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  1. I was wondering if there is any pre-existing code out there for CCS v5 and an msp430f2102-ish type device? I'd like to setup a tiny project that monitors an I2C bus and logs filtered transactions over UART.. Specific addresses or data values, for instance. The uart terminal program then could timestamp the log data, so I don't really need to worry about that part. It's not ultra-critical, the data would just be useful to decypher in a side project I'm working on.. so honestly I am hoping that something like this already exists that I can just load-and-run and log the data.. post-proces
  2. When did CCS 5.4 sneak out of beta? Maybe it was just me that didn't notice. http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Category:Code_Composer_Studio_v5#Download Release notes here: http://software-dl.ti.com/dsps/dsps_public_sw/sdo_ccstudio/CCSv5/CCS_5_4_0/exports/ReleaseNote.htm but the things that stood out when I scanned them was support for Windows 8, Tiva, MSP430G2xx4 and MSP430G2xx5.
  3. Hello, after hours of trying I haven't installed the Code Composer Studio 5.3, yet. The Installer breaks down when it reaches this point: - successfully unzipped eclipserepo.zip - percent now 2 I have a Windows 7 Professional 64 bit system and my harddrive is divided into three partitions... Thank you for your help. Greetings HeKe
  4. Hi, Although I don't program 430's in assembly (yet ;-)) I was particularly interested in this post about naken430asm in the tips section. Naken430util's disassembly listing with per-instruction cycle counts looked like a useful optimisation tool, and a good way to keep tabs on the compiler. I tried it out and liked it so much that I wanted to integrate it into my future CCS projects as standard. After poking around in the CCS install folder and reading TI's instructions I managed to make a plugin that adds a new project template. It's based on the standard "Empty project with main.c"
  5. I'm trying to start keeping my MSP430 code as clean as most of my other projects. Also, I'd like to release some projects on GitHub. But I'm finding it to be quite difficult. Problem is, in a project that uses CCS and Grace, a single main.c explodes into (at a first approximation) 1.54 bazillion files. Some of them are generated on every build, some are not. I'm looking for advice, preferably in the form of a .gitignore file
  6. During the workbook and some own created test I notice that I have an lib thats build in debug mode. Thanks to the answer there and collecting the reading stuff, I did read a little about the ROM_xxxx, MAP_xxxx. Anyway, I still would like to have the driverlib release build. Specialy during development, can allways later change the calls to ROM_functions. Is there a way, (a tut), to build this under window's. Knows a little about make and the makefiles under windows. Found some make stuff from arround 2003. Did found also at TI the BSD licened LM4 makefiles. Don't have linux but
  7. Just spotted today. Latest : CCSv5.3.x Release : 5.3.0 Built # : Date : Nov 19, 2012 Previous : CCSv5.2.x Release : 5.2.1 Built # : Date : July 16, 2012 Link -> http://processors.wi...hp/Download_CCS
  8. I got Code Composer Studio 5 running under Windows. (Installed the general CCS package, not one bundled with particular Stellarisware). I can import and run the various example projects that are part of Stellarisware (in this particular case, Stellarisware for the EKT-LM3S8962) When I try to create a new project, where I would like to use the Stellarisware and other libraries for the EKT-LM3S8962 (e.g. the OLED library) I run into lots of problems. I tried creating my project with Project New However the new project does not seem to know about any of the libraries. It doesn
  9. I'm using the Strellaris LM3S3748 kit. For some reason, I get the following error. I'm using the blinky example from Stellarisware. "__attribute" has already been declared in the current scope Does anyone have an idea why this error pops up?
  10. Hello! I found this forum via 43oh. I'm just a lurker over there, but have a question related to the Stellaris eval kits. I have an educational J-Link JTAG from Segger. It works well with gdb/eclipse. I was wondering if there is any support for the J-Link in CCS.... or am I constrained to the ICDI debugger that comes with the evaluation kit. Thanks for setting this forum up.
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