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  1. Hi everybody, People might have read the hackaday post describing the ESP8266. The ESP8266 is a really low price Wifi chip, which uses serial communication (just like the Wifly etc.) to connect to wifi. Although the CC3100 and CC3200 are the better chips, the ESP8266 main differentiating point is its ridiculous low price. I've ordered 8 for $3.50 each (aliexpress). It doesn't seem to support IPv6 out of the box, but there is an SDK, which might open future possibilities. I was thinking to make a library for energia to support the ESP8266. Anyone interested? Are there specific starting
  2. Hello, I've been looking trough the forums for an SD Card Library that can be used on TM4C123GH6PM micro controller. I came across one (http://embeddedcomputing.weebly.com/microsd-card-boosterpack.html) but the link redirects to the forum main page, so I can't really get my hands on it. Does someone has a low resource library for this? Thanks! Note: In case this is good to know, I'm looking to use the SD Card slot that comes with the ILI9341 2.2" LCD screen sold (mostly) on Ebay. So we're talking about an SPI-Interfaced SD Card.
  3. I am using Energia 0015 with MSP432 LaunchPad. There are some missing functions in the library. I patched a few of them in the application code to get it to work. I would like to move the patches to the library. Unlike the Energia library for MSP430 or Tiva, the library does not get rebuild every time I hit verify or upload (which is a good thing). But I don't know how the library gets rebuild. Could someone explain it? Much appreciated.
  4. Hello all, Today I am going to share a library of mine that I just developed it recently. For any inputs/ideas/thoughts/bug reports, I am very welcome . I might also update my library whenever there is any request. Hardware needed: 1. Stellarpad 2. MAX7219 / MAX7221 system with 8x8 led. This library interfaces with Maxim integrated MAX7219 whose interface is also compatible with MAX7221. I ve also included two examples. The first one is just to put random pattern on the 8x8 led. The second one is to cycle through all characters that I also included in font.h I hope this contribution i
  5. I am attempting to construct a simple library for creating alarm objects, basically just the days of the week, an hour, and a minute packaged together in an object for easy management. I have attached a zip of the library, (feel free to use any code that might be useful!) but I am having an issue where toggling the days of the week alters the values of the integer hour and minute values. The days of the week are stored as an array of seven booleans, but I don't think that I am making a fencepost error somewhere... I tried the various days of the week, and figured out that days 0-3 (Sun
  6. I want to use nRF24l01 RF wireless modules with MSP 430f247 processor. There is a project done on MSP430G2553 with the same wireless module; https://github.com/spirilis/msprf24/wiki#library-usage I want to use USCIB_0 part for communication interface. I replaced output pins in the program. When I debug the program step by step I have seen no signal at SPI line. Do you have any suggestion?
  7. AMPS

    Energia IDE

    Dear all, http://www.ti.com/ww/en/launchpad/launchpads-msp430.html#tabs I am new to this forum. I found that energia IDE work similar to arduino IDE based on library functions. My questions are 1) I have worked on various library based IDE like mpide, uecide I found that some library wont work on some controller Like SoftwareSerial on chipkit uno32 by mpide IDE, I would like to know if someone used IDE what are library it really worked for them. I am looking for below library 1)basic: analogRead(); digitalRead();digitialWrite();Serial.print();Serial.println() 2) Wire: w
  8. Hi, I have ported Henning Karlsen's UTFT library to Energia on Stellaris. You can find the code here: https://github.com/jscrane/UTFT-Energia This code shows how to do reasonably fast graphics using GPIOPinWrite() instead of digitalWrite(). It is a fork of the fine work done by Andresv, described on the 43oh forum here: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3633-utft-library-utouch-henning-karlsen/ Cheers, Steve
