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  1. Hi, I want to build a code for two TIVA lauchpads so as to form a redundant pair. If Launchpad 1 fails, then the logic should shift to Launchpad 2 where both launchpads have the same logic. How do I go about it? Any insights would be helpful.
  2. Energia in it's current implementation takes advantage of low power in some places but we can improve on this quite a bit. To make sure that the implementation of low power modes is inline with what you expect, I want to ask you: "How would you like to see low power work" I have some ideas but do not want to bias anybody by listing them. Anything goes! Thanks! Robert
  3. Last year my daughter (she was almost 7 back then) got interesting in soldering. So I let het solder stuff together, no function whatsoever. It did not last long, until she wanted to solder something that "does something". So I took the challenge and designed this christmas tree. - FR2 board, copper artwork by me, other side by my daughter. (cheap FR2 is better for using felt tip pens.. almost like paper) - G2553, all 16pins to simple LEDs, various colours - simple discrete regulator (another led+ transistor) for more or less 3V - powered by USB - mostly through-hole (soldered by
  4. Hello I have installed energia 16, i tried to run the example code with my launchpad msp432..but i get a error which says..the serial port does not exist or your board is not connected ..can anyone come up with a solution..
  5. where can i download energia16?
  6. I am using the Modbus RTU library for Arduino for TIVA TM4c1294ncpdt. Slave(Modbus_Slave Software on PC) is responding to master request but master somekind does not proccess informations that he gets. So I can not regulate LED on master side over potentiometer on slave side. Also master stops sending request to slave after 10 requests sended to slave (when retry_count is set to 5). Problem is: 1) master send request to slave, 2) slave gets request 3) slave process request, 4) slave returns answer to master 5) master gets answer 6) master do not process slave answer After 5 reques
  7. Hi everyone. I was looking through the Energia library (cores/msp430/twi.c) today trying to debug an issue I have been seeing, and noticed the following code: /* Work around for: * If the master does a read and then a write the START interrupt occurs * but the RX interrupt never fires. Clearing bit 4 and 5 of UCBxCTLW0 solves this. * bit 4 and 5 are however marked as reserved in the datasheet. */ UCBxCTLW0 &= ~0x18; Does anyone happen to know why this is? I have searched high and low for a reference on TI's forums and in their documentation to no avail. Thanks for the help!
  8. Hi Guys; Recently time, I am using energia to programming microcontrollers. Especially, G2553 and TivaC. But I have some tackles when I change the launchpad which is C2000 F28027. I read all messages in this forum. I cannot manage with problem. First of all : I remove 0101E0016 version, because it has a cpp code problem for C2000. Secondly: I can compile with 0101E0014 version. But no Upload. Always same fault " JAVA Problem." All stiationm can be show the below images.
  9. Please, How to use the ADC Sample Averaging Control (ADCSAC) of TIVA C EK-TM4C123GXL with Energia? I need to increase the amount of reading by sampling. Thanks
  10. Hii I have a msp432 launchpad , i have installed energia and tried to run the example codes but i see the following message and cant run the examples.. the selected serial port does not exist or your board is not connected. I also have attached a screenshot can anyone help ??
  11. This is a simple Energia library for the Texas Instrument TLC5615 Digital to Analog Converter, a 10 bit ADC. The TLC5615 library is located here. I recently took an online course based on the FR6989 and the C language that used this chip and thought I would implement in Energia. Here is a screenshot from my oscilloscope of the Energia version generating a sawtooth wave.
  12. Hi fellow developers! I need some help!! (of course or I wouldnt be here...) I'm testing my MSP430FR4133 launchpad... And I need a RealTime Clock interruption of a second, exactly. I tried to use OneMsTaskTimer, which works, but after 32min it gets a delay of 3.5sec. So I concluded that it does not use RTC. I could not find a library that would work on FR4133. And still didnt workout a way of implementing RTC my self. Have you guys done anything yet? Thanks!! Regards!
  13. As an alternative to SmartConfig I want to use the inbuilt web server to allow the user to enter his/her network details I also want to be able to allow a push button type WPS function There are TI examples provisioning_ap and provisioning_wps, essentially, I want to port these to Energia starting with the AP my simplistic attempts have not yielded any results. I flashed the provisioning_ap example to my launchpad and also to a custom board and it worked as advertised. I then flashed my Energia sketch expecting it to trigger the callback. I can log into the Energia AP a
  14. I'm getting very frustrated with this CC3200MOD, and the CC3200 in general. First it started with the A0 analog channel always reading 4096 but now on to some GPIO problems. This should be fairly straight forward but apparently they make everything difficult, so I don't know what to say. I have made a custom PCB for using the CC3200MOD. Its supposed to read the 4 ADCs, 3 for accelerometer, which is working great, 1 for an analog microphone, which isn't working at all, but I've given up on it and going to just mux with one of the 3 working ones. Now I have 3 LEDs on the board for general LE
  15. Just came across this very well documented project (not mine): http://blog.kemushicomputer.com/search/label/MSP430 ( translate) https://github.com/kentN/CAL430FR It's a wrist watch featuring Energia (incl. custom pin map), MSP430FR5949, Sharp Memory LCD and an accelerometer. KentN, if you're reading this: great job!
