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  1. I've got a bunch of sensors in my house uploading data to my phant repository - but I decided to start looking into placing sensors outside as well. I purchased some $2 solar sensors from Target (Apparently they're frequently available from the dollar store as well - I'll check into that) in the hopes that I could use them to power an MSP430. The ones I purchased only provide ~1.2v of power since they're single battery. They're 200maH as well, but I think that will likely be plenty for my uses. Since one wouldn't do it - I used two in series. At full power - that should be around 2
  2. All, I have a gps device that outputs several other sensor readings (wind, heading, ect.). All of those strings are output in NMEA format strings. I am able to read these strings and also (with the TinyGPS library) I can parse them to pull what I need. Now the problem, I want to be able to send NMEA strings back at the device in order to tell it to output different NMEA string types. For example, sending "$PAMTC,EN,HDG" should enable the "$HCHDG" string on the device. Or sending "#PAMTC,QV" should query the software version number. My code to read from the device is: C
  3. Hi Guys, My name is Nathan. I've lurked around here on 43oh a bit, but this is my first official post. I've been working with the MSP430FR5969 for several months now and I've quickly grown to really like it. It seems to me TI's FRAM processors should really be getting more exposure for battery powered development in both professional and maker communities. To that end - I was hoping to get some feedback on a product idea. We've packaged the FR5969 into a tiny coin-cell powered module. The module can operate as a stand-alone processor or it can plug into an UNO-form-factor breakout
  4. I am looking to run two motors via motor controllers that require pwm signals. I have learned how hardware and software pwm work. I also have learned what would be required to create a software pwm with a chip timer and clock in CCS. I am still however confused on whether this is required in energia and how I can tell what pins i am able to use. Using a MSP430fr5969: Can i simply use the analogwrite() function on a pin that allows for it to be used according to the pin map http://energia.nu/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/LaunchPad-with-MSP430FR5969.jpg ? Does the analogw
  5. This piece of code was made possible by Trey German, Robert Wessels, and Cathy Wicks of Texas Instruments. Without Trey's knowledge and Cathy's encouragement, I wouldn't have been able to make this program. Robert is the one who told me about this project. When creating 430AlarmClock, I adhered to my usual procedure for designing programs: 0. Make a general outline 1. Get the hardware 2. Write the basic stuff 3. Tweak, test, repeat until it works 4. Add/remove/tweak more advanced features until you are satisfied 5. Publish, add license, do whatever else you need to do I made the outli
  6. Hello, Today around 3~4 hours I have been trying to program my MSP-EXP430G2 launchpad using Energia. It looks like the FET in the board got bricked or something. When I connect the board to my Windows 8.1x64 machine it gets enumerated as the 'MSP430 Application UART (COM5)' which is good. But then when I use Energia to download a simple 'Blinky' example to the board it fails. It says, tilib: MSP430_Initialize: Could not find MSP-FET430UIF on specified COM port (error = 57) tilib: device initialization failed Also the device becomes 'Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Requ
  7. Hey forum! I always wanted to make a synthesizer , so i chose the msp430 launchpad, because it's one of the most inappropriate chip i can use for it :grin: When i started to make it i didn't have real goal, i just wanted to make a sound, so this project is kind if all over the place but i have learned a lot doing it so it was totally worth it. The DAC used is a TI TLC5615, it's not the best choice, but i only had this in my parts bin. Probably any other SPI DAC could be used with minimal modification, or even PWM. (I don't sound good with PWM IMO.) The TLC5615 needs 5 volts, but
  8. I have a sinusoidal wave of 50Hz, this is the code that I used to read adc. for(i = 0;i<20;i++)//chosen 20 values { ADCValue = analogRead(analogInPin); delay(20); sample[i] = ADCValue;} the results were correct with sine wave display at correct value, however, the signal is at 50Hz, hence this delay(20) is at the time period of each cycle of this waveform, Why am I getting the correct adc results rather than a constant value of each time it reads at the same point? Please can someone answer, thank you so much!
  9. Hi, New on MSP430 processors, I'm trying to use TimerB in Capture Mode on my board based on MSP430F247 Signal arrive on P4.0 and P4.1 pin, I want catch each rising edge in order to determine frequency Here's my code : HW is OK, signal is arriving but I never go in TimerB interrupt : TimerB is running, Interrupt on TimerB is pending, but never go in interrupt code? I'm working with CCS Do you have an idea, an example, or do you detect something strange in my following code? My code use TimerA to generate 1ms timestamp, and I toogle P3.2 (Led) each 100ms (TimerA
  10. I'm currently doing a project on MSP430F5638. I want to implement USB on it. I got the code from TI website,(I am running the M2_SDCardReader example that came with version 4_20_00 of the USB Developers Package.) but while running this code I am facing some problems. If I run the code I can see unknown device(after calling the function usb_conncet) in my system for a moment, then its disappearing. I used descriptor tool to assign the VID and PID as mentioned in the guide provided by TI. how can i solve this problems..????? Do you have any suggestions?