  9. Good day for all, I want to know if exist the nrf24l01 library on Mpy or if the SPI library is available. Thanks!
  10. Hi! I have already worked with Arduino wuite a lot and I want to use the MSP430 now. Therefor I ordered the MSP-EXP430F5529LP. I have a question regarding the support from Arduino's libraries: I want to drive a DOGS display with the u8glib-Library (maybe some of you know it). Is there any possibility to use this Library with Energia? Copy and Paste into the Library Folder from Energia isn't enough, right? Thanks in advance!! Greets, Max
  11. the ir library included in energia when compiled gives the following errors : c:/users/chirag/downloads/compressed/energia-0101e0011-windows/energia-0101e0011/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3/../../../../msp430/bin/ld.exe: IRtest.cpp.elf section `.bss' will not fit in region `ram' c:/users/chirag/downloads/compressed/energia-0101e0011-windows/energia-0101e0011/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3/../../../../msp430/bin/ld.exe: region `ram' overflowed by 62 bytes collect2: ld returned 1 exit status i have updated energia tried changes in the cpp files as we
  12. already posted this on the Stellaristi forum but this also works on MSP430 devices. Just change BLUE_LED to RED_LED in the examplle sketches. +-+- Hi All, Wanted to share a library I've created to broadcast x10 messages using a cheap 433Mhz OOK device. There are a lot of (Arduino based) libraries dealing with X10. I couldn't find any RF libraries that works without a 'firecracker' (CMA17) device so I've created one. I am not a coder and this is my first Energia library ever so use at your own risk. The library can emulate x10 switches and x10 security devices and also RFXMeter
  13. Hi friends, I am a newbie here and This is my first post so, if you find anything wrong in the post kindly correct me. Ok i ll come to the issue that i m facing. I m trying to create a LED cube patterns using MSP430 and IDE Energia. When i was creating the same using ARDUINO i used include <avr/pgmspace.h> to allow the program to store patterns in a flash, I would like to know what is the library file in energia to do the same. Thanks in advance. with regards, shankar
  14. Based on original Arduino Mirf library with some modifications on hardware spi. Works well with other devices on the same spi bus eg 5110 lcd New version 0.4 [28.04.2013]: 1. For clarity *.ino files I decided to move SPI initialize to library. from now declaration of parameters should look like this: Nrf24l Mirf(CSN_PIN(def.PA_7), CE_PIN(def.PA_6), CHANNEL(def.1), PAYLOAD(def.16), SPI_MODULE(def.2)); eg.: - Nrf24l Mirf(PA_7, PA_6, 1, 16); //DEFAULT SPI module 2 - Nrf24l Mirf(PA_7, PA_6, 1, 16, 3); //SPI module 3 SPI speed is defined in Mirf.cpp file (line 66), maybe more sense is
  15. This is the second release of stellaris wizfi210 library (based on original wiznet/jbkim arduino library) with SPI communication (9 examples included) Library for WIZFI210 with SPI firmware WizFiShield_v02.zip First of all: we need WizFi module/WizFi boosterpack with spi firmware! how to change serial firmware to spi firmware(with link to latest spi fimware) Second: recomended - additional connection from wizfi reset pin to stellaris pin (hardware reset or other digital pin) blue kynar from wizfi pin 35 (EXT_nRESET) to Stellaris PA_6 (in my case) BoosterPack back sid
  16. Here is the library for Rob's nice 2.2" Color LCD Booster Pack with Touch with a reference manual. Distribution107.zip I've tested it successfully with a LaunchPad MSP430G2553 and a StellarPad LM4F120H5QR. Notes SPI maximum speed MSP430G2553 = SPI_CLOCK_DIV4 and LM4F120H5QR = SPI_CLOCK_DIV2 Software SPI implementation doesn't work for getTouch(): issues with shiftIn(). For the LM4F, screen SPI communication needs to be cleaned with a useless point(0, 0); before talking to the touch controller. References Rob's 2.2" LCD+Touch Panel BoosterPack in Store http://www.43oh.com/2013/0
  17. Here is the library for Rob's nice 2.2" Color LCD Booster Pack with Touch with a reference manual. Distribution107.zip I've tested it successfully with a LaunchPad MSP430G2553 and a StellarPad LM4F120H5QR. Notes SPI maximum speed MSP430G2553 = SPI_CLOCK_DIV4 and LM4F120H5QR = SPI_CLOCK_DIV2 Software SPI implementation doesn't work for getTouch(): issues with shiftIn(). For the LM4F, screen SPI communication needs to be cleaned with a useless point(0, 0); before talking to the touch controller. References Rob's 2.2" LCD+Touch Panel BoosterPack in Store http://www.43oh.com/2013/01/
  18. I was curious about using header files on energia. Anytime i try to include one it gives no file or directory. where should i put my own headers when running a sketch? Sorry if this seems vague, i haven't used energia, and only used arduino sketches a couple of times.
  19. Quick questions: Is there already a macro in Energia for the StellarPad which is equivilant to cbi and sbi? Am I correct that portDATARegister in Energia.h (for stellaris) is basically the same as portOutputRegister for the Mps430 or AVR's? I am trying to port a library to Stellaris which uses cbi, sbi, and the portOutputRegister macro's. Any advice is appreciated. L293D
  20. Hi. I finaly get VirtualWire working with msp430g2553, but wen I try compiling on msp430g2453 I get: core.a(TimerSerial.cpp.o): In function `TimerSerial__TxIsr': energia-0101E0009/hardware/msp430/cores/msp430/TimerSerial.cpp:213: multiple definition of `__isr_9' VirtualWire/VirtualWire.cpp.o:VirtualWire.cpp:(.text.Timer_A_int+0x0): first defined here collect2: ld returned 1 exit status How to fix library to compile for 2452 ? VirtualWire link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27613779/VirtualWire.tar.gz VirtualWire.tar.gz
  21. Please find the port of a matrix library from Arduino. I tested the library on the LaunchPad MSP430G2553, FraunchPad MSP430FR5739 and StellarPad LM4F120H5QR. Includes an example for the calibration of the FraunchPad accelerometer. MatrixMath_Distribution.zip *** FraunchPad ADXL335 accelerometer All measures are in g. Press PUSH2 when invited by ... Present the accelerometer as indicated... flat ... -0.01 -0.07 1.07 1.00 reverse ... -0.02 -0.07 -0.97 1.00 right ... 1.00 -0.09 0.08 1.00 left ... -1.03 -0.04 -0.06 1.00 up ... -0.12 -1.12 0.03 1.00 down ... 0.03 0.98
  22. Congratulations! Your library is ready and you want to share it? This section is the best place for it. Please mention a link to the sensor or BoosterPack the library is aimed at the list of the boards and MCUs supported by the library
  23. Hi Guys, The header says it all. A couple of us will be working on using the 430 Launchpad to control various radio frequency DDS chips. It might help others if we were to write a library for each species, or if possible a generic library for a few of the more common ones. So is there any guidance and are their any standards? TIA Steve G0XAR (FWIW G0XAR is my Ham Radio call sign)
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