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Found 1 result

  1. My Setup: Using a MSP430FR5994 device connected over USB to MSPDebug interface. Implemented DMA transfers using TI's interface found in the driverlib source. Two questions: 1. Is DMA disabled when I am connected to MSPDebug? If so why can I see single transfers between memory locations. 2. When I try to do a block transfer I only see a single word being transferred. Thoughts on why that would be? Here is some code. DMA_disableTransferDuringReadModifyWrite(); dma0Config.channelSelect = DMA_CHANNEL_1; dma0Config.transferModeSelect = DMA_TRANSFER_BLOCK; // CONFIG_SAMPLE_SIZE = 32 dma0Config.transferSize = CONFIG_SAMPLE_SIZE; dma0Config.transferUnitSelect = DMA_SIZE_SRCWORD_DSTWORD; volatile unsigned int a[CONFIG_SAMPLE_SIZE] = {0}; DMA_init(&dma0Config); DMA_setSrcAddress(DMA_CHANNEL_1, (uint32_t) (input), DMA_DIRECTION_UNCHANGED); DMA_setDstAddress(DMA_CHANNEL_1, (uint32_t) (a), DMA_DIRECTION_UNCHANGED); DMA_enableInterrupt(DMA_CHANNEL_1); DMA_enableTransfers(DMA_CHANNEL_1); DMA_startTransfer(DMA_CHANNEL_1); Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.