt, function, mode)Thanks JCR
  4. Hi, Just though I would share some pics of my Stellaris LP with my click BoosterPack and onboard 802.15.4 click board both from MikroElektronika. Haven't done anything but solder the headers as I just had it delivered from DHL (they ship from Serbia, be prepared to pay duty/processing fee if you are in Canada). Can't wait to actually play with it, I intend to make a 802.15.4/Xbee sniffer. Quality of the boards/components looks pretty decent. I have other click boards too; Ethernet, and 802.11. I can post pics if you guys want. Nick.
  5. Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to put this, if it isn't please let me know.. I've managed to get a working complier with the arm-none-eabi lite toolchain from codesourcery. Stellarisware examples are compiling just fine on linux. The right toolchain it's chosen automatically by the makedefs definitions. I've managed to get a simple project compiling on gcc and verified it runs correctly in a windows pc with the LMLoader program. Basically I created another folder in the boards directory, copied an existing example from the lm4f120x folder, edited the file names and changed the recurrency of the names in the makefile. I deleted the existing code and added mine in the main.c file. The files needed (from the uart_echo example) are: uart_echo.c startup_gcc.c uart_echo.ld Makefile If you are interested you could find all the infos here. Sorry for the poor code, but it was only a test! A nice thing would be using openocd and gdb to program, run and debug the bin file in the target but with the ICDI interface it's not possible for now without CCS5 and a some headaches to get it working as this post found out!
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