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  1. greetings, my wireless sensor project using the CC3200(mod) is coming up great and progressing fast. As I'm porting some code from my previous platform (pic + CC3000), I'm having trouble with the usual suspect printf. on the one hand, I've used simplified variants of printf in some arduino programs but I would definitely have the use of the full versatility of the stock printf as I'm far from the code size limit. In my previous platform / compiler, I just needed to provide the low level function that maps the output of printf to the UART, like putc or putchar. I've also read a
  2. I want to update the code for my MSP430F5529 but want an easy way to re-flash the old code if I mess something up. Does Energia (or some other utility) provide a way to download and save the ROM contents, and restore them from an image file?
  3. Hi! Just a few questions: What is the default reference voltage for the analogRead() function on a msp430 g2553 ? Is it the internal Vcc ? How can I read the exact reference voltage correctly? Is there an option to change the reference voltage? Thanks in advance! kind regards, s1ck
  4. greetings, second post, first question :-) I'm designing a small breakout based on a CC3200mod, it's working ok so far (sending UDP, webserver is next). I'm very new to the CC3200, I'm wondering if there's a way to easily store / save and retrieve data using for instance the serial flash. From what I understand by looking at the latest version of uniflash, there are now additional /sys files but I don't fully understand how to access them and if it's possible within energia. If not, is there a piece of API that I can include in my energia code to access a file or store data ? it'
  5. It appears that tone() and noTone() were left out in the port of Energia to MSP432. C:\Users\schen\AppData\Local\Temp\build4827627254845353855.tmp/W18_PWM_buzzer.ino:16: undefined reference to `tone(unsigned char, unsigned int)' C:\Users\schen\AppData\Local\Temp\build4827627254845353855.tmp/W18_PWM_buzzer.ino:19: undefined reference to `noTone(unsigned char)' collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
  6. I am using Energia 0015 with MSP432 LaunchPad. There are some missing functions in the library. I patched a few of them in the application code to get it to work. I would like to move the patches to the library. Unlike the Energia library for MSP430 or Tiva, the library does not get rebuild every time I hit verify or upload (which is a good thing). But I don't know how the library gets rebuild. Could someone explain it? Much appreciated.
  7. I have a sinusoidal wave of 50Hz, this is the code that I used to read adc. for(i = 0;i<20;i++)//chosen 20 values { ADCValue = analogRead(analogInPin); delay(20); sample[i] = ADCValue;} the results were correct with sine wave display at correct value, however, the signal is at 50Hz, hence this delay(20) is at the time period of each cycle of this waveform, Why am I getting the correct adc results rather than a constant value of each time it reads at the same point? Please can someone answer, thank you so much!
  8. I was wondering if anybody used mDNS function in energia for CC3200? If yes, could you please provide a simple example. Thanks
  9. Hello all, Today I am going to share a library of mine that I just developed it recently. For any inputs/ideas/thoughts/bug reports, I am very welcome . I might also update my library whenever there is any request. Hardware needed: 1. Stellarpad 2. MAX7219 / MAX7221 system with 8x8 led. This library interfaces with Maxim integrated MAX7219 whose interface is also compatible with MAX7221. I ve also included two examples. The first one is just to put random pattern on the 8x8 led. The second one is to cycle through all characters that I also included in font.h I hope this contribution i
  10. Hi All, A few days ago we release a new version of the free Visual Micro plugin for Energia 0014 and Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition. Currently build and upload appears to work identically to the Energia Ide but it would be useful for others to test. One windows users report the upload not working which we guess is related to the start path that Visual Micro uses when running the upload command. It would be really useful for a few others to test especially with the cc3200. http://www.visualmicro.com/ Here is a screen-shot from earlier Energia releases in Visual Stu
  11. Temboo (I work there!) has just released a powerful new addition to our Internet of Things programming platform, enabling you to build production-ready IoT applications with your MSP430 in minutes. Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions. https://temboo.com/conditions
  12. Hi, I am just getting started with CC3200 and Energia for my very first project. I wanted to know if it's possible to use pinmux to configure pins of the cc3200 on Energia? if yes/no, what is the procedure/alternative?
