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  1. Hello Forums I am trying to use GUI Composer v2 (on the cloud) to create a GUI for a battery managment system, similar to the one in the SLAA478 Application Report, using the MSP-EXP430F5529LP and bq76PL536EVM-3. I've decided to use USB/Serial comms, which requires me to modify the code to send the information using JSON. I am following the example of using USB/Serial IO: https://dev.ti.com/gc/designer/help/Tutorials/Serial/index.html. The code given is as follows: #include <aJSON.h> // most launchpads have a red LED #define LED RED_LED //see pins_energia.h for more LED d
  2. Good Morning, This may be the wrong place to ask this question. If so, please let me know where to ask it.. I've been a Windows programmer for 20 years. I've pretty much stuck to User Interface development the whole time. I have been using .net and C# for the past 10 years so I am VERY SPOILED when it comes to letting the language do the grunt work and I finesse the code. I now find myself working on a personal project which requires me to program the MSP430G2553 controller. I started out by using Energia (which if you don't know, is a fork off of Arduino) The advantage of it
  3. Hi all, I have recently found a sketch in arduino forum for frequency counting, which I tried running in MSP432 with energia and MSP430 with energia sketch on Code composer studio. The sketch basically counts the frequency using interrupts and prints the frequency on serial monitor but serial monitor is empty while running the program,.The sketch is as shown below, // Frequency counter sketch, for measuring frequencies low enough to execute an interrupt for each cycle // Connect the frequency source to the INT0 pin (digital pin 2 on an Arduino Uno) volatile unsigned long firstPulseTime;
  4. I just got the following email: CHANGES FOR CODE COMPOSER STUDIO (CCS) As a long-term Code Composer Studio IDE customer we value your dedication. Thank you for being a loyal customer. TI has great news regarding Code Composer Studio (CCS); effective today Texas Instruments will no longer charge for CCS licenses. Going forward this means: You can upgrade simply by going to www.ti.com/ccstudio to download the latest CCSv7, install it and use it. You no longer need to use the myRegistered Software portal to manage licenses. For questions s
  5. Available from the main CCS download page. Final version due in December. http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Download_CCS Downloading now. It'll let you know how it goes...
  6. Hello! I am compiling the following code through CCS 6.1.3, it is an imported sketch first then I add some thing else for it. But it seems It stuck in the setup function because it goes to LPM4 when it tries to use any USCI related function( For example: Wire.begin(),write to ()). Can some one help me with it? Thanks. The attach file is the ino file from energia 17 and the following is the Code? The uc is MSP430F5529, and it is trying to use I2C to communicate with ADXL345, UART to communicate with ESP8266. The reset is ADC stuff. And we have a button to do some control. Each of these par
  7. Hello all! I am currently working on a project that uses two NRF24L01 modules to communicate between two MSP430G2553 chips. The goal is to send a 14 character string of numbers and letters between the two devices. I have been trying to get code working with Code Composer Studio for a few weeks now, but have had no success at all. I found several posts on this forum from others who have tried similar things and this post in particular, http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2050-nrf24l01-registerscommands-and-functionswork-in-progress/page-2 with a link to a library created by Spirilis, however I
  8. [NOTE] Before you bother trying to find this deal, read this post: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/10050-ccs-70-will-be-available-without-license-requiremens/ and this TI web page: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/CCSv7_Changes "Licensing With the release of Code Composer Studio v7 TI is no longer charging for licenses. You can simply download the tool and start using it. Along with this the end user license agreement has changed to a simple TSPA compatible license." [/NOTE] I didn't see anyone else mention this offer so here it is. Use the link below to buy the promo vers
  9. For those who may not have seen it, the black LaunchPads with Rev B pre-release MCU are being phased out. New red LaunchPads with a revision C production device are replacing it. The announcement in e2e is located here. There is information on timing and compatibility with CCS located here. A quote from the second link: TI recommends that you update all hardware and software be updated to latest Revision C devices. Support for MSP432P401R on CCS cloud (dev.ti.com) and via MSP432Ware have been updated to match Revision C devices. Pre-production Revision C samples can be ordered online
  10. Hey all! Finicky issue, and I've been up for way too many hours so I'm breaking from usual habit and posting after only doing minimal digging. Hopefully it's a simple solution. Fingers crossed. Board: TM4C1294NCPDT IDE: CCSv6.1 OS: Ubuntu 16.04 Compiler: GNU v4.9.3 (Linaro) So here's what's up: I'm versed using timers and setting up my vector table properly, or so I thought. Code Composer Studio isn't finding my interrupt handler... It's confuzzling me to say the least... Here's what I'm doing: In startup_gcc.c //......Skipping top of file for readability, all is stoc
  11. I am using the latest version: energia-0101E0017. I just reloaded it from Energia's website this morning. It is their December 2015 version. I am using the latest CCS version 6.1.3. I installed a fresh version of that a couple days ago and have applied all the updates I could find. Using the very popular I2C_Scan tool, I get bad results. I either get all addresses telling me there's a device there, or if I do a write(0); between begin and end transmission, I get no devices... See brief code snip below: void findAddress(int fromAddress, int toAddress) { for (int a = fromAddres
  12. I noticed that if you use the TI arm compiler in CCS 6.x you can easily run code from ram. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like they have implemented that for the arm-none-eabi-gcc compiler. Attached is a zip file project you can import into CCS. It is configured to run the msp432 at 48MHz using the high frequency crystal. It is also configured to generate small code using the nano.specs newlib configuration. In the default linker script, the data segment uses all the available ram starting at the base address of 0x20000000. The msp432 provides another bus address for SRAM at the base
  13. Well Hi! I'm reasonably new to the MSP430 stuff, been working with Arduino's and started some Embedded systems unit at University that has really sparked an interest in this stuff. I've been working mainly in Energia but trying my best to explore whats under some of the abstraction. Currently exploring CCS environment. Looking forward to sucking up some of this communities knowledge and hopefully providing some of my own as well
  14. Hello, I'm writing a program which includes fast pin switching (as fast as it can go!) on MSP432P401R. Initially, I had used Energia for this, but due to some unpredictable behaviour I switched to CCS 6.1.0. Now, apart from porting some Energia specific functions, like I/O functions and so on, I soon found out that even the bare minimum code for pin state flipping differs in speed, significantly. Below is an example code of Pin switching in CCS and Energia, respectively: #include "msp.h" void main(void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW | WDTHOLD; CSKEY = 0x695A; CSCTL0 = 0;
  15. Hi, I have built a code in CCS v6 for TM4C1294 for Modbus RTU Master/ Slave using basic C programming and Driver Libraries. I want to combine it with an Energia Sketch for Ethernet Client. Is this possible, please guide me with an example if possible. Thanks.