  16. Hi, Is there a library available for Exosite and TIVA launchpad in Energia, similar to the qs_iot sample used in CCS IDE? Thanks, TVG
  17. For those that don't follow the 43oh Blog: @@Fmilburn published a great write-up about how to use EnergyTrace to measure and improve power consumption and battery life of an Energia sketch. The article includes a nice demonstration of the effectiveness of sleep() vs. delay(). http://43oh.com/2015/09/how-to-measure-an-energia-applications-power-usage-with-energytrace/ He also shows how an EnergyTrace compatible LaunchPad (e.g. FR5969) can be used to measure power consumption of an older LaunchPad (e.g. G2553). This probably works for standalone projects as well.
  18. Hi All, I have a problem with the watchdog timer reset. I am using Energia with a CC3200 on a custom board but the same issue occurs with a Launchpad. I have cut down the code to demonstrate the problem it is part of a much larger project which has a process control element and needs a watchdog timer. I have cobbled the demo together from all over the place so there are many different coding styles (smells) used - sorry It is spread over 2 tabs The full project has 30. From my reading, the reset functions are unreliable so TI suggests, test if the system has recovered fro
  19. Hello, There used to be a document on this forum, or stellaristi forum, like general guidelines for porting from arduino to energia. It had explained all the caveats and includes you have to do and change, and was a nice document. Unfortunately, i can not find it anymore. and it seems that stellaristi has been shut down. Anyone remembers where I can find this document? I googled for a while, but failed. Any ideas/help/recomendations greatly appreciated, Best,
  20. Hey guys! I'm having some fun with my MSP430 and started to play with the Energia IDE so I can make some tests faster than by the standard library of the microcontroller. But I've searched on the reference and saw that the only function to use with PWM is analogWrite()... How could I change the frequency of the PWM instead of only its Duty cycle? Thank you guys!
  21. Hello All, The library @ https://github.com/rodan/ds3231seems to be working for msp430f5529 - I had to make little chances to the code: if (Serial.available() > 0) { in = Serial.read(); if ((in == 10 || in == 13) && (recv_size > 0)) { parse_cmd(recv, recv_size); recv_size = 0; recv[0] = 0; I had to change the in == 10 || in == 13 part with in == '#', the reason being is energia serial console seems to not send the linefeed properly. so instead of enter, I press #. There is also the library @ https://github.com/JChristensen/DS
  22. Some time back I ordered an INA125P Instrumentation Amplifier in order to fool around with a cheap, broken "postal" scale that I had. It arrived and I promptly put it away and forgot it about it. So the other day I was digging through my junk box, saw the scale, and decided to tear it apart. Since it is getting near Halloween, and I knew my grandchildren would be interested, I wrote a little sketch in Energia to estimate the amount of candy in a bowl. Here is a schematic of the circuit. It "works" but given my skills it may not be best. This being a MSP430 project I hooked up the
  23. Hi all Here's a quick project tutorial that I posted up on hackster.io --> https://www.hackster.io/adrianf/internet-button-ti-launchpad-ifttt-463300 It's a simple "internet-connected button" that triggers an event on IFTTT (If this, then that)'s Maker Channel. They offer a simple RESTful API that we can POST to using an internet-connected LaunchPad. In this tutorial, I used the MSP432 LaunchPad + CC3100 WiFi BoosterPack, but any internet-connected LaunchPad would work just fine! In this tutorial, I am simply triggering a push notification to my phone, however this tutorial can b
  24. Hi, I'm using a launchpad and I want to convert a string value (weight) to a float or double value, have tried atof, but it doens't work. Do you know a way to achive this cast? I have also tried float() or double(), like this: String str="002.845"; float weight= float(str); or char str[7]="002.845"; double weight= atof(str);
  25. Howdy All!, I just un-boxed a Education PB MK II, the back light jumper works fine, all the serial examples compile OK on my Tiva-C 123GXL, I'm seeing the debug messages at 9600 baud perfectly. The screen is just gray, so no sign of activity on any of the LCD Energia examples I tried. Before I RMA it back to TI, anyone have an idea what might be wrong? Thanks, R.
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