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  1. Hi, I am working on a wireless touch controller for 433Mhz dimmer modules. The idea is simple. When a touch button is touched a 433Mhz command is send to a wireless dimmer module. A single or double tap switches the module on or off, holding it will cycle it from dim-bright-dim until the button is released. For this I am using the CapTouch library posted in library section of this forum. I have create a class for this to enable me to quickly add more sensors. However when I initialise more than one class the code doesn't work anymore. And I can't figure out why. The
  2. We got a bit busy over the last couple months and did not spend as much time as we would have liked to on IRC #energia on freenode. I have re-registered the #energia channel and we are open to chat about all things Energia again. Robert
  3. Hi guys! The last week I bought an CC110L RF BoosterPack and I try to program my MSP430g2553 with the booster pack in Energia 0101E0010. When I write the instruction Radio.begin() in my sketch and Upload this in the MSP430, the program freezes and all the instructions that I write after of Radio.begin() don
  4. Energia brings the ease of use of Arduino to the MSP430 and the Stellaris / Tiva. Actually, under one single name, Energia packs different elements: a bundle with IDE, libraries and tools-chains (MSP430 and LM4F) for an easy installation a more than basic IDE based on Processing a framework based on Wiring initially and modified by Arduino I'm presently using the Energia libraries, framework and MSP430 and LM4F tools-chains with Xcode, thank to the embedXcode template I've developed. However, the main critical missing feature is debugging. How to use the Energia framework on Eclip
  5. Hello I'm not sure where to post, so I do it here, please feel free to give me the correct topic to go to, Sorry !-) I am new to MSP-EXP430F5529LP and Energia. I tried to install Energia 0101E0010 following the getting started webpage (http://www.energia.nu/Guide_MacOSX.html). Everything looks correct but Serial Port is grey, no ways to get it... So, I tried to install 0101E0009. Here, Serial ports are looking correct (although I have 2 potential candidate ports that I have seen nowhere in the topics on this forum: /dev/cu.Z530i-SerialPort-1 or /dev/cu.Z530i-Dial-upNetworking-2
  6. Once I have a working sketch, how can I make a ROM image file of it for distribution to others? How do other people upload it to their LaunchPads? I'm using the MSP430F5529.
  7. I got to Square One with my new MSP430F5529 LaunchPad, successfully running the LED blink program. Square Two, not so much. Trying to run the Adafruit demo for their BMP085 breakout board (barometric pressure sensor), I get this compiler error: Documents\Energia\libraries\AdafruitBMP085Library\Adafruit_BMP085.cpp:18:24: fatal error: util/delay.h: No such file or directory The offending line appears to be this: #include <util/delay.h> I note that the LED blinker uses the delay() function but does not have an #include like this. I sure wish there was a document so
  8. Hi guys, I have a collection of MSP430 samples I amassed within two years and most of them have the Spy-Bi-Wire interface for debugging. The fact that when I choose my board and the target device is limited to a few as shown via the Energia window such as below: Does it mean I cannot program other msp430s other than the ones listed above? Thanks guys. Vizier87.
  9. Just getting started with Energia. My computer of preference is a Mac so I would like to use Energia or embedXCode if possible. I want to access things like timer interrupts and quadrature encoders so I need more than appears available using vanilla Energia. Is it possible to access the entire Tivaware peripheral driver library using either Energia or embedXCode or do I need to use CCS?
  10. Hi friends, I am a newbie here and This is my first post so, if you find anything wrong in the post kindly correct me. Ok i ll come to the issue that i m facing. I m trying to create a LED cube patterns using MSP430 and IDE Energia. When i was creating the same using ARDUINO i used include <avr/pgmspace.h> to allow the program to store patterns in a flash, I would like to know what is the library file in energia to do the same. Thanks in advance. with regards, shankar
  11. Based on original Arduino Mirf library with some modifications on hardware spi. Works well with other devices on the same spi bus eg 5110 lcd New version 0.4 [28.04.2013]: 1. For clarity *.ino files I decided to move SPI initialize to library. from now declaration of parameters should look like this: Nrf24l Mirf(CSN_PIN(def.PA_7), CE_PIN(def.PA_6), CHANNEL(def.1), PAYLOAD(def.16), SPI_MODULE(def.2)); eg.: - Nrf24l Mirf(PA_7, PA_6, 1, 16); //DEFAULT SPI module 2 - Nrf24l Mirf(PA_7, PA_6, 1, 16, 3); //SPI module 3 SPI speed is defined in Mirf.cpp file (line 66), maybe more sense is
  12. Hello everybody. Thanks for all your hard work on Energia. I'm using a Tiva LaunchPad TM4C123G board, OS X 10.7.5, Energia 0101E0010. I can compile and run the examples (Blink, etc), however this code does not compile: void setup() { P1DIR = 0x40; } void loop() { } The error is: BareMinimum.ino: In function 'void setup()': BareMinimum.ino:2:3: error: 'P1DIR' was not declared in this scope Can anyone tell me why this won't compile? On Arduino, I'm used to manipulating pins with bitmasks (for performance reasons) and I'd like to do the same with these boards. Thanks!