  16. I want to read a line of input from the Code Composer Studio (CCS) console using an MSP430 I am able to get printf(
  17. Hello All! This is my first post on this forum. So kindly excuse me if i do any faux pas! I am planning to shift to MSP430 after using arduino for long time. I have written a small code to read ADC value and when i press a button adc value gets stored in a variable. Now want I want is to make available this value even after microcontroller restarts. Can anyone tell me how to store variable in Non volatile FRAM? I am using MSP430FR5969 launchpad. I have looked into following examples but they are of not helping me. I am using Energia to program my launchpad. http:
  18. hi guys, i am new here. i am a linux user, so i have my inhibitions of going back to windows just so that this kit could work as i beleive it is very much possible in windows too. so the thing is.. i used CCSv5.2 to make a blinking LED Project and used the 'debug' option to get the code into the device. my device is msp430 Launchpad. the error message is as folows. //------------------------------------------ Error initializing emulator: No USB FET was found //------------------------------------------ to look into things i disconnected the Launchpad f
  19. Hi 43oh folks! I wrote a quick blog post & tutorial on the www.energia.nu website. I wanted to walk through the process of setting up Code Composer Studio v6 to enable Energia sketch imports. This is a cool new feature that takes full advantage of the on-board hardware debugger that is available on our LaunchPad kits & allows developers to go beyond Serial.print(). This provides a nice migration path from Energia to CCS. Energia is great for rapid prototyping, but there are times when a true debugger could be helpful. With CCSv6, we can now import Energia sketches & get ful
  20. Did anyone else already try the git (EGit?) integration of CCS v6? When I commit it via CCS menu option, CR/LF formatting of the source code is updated, which completely screws up diffs. CCS still saves files with CR/LF, the reformatting only happens at commit time. This does not happen when I edit files in CCS but commit via github's command line shell. Is this a bug/feature of CCS (or EGit). Did I miss a setting somewhere?
  21. Hi All, I am looking for advice on converting a CCS project into Energia, preferably making a library. I did not created the CCS project, it is actually a demo project downloadable from TI for a booster pack called TMP006. The link is http://software-dl.ti.com/msp430/msp430_public_sw/mcu/msp430/boosterpack/TMP006/latest/index_FDS.html?DCMP=msp430&HQS=tmp006boosterpack The zip package included a CCS project with some C and header files. Where should I start? Any advise or links to understand Energia library will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  22. i am working on a project that requires my MSP430F5659 to act as a USB host. i want to transfer some data from a pen drive that i connect to the flash memory of the MSP. can you help me with the realization? how can i use the pins of my MSP to connect to a pendrive so that it can act as a USB host? also, some help with the programming would be highly appreciated. i am using Code Composer Studio for programming purposes.
  23. For the sake of thanking this community for solving my issue ,I would like to write a post on how I overcame this issue thanks to community member Stepman . I use the TIva C Series Launchpad . For a program employing UART if you are getting errors like Description Resource Path Location Type unresolved symbol UARTprintf, first referenced in ./main.obj Description Resource Path Location Type unresolved symbol UARTStdioConfig, first referenced in ./main.obj Then you have not copied or linked your uartstdio.c file from utils/uartstdio.c If you are getting errors like Description
  24. I am running into some problems with CCS. I have a program that is under 5k and uses ~1200 bytes of RAM. When I increase couple of arrays by about 200 bytes, the program compiles but then it does not let me debug. It appears to be running, but it isn't (see attached pic.) Clearly, there's some kind of limit here, but what? I had code size limited version of CCS, so I have activated my license (after 2 years ,) it's a full version now. I have tried F5418A and F5419A, same results, LaunchPad and FET430UIF, still same results.
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