  11. Here I summarize the hardware connections (schematic given below) and source code (attached) to build a Distance meter using MSP430 Launchpad and Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04. Project: Ultrasonice based Distance Meter with LCD Display Microcontroller: MSP430G2231 on MSP-EXP430G2 Launchpad Ultrasonic Ranging Module: HC-SR04 16 msp_dist.c
  12. I am trying a loopback test for msp430f5438a using interrupts. I have initialized the master and slave modules and have written their respective functions as interrupt service routines. The aim I to turn the LED off when the slave receives a character.However, the code is not working. Please tell me how to make it work --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // To use interrupts to transmit and recieve text character(s) #include <msp430.h> /* * main.c */ ? ? void main(void) { WDTCTL = WD
  13. Hi, I have the MSP430G2553 launchpad. I want to use the internal VCC/2 as an output to one of the pins. Does anyone know as to how to go about doing this in CCS? Regards, Shrenik
  14. Below is a link to the port of the Arduino Library HTTPClient for Energia/MSP430. It works with the latest version of Energia with F5529LP + CC3000 BoosterPack. Simply download/clone the library into the hardware/msp430/libraries folder of Energia and the library will appear upon restart. The library makes it easy to interact with web servers using Energia/MSP430. The included example shows how to download a webpage (energia.nu), check http response codes and display the content of the downloaded webpage. GitHub Link: https://github.com/zlalanne/HttpClient
  15. I just got the msp430G2 launchpad with the MSP430G2553 mcu. For stepper motor driver im using the boost-drv8711 boosterpack. I was able to get it running with the tutorial that it came with. However i cant run it with Energia. It might be because of the enable bit (0x0) but i dont know how to set it 1 on energia. Do any of you have any experiance of this setup ? The motor im running is bipolar sanyo denki 103h5208-5240. My code so far is like this (i used the arduino example, board pin layouts in attachment): #include <Stepper.h> const int stepsPerRevolution = 200; // change this
  16. Hello all, I have been trying to understand the importance of the BSL. From the TI doc, "Programming with the BSL" I realize that BSL is used to access Memory, during the different phases of the controller. My question is: why do we need this BSL? is it required to calibrate the controller? like setting the temperature and operating conditions, before the controller takes the program execution address from the reset vector? Generally, from my understanding and usage: we used the JTAG, FET tool to download the code onto the controller, to debug the code. Then why do we need the BSL
  17. Hello, I want to connect my MSP-EXP430F5529LP ("MSP430") LaunchPad to an external device via I2C. Which I2C port should I use? (1) The MSP430 Quick Start Guide (slau536.pdf) includes a diagram of the BoosterPack connector showing two sets of I2C ports: -set#1- I2C - SCL - PM_UCB1SOMI - PM_UCB1SCL - P4.2 I2C - SDA - PM_UCB1SIMO - PM_UCB1SDA - P4.1 -set#2- UCB0SDA - UCB0SIMO - P3.0 UCB0SCL - UCB0SOMI - P3.1 (2) I am using the sample project, usci_b_i2c_ex3_masterTxSingle.c. MSP430ware->Libraries->Driver Library->MSP430F5xx_6xx->Example Projects->USCI_B
  18. Hi all, i am new to msp430 using launchpad msp430fr5969. i need list of registers available in mentioned msp430 for programming like how we do in MPlab. i have data sheet but it doesnot discussed about the registers avail. Also i need ccs c programming tutorial for MSP430fr5969 pls recommend me suitable tutorial or basic programming link Thanks PON
  19. Hi all, i am new to msp430 using launchpad msp430fr5969. i need list of registers available in mentioned msp430 for programming like how we do in MPlab. i have data sheet but it doesnot discussed about the registers avail. Also i need ccs c programming tutorial for MSP430fr5969 pls recommend me suitable tutorial or basic programming link Thanks PON
  20. Hello, my name is Rolando Correa. I am a Junior student at John Brown University located in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. This semester I have been working in a project called "The Pool Boy" for my Embedded Systems class. Project Objective The purpose of this project was to design and assemble a pool skimming system. The final product, the Pool Boy, can autonomously navigate and filter the surface of an 800 square foot pool in under 60 minutes. It filters the surface of the pool via water intake system driven by high efficiency electrical motors. The Pool Boy follows a random path based o
  21. I am trying to run an Arduino program on MSP-430G2452 using Energia. My code is sending data to PROCESSING(I.D.E.) on my computer via usb, to change the colour of a box when a switch is pressed. But it seems that the processing is not receiving anything from the board . Can anybody please tell me what wrong I am doing ? The same code is running properly on Arduino ! CODE FOR ENERGIA: int switchPin = 6; int LEDPin = 2; void setup() { pinMode (switchPin, INPUT_PULLUP); pinMode (LEDPin, OUTPUT); Serial.begin(4800); } void loop() { if (digitalRead(switchPin) == HIGH) { Seria
  22. Hello everyone! We're a small group of science enthusiasts with varied interests who got together a little over a decade ago after seeing a video about the (then) world altitude record for Water Rockets. Everyone here surely remembers fondly the small plastic rockets that you filled with water and pumped with compressed air and can shoot up 50 feet or so? Well, there exists a small niche of rocketry enthusiasts who design and build their own high performance versions of these rockets that can fly hundreds or thousands of feet in the air. With their short but powerful boost phase, water roc
  23. Below is a link to a port of the Arduino library to interact with xively for Energia/MSP4305529LP. For those that don't know xively (formerly cosm) is an IoT online service where you can send and receive data from. It allows you to view the data sent in graph form to view trends over long periods of time. This library requires the HTTPClient Library found here: 43oh Github Once both libraries are installed you have access to high level APIs to send and receive data to the Xively servers. There are examples that demonstrate how to upload/download a single datapoint as well as an examp
  24. Hi, This is my first "serious" project. I want to build a coaster, which will measure the temperature of your cup (be it hot tea , cold beer or even fresh hot soup;) ) and notify you when it reaches you favourite value. You know how it happens, you place fresh cup of tea near your Leptop or TV and because it is too hot to drink right away you want to wait few minutes. But the internet or movie are so interesting that you compltely forgot about your drink. After you remember it is already too cold. And drinking warm tea or kakao is just disgusting:) Sometimes there is THE perfe
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