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Found 1 result

  1. I've been lurking here for awhile... I am a noob to Energia, but have more than a little experience designing and writing interrupt-driven C code for msp430f2013, as well as some time spent with the value line devices. I am working on a personal project with the F5529, connecting to a GPS (the adafruit ultimate BOB), an Iridium 9602 Sat-Comm device (sparkfun RockBlock), and a cap touch TFT LCD (have worked with both the adafruit 2.8" BOB and a www.buydisplay.com version of same). The project is a DIY short-burst-data comm device to let my wife know I've not been eaten by a bear on an upcoming 250 mile hike on the John Muir Trail. Oh, and I'm aware that there are commercial devices available ($600 - $1200 plus subscription fees). I chose the F5529, in part, for the dual hardware UARTs, one connected to the GPS @9600 and the other to the 9602 @19200. The LCD uses SPI for screen management and I2C for the cap-touch interface. While the system is up and running, the different devices will not be running concurrently. I had been thinking of a LPM3 timer interrupt-based system that would capture and communicate position data on an hourly basis during the day, and that I could put into LPM4 at night to conserve battery. The LCD merely provides a UI for mostly menu-driven messages and system-state options, but may include a free text option to send a special message, or read a message from my wife. In C, I have successfully connected to all three devices using both UARTs for the two async devices with both a F5529 launchpad, and also an MSP-FET430U80+F5529. I've been intrigued by Energia as a means to code my project a little more quickly with "trusted" libraries. But on closer inspection, I see that the basic construct for Energia is one focused on Arduino compatibility and not necessarily low power interrupt-driven designs. I've read several discussions on this board regarding using low power modes, and the potential for interfering with the Energia architecture, as well as possible workarounds. I've also looked at pabigot's class libraries, and they look like a solid alternative, but I'm not sure my C/C++ skills are really up to snuff to effectively use the work. I do have some questions regarding Serial, Serial1 and the backchannel UART, but I need to do some more experimenting so I can ask better questions, assuming I can't find my own solutions. TIA for any thoughts, suggestions, etc! Bob
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