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  1. I'm developing a BoosterPack, and want to tap into the 5VDC available on the LP, at TP1. I'm having trouble finding a 1 pin header/socket to make the connection. Actually the header/pin part is easy, but does anyone have an idea where to find a 1 pin socket to mate with it?
  2. Hi! Just wanted to let everyone know that BoosterPack templates (20 pin and 40 pin) are now available in Upverter. If you haven't tried Upverter yet, its a super cool and pretty polished online hardware design tool that will let you import popular formats like EAGLE and design PCB completely in the browser. It allows for real time collaboration in the cloud (think google docs for board layout and schematics). Probably something that would be pretty useful for the 43oh community. 40 pin: https://upverter.com/a-whitehead/9f164fea8af72827/40-Pin-LaunchPad-BoosterPack-Template---AW/ 20 p
  3. Hi all! Just wanted to share my led cube boosterpack with everyone. This is basically a sized reduced version of my last led cube that was built using the ek-lm4f232 and a hand built protoboard: http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/268-8x8x8-led-cube/ That took way too much time so a sized reduced PCB was the next goal. The code now supports both the ek-lm4f232 and ek-lm4f120xl LaunchPad. In addition, there's no reason why the MSP430 or C2000 and all future LaunchPads couldn't be used as the BoosterPack only makes use of the outside pins. I'll be posting updates here periodi
  4. Hey everyone! Here is a Stepper Motor BoosterPack I have been working on that utilizes the DRV8825. I just ordered the boards today and will be working on some code samples while I wait on them. The DRV8825 can drive one bipolar stepper motor or two DC motors. It has a 8.2-V to 45-V supply range with 2.5-A peak at 24-V. I tried to design for the full operating range of the chip while maintaining the BoosterPack size guidelines. http://www.ti.com/product/drv8825 Let me know what you think! I am working on a BLDC Motor BoosterPack as well that I will post later. Motor_Driver_DRV8
  5. Hi Everyone, 43oh is glad to be a sponsor for TI's BoosterPack Design Challenge.This is your chance to design your BP and also have it made by CircuitCo. Minimum Requirements: 1. Submit an original BoosterPack design for your MCU LaunchPad. - Schematic Layout (including reference designators and an extractable net-list) - Bill of materials not to exceed $40 (in unit orders of 1K, in XLS format, noting reference designators and manufacturer part numbers) - Record a video describing your BoosterPack idea and upload it to YouTube
  6. I found a post on the TI E2E community asking questions about the LCD on the educational boosterpack. Someone posted some code for energia and it worked perfect. I took the code and "translated" it to non energia. Here is the forum post. Also here is documentation for the LCD itself from the manufacturer website (PDF). Right now this code prints "hello 43oh.com" . I am going to play with it more later tomorrow. If it is messy code I apoligize, long day at school work in addition to getting use to this platform..
  7. My name is Ivan and I am a 12 year old kid from Canada. I just ordered a Launchpad and a Terminal booster pack. I downloaded the code and imported it into CCS. When ever I try to debug on the Launchpad, it says "Error Connecting to target". I tried connecting to 2 different computers both running different versions of Windows. Could any one help out please? Thanks, Ivan
  8. Hi all, I've made a couple of CAN bus boosterpack designs: https://github.com/Miceuz/can-boosterpack/ One employs MCP2551 and another one is fully isolated using ISO1050. Feel free to download and build them, the designs are home PCB manufacturing friendly. I'm considering ordering some boards and putting them on tindie.com. Would someone be interested in buying a ready made board?
  9. I've created a template for making MSP430 Launchpad BoosterPacks on Upverter. It's has both a schematic of the headers and a PCB layout. It's available here. If you're not familiar with Upverter, you can fork this open source project and use it as a base for building your own designs. To do this, create an account, go to the project page above, and click 'fork' above the design. Hope this helps people build their own BoosterPacks. A quick example is this Relay Driver BoosterPack.
  10. This is a prototype of a magnetic sensor BoosterPack for the TI MSP430 Launchpad. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whgsB5hb-Pk The board has 3 Hall-effect magnetic sensors that sense a magnetic filed in the z-axis to the sensor. The BoosterPack has a latched output sensor (on/off by changing magnetic field direction), unlatched output sensor (on/off by changing magnitude of magnetic field), and analog output sensor (output follows strength of magnetic field). The sensor outputs are connected to analog input pins of the MSP430 LaunchPad. 10 LEDs are connected to digital output pins of t
  11. The MotorPack is a 4 channel motor controller (Does more than drive the motors) based off four DRV8830 ICs from TI. Each channel can drive up to 1 Amp, for a total of 4 amps. Can drive motors or other actuators up to 6.8V (7V is absolute maximuim). Communication to the motor controllers is done through I2C. An on-board voltage regulator can provide power for the launchpad. Status: Design Editing. Log 10/24/2012 Designing in address select logic to enable stacking two motor control booster packs.
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