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  1. Hello, I bought an Adafruit TSL2591* shield but unfortunately it looks like there's no lib for MSP430s. There's code for Arduino and some posts about the TSL2561. Unfortunately I don't have any experience with I2C and hope/wonder if someone is interested to get it running on the MSP430s? That's a really nice sensor. * :
  2. Hi! I've got a launchpad MSP-EXP430G2 rev. 1.5 (with msp430g2553) and I need to use two pair of UART (2xRx and 2xTx). To be more specific, here's what I have to do: PC transmits 'data' to MSP --> MSP process that 'data' --> MSP transmits 'processed data' to another MCU... PC receives 'processed data' from MSP <-- MSP process that 'data' <-- MSP receives 'data' from another MCU... In short: PC -> MSP -> another MCU -> MSP -> PC Is it possible to do this with that launchpad? If it is, could you hint me some examples? I'm completely new with MSP.
  3. petus

    I2C library

    Hi, a lot of people have a problem with an I2C bus. I wrote a library for my bachelor thesis. You can use it, but please observe the copyright. Thanks http://chiptron.petus.cz/downloads.php?cat_id=3&download_id=6
  4. Someone can helpme, i'm taking incorrect readings of a magnetometer I believe with the problem are in my i2c code implementation. /* * Print all printable characters on usb channel using UART mode of USCI module * the print is based in busy wait to transfer characters */ #include "msp/msp430g2553.h" void configureDCO(); void configureUART(); void putc(char); void print (const char[]); void print (short); void printStatus(); main() { configureDCO(); configureUART(); UCB0CTL1 = UCSWRST; //Reset USCI UCB0CTL0 = // USCI_B0 control register UCMST
  5. Over the past week I have been attempting to get my MSP430g2553 to act as the master and talk to an MPU-6050 which is the slave. I have so far only been able to get it to receive an ACK to the slave, and the code indicates that it is present and listening. My attempts at writing and reading from the slave have produced no results. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations on how to proceed with this?
  6. Hello, I want to connect my MSP-EXP430F5529LP ("MSP430") LaunchPad to an external device via I2C. Which I2C port should I use? (1) The MSP430 Quick Start Guide (slau536.pdf) includes a diagram of the BoosterPack connector showing two sets of I2C ports: -set#1- I2C - SCL - PM_UCB1SOMI - PM_UCB1SCL - P4.2 I2C - SDA - PM_UCB1SIMO - PM_UCB1SDA - P4.1 -set#2- UCB0SDA - UCB0SIMO - P3.0 UCB0SCL - UCB0SOMI - P3.1 (2) I am using the sample project, usci_b_i2c_ex3_masterTxSingle.c. MSP430ware->Libraries->Driver Library->MSP430F5xx_6xx->Example Projects->USCI_B
  7. I have been attempting to work with serial communication between the board and other devices, but cannot get them to communicate while on connected to the booster pack rails. The only time I have ever gotten any Serial communication to work is by connecting a UART device to J6 & J7 in the middle. Is there a different Pin configuration I need to get those to work? I switched the jumpers on J6 & J7 down after downloading my code to the CC3200.