  13. Hi everybody, I have ordered some lm75a sensors from eBay and after careful SMD soldering on a SOIC to DIP converter, I am trying to get these sensors to work with the Launchpad and Energia. Somehow this is more difficult than expected (especially after connecting a RTC chip and a light sensor with ease). Has anyone tried to get these sensors to work with the Launchpad? What kind of pullups are needed? Does anyone have example code? And finally I tried this on the new release of Energia, has anything changed with the I2C code? Kind regards, Eelco Rouw
  14. Hi all ! On another thread (cheat sheet thread), I have explain I use launchpad for driving a SI570. some of you have need I share my work. it's ok... ;-) look attachment file. For understand my work, i preconise to read the datasheet. The SI570 have 2 mode for change frequency, i use the "long" mode. I recalc all parameters in every change frequency. But i simplify the calcul by the systematic use of initial frequency in place of read all registers for determinize actual ferquency to recalc new freq. (I think attiny/softrock already uses this trick.) but, I have 2 problems (in Fxtal
  15. Please find the latest releases of Energia: energia-0101E0009-macosx.dmg - Mac OS X: Binary release version 0101E0009 (12/06/2012) energia-0101E0009-windows.zip - Windows: Binary release version 0101E0009 (12/06/2012) energia-0101E0009-linux.tgz - Linux: Binary release version 0101E0009 (12/06/2012)· Other links of interest: http://github.com/energia/Energia/wiki'>http://github.com/energia/Energia/wiki – Wiki http://github.com/energia/Energia/downloads'>http://github.com/en...ergia/downloads – Downloads http://github.com/energia/Energia'>http://github.com/energia/Energia
  16. Hello, This is my first post. I'm familiar with Arduino and I wanted to try the MSP430 with Energia. So I bought myself an MSP-EXP430F5529LP. Problem is it is not supported out of the box with Energia in the boards.txt file. So I made an addition to the boards.txt file: ############################################################## lpmsp430f5529.name=LaunchPad w/ msp430f5529 lpmsp430f5529.upload.protocol=rf2500 lpmsp430f5529.upload.maximum_size=16384 lpmsp430f5529.build.mcu=msp430f5529 lpmsp430f5529.build.f_cpu=16000000L lpmsp430f5529.build.core=msp430 lpmsp430f5529.build.varia
  17. Hi all, For the past few months I have been using Energia, it is a pleasure to use and it has replaced CCS as my primary development tool for the launchpad (especially because it allows me to switch between the efficient MSP430 and the powerful Stellaris Launchpad. I am planning to create some new libraries for my personal "wireless sensor nodes on the cheap" project. However, I have lost track of all the bugfixes that have been proposed for I2C, SPI (and probably I have been missing several other useful corrections as well) and the last Energia binary is quite old. I am not too co
  18. Hello all! I've been on a sort of coding binge lately... and so a new library has been born! This one will come with basically no manual and no explanation, other than: It lets you schedule things to happen at specific times. It is timer interrupt-driven. It works with the StellarPad. It requires that you make some modifications to startup_gcc.c and (at least, in my case) to Energia.h, main.c, and lm4fcpp.ld. All the files are attached below. Be warned that this is an early prototype, and that though it works (as far as I can tell) now, it will probably undergo some pretty
  19. Hi everybody, As a part of my long term project building wireless sensor nodes, I have been looking for a nice RTC chip. First I was drawn to the DS1307, but this part is 5V and only a clock without alarm functions. Googling to the internet I've found the PCF8563. This part is a "drop in" replacement for the DS1307, but offers a lower supply voltage (3.3V) and includes alarm functions. The chips can be sourced quite cheap from the internet and work like a charm with both 6pf and 12pf 32768kHz crystals. A nice tutorial how to connect these things can be found using the following link: h
  20. After many hours of working on displays,buttons, menu systems and so on, here is my result work. (The clock somehow lags significantly up to 5 minutes in about 6 hours) But i haven't try the new RTC library yet. Maybe that fixes this issue. I have to fix that and also i will make the PCB and external voltage supply for the launchpad etc. The system works as i want for now. I can set the clock (standalone), set the alarm time, set the light modes (i made three modes: light fades in 10 minutes earlier gradually, 20 minutes and 30 minutes earlier) buzzer works if you set it at just at the alarm
  21. Hi all, I am having some trouble getting interrupts up and running on the energia, i have a couple of questions. 1 ) I have not been able to find a list of pins on the G2553 that are compatible with interrupts. 2) I am using the following code, with a tactile button (pulled up to VCC with a 10k and then pressing it connects it to ground) and it only seems to work with the option "FALLING" in the interrupt declaration "CHANGE" does not work. Any suggestions on what might be going wrong ? void setup() { attachInterrupt(P2_0,blinky,FALLING); Serial.begin(9600); } void loop(
  22. Has there been anymore work done on adding support for the 2955 and 2744 to Energia? or did the issues with programming them put an end to development? Are there any plans to add Energia support for the Hercules launchpads just released? L293D
  23. Please find the latest releases of Energia: energia-0101E0009-macosx.dmg - Mac OS X: Binary release version 0101E0009 (12/06/2012) energia-0101E0009-windows.zip - Windows: Binary release version 0101E0009 (12/06/2012) energia-0101E0009-linux.tgz - Linux: Binary release version 0101E0009 (12/06/2012) Other links of interest: http://github.com/energia/Energia/wiki'>http://github.com/energia/Energia/wiki
  24. Hello, i am having problems with math library using energia. I always keep getting thi s error. I dont know whats wrong. Error : http://pastie.org/8127090 Here you can read the source : http://pastie.org/8127093#871-872 I highlighted the lines which are makeing troubles. Its lines 871 and 872, by commenting them you can avoid getting this error. float accel_angle_y = atan(-1*accel_x/sqrt(pow(accel_y,2) + pow(accel_z,2)))*RADIANS_TO_DEGREES; float accel_angle_x = atan(accel_y/sqrt(pow(accel_x,2) + pow(accel_z,2)))*RADIANS_TO_DEGREES;
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