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  1. hi everyone, thanks to Nate Zimmer Uart example, i could achieve to send string over uart. But i have send ACD values to UART. ADC has 10 bit output. How could i transmit the ADC data? Can i send directly? let say ---------------------------------- value=ADC10MEM; UART_TX(unsigned int value ?); // void UART_TX(int * value) // Define a function which accepts a character pointer to an array { unsigned int i=0; while(value) // Increment through array, look for null pointer (0) at end of string { while ((UCA0STAT & UCBUSY)); // Wait if line TX/RX module is b
  2. ElGuille


    I needed to be able to watch signals from hundreds of Hz to 10Khz . While reading the msp430 family manual found the Data Transfer Controller (DTC) that can be put to work with the ADC . So the original launchscope by NJC streams data one sample at a time , and that is why it is so slow . So using the DTC we can actually get near the 200Ksps . So I use an array of 200 integers (400 Bytes . I didn't want to leave the launchpad without ram, just 512B for the msp430g2553
  3. Greetings, If I remember correctly the MSP430G2553 allows you to read ADC channel 11 to get the value for VCC. I use code on my arduino boards, as well as the ATTiny chips to read the battery voltage so that I can monitor it. Anybody have any idea of the same sort of thing is possible on the StellarPad? Thank you! L293D
  4. This is just the start of my project. Ultra sonic distance sensor, based on paralax ping sensor or other ultra sonic distance sensors . 24Khz and 40Khz ultra sonic transducer. Basic operation: Send Pulse--> wait for echo --> read time between pulse and echo --> send distance --> start over. completed part of projct at the time of posting. Output amplifier--completed PWM output (24Khz) --completed Parts that need to be completed Input amplifier/opamp -- waiting for jfet opamp, considering a 741 just for testing purposes pulse length code -- was workin
  5. Hello all, I am very new to MSP430. The application that I work on needs to have a precise number of a sampling rate as information for me to do a further analysis. Simply put, what should I do ? or how can I config if I want the sampling frequency to be at exact number ?, for example 250 Hz. Please enlighten me. Thank you so much.
  6. Hi. Need a quick answer for this one please. I need to measure the StateOfCharge of a battery, preferably via the ADC (don't know if there are any other options). The SOC is going to decide whether to initiate charging or end charging, in another program that is already made. Would love a code example! Thx in advance Jais
  7. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Edit to add: Solved - the serial jumpers (TXD and RXD) on J3 needed to be removed. Serial is on P1.1 & P1.2. Thanks oPossum //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hello all, this is my first post so I'll start with a thanks for any help. I'm using: LaunchPad with MSP430G2231 Code Composer I'm having a problem with ADC, there's some internal voltage on channel 1 (P1.1) and channel 2. I've tried my own code and a couple examples from TI and get same results every time. There's always v
  8. Hi, I am building a simple circuit to interface with the MSP430G2231, the circuit will use an LDR and a couple of OPAMPs to shape the signal for the microcontroller. I have included the circuit below showing the voltage change which should be kept inside the 0-3V threshold for the MSP ADC input. R5 and R6 will be potentiometers so that before connecting I will ensure the values are as close to the simulation as possible. My question relates to software on the MSP430 to read the ADC, is there any standard code provided by TI or can someone point me to a good tutorial? I have a
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