  8. Hey all, I've been staring at this for a while and for the life of me I can't figure it out. I've been trying to adapt the library here: http://jan.rychter.com/enblog/msp430-i2c-usi-library-released for the F2003, which should be rather straightforward, as most of the register names and functions are similar. However, I'm able to get it to build and compile, but when the code gets around to the first send command, it goes into low power mode and never actually sends it. The pins are set, the LPM0 bits are correct, the interrupt vector name is correct, and a number of other things seem to go a
  9. Hi, i am having problem with running I2C on stellaris launchpad. I am using this code but i get message device found from each adress, can someone explain me how it works and how should i connect it ? Thanks. Here is the code : // -------------------------------------- // i2c_scanner // // Version 1 // This program (or code that looks like it) // can be found in many places. // For example on the Arduino.cc forum. // The original author is not know. // Version 2, Juni 2012, Using Arduino 1.0.1 // Adapted to be as simple as possible by Arduino.cc user Krodal // Version
  10. MSP430F5529 has two I2C interfaces, using P3.0/P3.1 (SDA/SCL) and P4.2/P4.1 (SCL/SDA) and two SPI interfaces using P3.0/P3.1/P3.2/P2.7 (MOSI/MISO/SCK/CS) and P4.2/P4.1/P4.3/P4.0 (MISO/MOSI/SCK/CS). How, or rather maybe, what is the best way to access the non-default I2C/SPI peripherals, without resorting to modifying the Energia core? For instance, I am using the LiquidCrystal_I2C library found here, and it works fine on the G2553 and F5529, but I'd like to move the LCD over to the other I2C peripheral so I can use those pins for an SPI device. On Tiva, one can do "Wire.setMod
  11. Hello everyone! im here again for the 3rd time to ask for some advice/help. This forum has been so helpful! Recently i've implemented some code on a msp430g2553 to read a 7 segment LED display. My next step is to send that reading to another msp430 or maybe a c2000 micro-controller. End goal: Msp430-1 decodes the LED display and sends 2 digit number to the Msp430-2 then i display the numbers on my monitor. I was looking at the "wire" master write and slave read examples. I have implemented them but they seem not to work, i'm not sure of a couple of things. How do i address SCL and
  12. I am working on the MSP430G2553 using I2C and Serial libraries. I am playing right now to try to understand the usage of the libraries. I have an I2C slave that I am trying to control how much data gets returned when a read is executed. Using the serial interface I can increase the size that is sent over the I2C but I can't reduce the size even though the variable passed to Wire.write shows it has reduced. Slave code: #include <Wire.h> #define MY_ADDR 2 #define ERR_RQST_MSB 0xF0 ///< First byte sent when request hasn't been preceded by a value #define ERR_RQST_LSB
  13. Hi, I am trying to get the status from a I2C transmission. But the Wire.endTransmission() always returns a zero. It is not a problem of the wire library, because I can find the same problem using code composer studio using the TI compiler as well with the Gnu Compiler. On the osciloscope I can see that the Master sending, bit 9 has a nack, no bytes are send afterwards, so the cpu knows it isn'r right but the I2C Master Control/Status register only gives Idle(32), also ROM_I2CMasterErr returns a 0 I have tried: uint8_t sendTxData(unsigned long cmd, uint8_t data) { d
  14. Hi, I am trying to get i2c working on a EK-TM4C1294XL on energia. I am trying to user i2c channel 0. So they should be on pb2 and pb3. Thing is, I do not see any signal on sda or sck on the scope except for the pullup. On the serial debug I see "Start" and "Loop" but "Loop2" never appears. As simpel as this program is, I am not getting it or something is wrong in the libraries. Hope you can help, cheers John #include <Wire.h> void setup() { Wire.setModule(0); Wire.begin(); // join i2c bus (address optional for master) Wire.setModule(0); Seri
  15. Hai I'm a complete newbie to Energia and MSP430. I would like to get some help on a problem that I'm facing while interfacing MSP430 launchpad using I2C(it's not "a" problem, rather it is "THE" problem). As mentioned above I'm using a MSP430-g2553 launchpad ver1.5 and currently I'm working on a project that requires interfacing two MSP430s with a Raspberry Pi. The protocol that I've chose is I2C due to it's simple hardware requirement and it's support for many devices at the same time. But then till now interfacing two MSP430s has been a faliture. I tried interfacing two MSPs on two launchpad
  16. I've got a main board and then some external boards that all have msp430s in them. The main board communicates with i2c, using the hardware drivers. The main board can, using a regulator for each external board, turn off the power on each of the external boards. But when I turn off the power on the external board, the external MSP430 (which is powered down) pulls down the I2C-bus. Is there some way I can leave the turned-off msp430 so that it won't mess up the i2c-bus it's connected to? The external msp430s are MSP430G2553 and the main board is an F5528.