  13. I just got the msp430G2 launchpad with the MSP430G2553 mcu. For stepper motor driver im using the boost-drv8711 boosterpack. I was able to get it running with the tutorial that it came with. However i cant run it with Energia. It might be because of the enable bit (0x0) but i dont know how to set it 1 on energia. Do any of you have any experiance of this setup ? The motor im running is bipolar sanyo denki 103h5208-5240. My code so far is like this (i used the arduino example, board pin layouts in attachment): #include <Stepper.h> const int stepsPerRevolution = 200; // change this
  14. Energia's installation instructions for Mac specify a USB FTDI driver that apparently hasn't been updated since OS 10.7. Has anyone verified that it works on Mavericks and/or Yosemite? I believe that Yosemite in particular now requires "kext signing" of drivers, which has apparently caused a lot of problems for third-party software.
  15. I want to use ADC and Timer interrupts in Energia. For this i have to modify ISR Table. Energia has ISR table in Startup_gcc.c file. So how to modify this file to access interrupts of ADC and Timers. Or is there any Library to access Interrupts directly. Board:- TIVA C (TM4C123G)
  16. Can i use Energia Libraries in Keil uVision5. I want to use 430Boosterpack with TM4C123G Launchpad. Energia has built in libraries for 430Boosterpack & SPI. Can i use these libraries with Keil?????
  17. I want to use Tiva C with 430boosterpack. I tried some sample example codes available in Energia. and its working good. Energia has built in libraries for 430Boosterpack and SPI. But I am using Keil for my project programming. Can i use these libraries with Keil????? I tried to make project file in Keil with these libraries and copied .h and .c file in project folder. But there are some errors like "'Unknown identifier type 'class'".
  18. Model of LaunchPad used and rev. #: MSP430F5529 Rev.1 Launchpad Evaluation Kit, Bundled with the CC3100EMUBOOST and CC3100BOOST Model of MCU: MSP430F5529 Model of BoosterPack/Sensor used: SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100BOOST, with Analog Devices ADXL001-70BEZ (Personally designed SMD eval. board) Link to the sensor datasheet: ADXL001 Rev.A Datasheet Name and version of the IDE used: Energia 14 (0101E0014) OS the IDE is running on: Windows 8.1 64 bit Whenever possible, minimal code to replicate the issue: Will post after I can pinpoint what I'm trying to ask. Hello all! Okay, so I guess I'l
  19. Hi I've joined the forum to post a bug (I believe) in a tutorial on the Energia website. Specifically, the blink without delay tutorial. The following line of code is used to determine whether to toggle the state of the LED: if(currentMillis - previousMillis > interval) The documentation for the millis method states: As far as I can tell, this means that after approximately 50 days the example given will cease to blink and remain in the last state set. Before someone shoots me down saying that it's just an example and not intended to run for longer, please bear in mind that
  20. I bought C2000 a 1 week ago. I started working today, have been working from last 6 hours. Problem is when ever I flash the program into the C2000 it gets uploaded but whenever I press reset button then program gets lost. All this is happening in Energia IDE. Correct me if I am doing something wrong. Reply asap Thank You
  21. Hi, I am thinking of a low power project using the f5529lp and the cc3100bp in energia. The f5529lp will continuously collect sensor data and store it in memory. The cc3100bp will be configured to start in AP mode and serve a simple page showing the data collected. I want to be able to put the cc3100bp into hibernate mode using a switch and wake it up using the same switch. This will allow the project to save power if the wifi is not needed. I know there is the nhib pin which puts the cc3100bp in hibernate when driven low and wakes it up if high. I was wondering if somebody had a simil
  22. Hello, I managed to port the MPU9150Lib at https://github.com/r...tech/MPU9150Lib to Energia. I had to make few changes in defines in dmp code, and the provided CalLib, and now it compiles for MSP430G2553, MSP430F5xx, Stellaris Launchpad, and the Tiva-C series (TM4C123) launchpad. CalLib writes to either flash or eeprom depending on architecture. It has failed for MSP430G2553, due to code size. It compiles for MSP430F5xx although I dont have a board yet to test. I have not tested the stellaris launchpad but I suspect it works, it does WORK on the Tiva-C series launchpad.
  23. I want to use energia to program ti msp430 f5510 but i can't find the board on select board tool of energia,is there any library or add on which i can use to conifugre my board.Also i am having problems with energia on windows 8.1 like when i hower on tools bar it hangs,should i install windows 7 or is there any fix to it. Any help will be much appreciated.
  24. Hi every one, I am interested in programming my MSP430F5338 with energia. Can anyone please guide. Energia IDE only shows boards and none of those boards have this particular MCU. Thanks
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