  17. I'm in the middle of a project using the f5529 launchpad and Energia. I'm trying to use both the USB and the I2C port at the same time. I can initialize the USB and see it enumerate in the windows device manager and I can read/write to it and it works properly. But as soon as I try to enable the I2C port using the USCI_B1 the USB dies and can no longer be read or written to. The example codes in Energia work for both the USB examples and for the TMP006 example, so the harware is OK. But trying to get them both to play at the same time is a nogo. What am I missing? #include <
  18. This is very much in progress, and there's nothing fancy about it, but I wanted to share with you what I'm working on at the moment since I'm back into the 430 again after a while in arm/linux land. Only the relay stuff is implemented for now and the master is currently just a test which advances the relay selections by push of the s2 button. Criticism, ideas and insults welcome I would like to do various slave firmwares for sensors, etc and I will be incoprorating also a BBB controller at some point. Code shamefully stolen/modified from TI examples. Master.c //*************
  19. Hello, I am having big troubles with running I2C on my stellarpad. I am total noob to this topic so i want to ask if anyone can explain it. I have found that Stellarpad has 4 chanells. I have got some questions. 1. How to wire an I2C device properly. Do i need pullup resistors or should i use pinMode on INPUT_PULLUP ? 2. How i can ensure that i connected the device properly ? I tried I2C scanner from arduino webside, but I always recieve message device found on each adress, with nothing connected to board. Here is the I2C scanner code : // -----------------------------------
  20. Hello everyone.I am trying to learn I2C device adress of my MPU6050 sensor by using Ardunio I2C scan code in Energia.But although the code doesn't give me any error,on serial monitor I see all registers from 0x01 to 0x7E.I should see one register but I see all register on serial monitor like below... Scanning... I2C device found at address 0x01 ! .... .... .... I2C device found at address 0x7D ! I2C device found at address 0x7E ! done The code that I have used is http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/I2cScanner. I am sure about connections between my sensor and my msp430g2553.I used 4.7k
  21. I've written a tiny library that implements I2C master functionality on MSP430 devices that only have the USI module (for example, MSP430G2412 or MSP430G2452). It's small, simple, works well for me, and might help others in their projects. Blog post at http://jan.rychter.com/enblog/msp430-i2c-usi-library-released Github repo at https://github.com/jwr/msp430_usi_i2c Have fun!
  22. I'm relatively new to the MSP430 and microcontroller world. I have a MSP430G2553 and am interfacing to a MMA8453Q accelerometer. I have this working on a MSP430G2231 using USI and now want to move to a MSP430G2553 with USCI. I took the samples from slaa382 for master and master with repeated start from TI and modified the basic master code to what I thought would provide me a repeated start option. I'm just trying to read back the "whoami" register but I think something is wrong with my repeated start implementation, could someone advise me on this? I've got 10k pull ups on the clock and
  23. Anton Veretenenko created a simple FM Radio with a TEA5767 compatible chip. The RDA5807P is an I2C (Or spi) controlled FM Radio Tuner. He used a generic AC Powered PC Speaker, added a 3.3v regulator, a rotary encoder, and stuffed it in. The post and code don't mention it, but from the pictures, the stated 2kb limit, and the use of USI, it's using the G2231 on a v1.4 Launchpad. Blog Post: http://blog.avrnoob.com/2013/10/ti-launchpad-rda5807p-tea5767-fm-radio.html Code Repo: http://code.avrnoob.com/ti-launchpad-fm-radio Similar to @@juani_c project: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2359-fm-radi
  24. Hello community members.. I am trying to interface MMA7455 digital accelerometer with my Tiva C launchpad..I am using this code for interfacing. I have tested code provided in that link on my arduino uno and its working perfectly fine and give accurate value. Now, I have used same code in Energia and connected MMA7455 at I2C module-3 which is default module in Tiva C launchpad. My problem is the acceleration values in particular direction I am getting is some random garbage value. This is my first time encounter with Energia. Please help me to resolve my problem. I have connected two
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