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  1. Hi All, I found another one (after the first, prepared by Rei Vilo) interesting library for TI INA219 IC by Jarzebski This library working on stellaris without any modyfication. links: TI page about INA219 Rei Vilo library at 43oh and Embedded Computing Jarzebski github - other interesting stuff for GY80 (L3G4200D, HMC5883L, BMP085, ADXL345) Jarzebski blog (PL)
  2. Hi, I am doing the standard Serial.begin(300); // This is what this has come down to ... Serial.println("Hello!"); Works swimmingly under Energia, can't get it to work under ccs v6b Beta. Wonder why? Tried Putty, tried Terminal built into ccs, even tried Energia's serial monitor. Tried different baud rates, different stop bit/parity, all other parameters (well, not combinations obviously). Why does not it work? (Other than this being a Beta) I only need serial for debug, so.. what are other alternatives that would help me debug this? Can I read/write to console? I suppos
  3. Hi, I am just learning to use TM4C123G launchpad with energia. I wanted to use one of my old codes (which used MSP430G2553) on it. The only problem is that the compiler doesnt allow me to use analogReference. The datasheet of the controller doesnt mention any internal voltage reference. Will it be fine if i generate required VREFP on any other GPIO via analogWrite and then connect it with VREFP pin externally? Help!
  4. Hey All, I've ported the RemoteSwitch library to Energia, For now i've only teste the receiving part, which works. I've used the MSP430G2452 in accordens with the CZS-3 SAW receiver, all works on 432.93mzh Or 433. It it can be used to controll Action, Blokker and Klik-aan-Klik uit devices like power sockets, and receive the remote control presses. So far the sending part and the optional RemoteSensor I haven't touched (yet). the code is hosted on Github: https://github.com/vinietje/RemoteSwitchEnergiaPort Please note that i've written/run this code using a current git-chec
  5. I am happy to announce that release 0101E0012 just went up on energia.nu. I want to thank everybody for their support and contributions. Energia would not have been possible without such an awesome community! Details of the release can be found on http://energia.nu
  6. I am happy to announce that release 0101E0011 just went up on energia.nu. I want to thank everybody for their support and contributions. Energia would not have been possible without such an awesome community! The highlights are: Lots of bug fixes Major update to the CC3000 WiFi BoosterPackLibrary for the MSP430F5529 and TivaC/Stellaris LaunchPad Updated ARM tools to gcc-arm-embedded Initial C2000 support (thanks to Trey German for all his hard work on getting Energia ported to the C2000) CCSv6 Energia Sketch import Support for MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad Support for MSP-EXP430F5529LP LaunchPa
  7. I'm new on energia, and just trying to use interrupt with an external stimulus. I'm using PIR sensor on P1_4 to fire the interrupt flag and light the red led on launchpad but my code doesn't work; //PIR input on port P1_4 volatile int state = LOW; void setup() { pinMode(P1_4, INPUT); pinMode(RED_LED, OUTPUT); attachInterrupt(P1_4, A, RISING); } void loop() { digitalWrite(RED_LED, state); } void A(){ state = !state; } Also, I want to add LPM on this code but I'm not sure where to add it. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello all! I've got three new libraries to share with you! They are: An Arduino "Servo" library clone (StellarPad): Duplicates all of the functionality of the Arduino "Servo" library. Fully compatible with all existing sketches that use the Arduino "Servo" library. Based upon the Eigendreams servo library posted here a while back. Supports 8 servos as-is. Can be modified to do a heck of a lot more, but that is up to you to incorporate (at least for now -- update to come soon). An ultrasonic rangefinder library (StellarPad, easily modifiable to work with other Energia device
  9. Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, but the results from searches didn't explain the reason not working on my device and code.. Basically trying to do a very simple debounce in an interrupt for an Energia code sketch that paint a 1602 LCD: const int buttonPin = PUSH1; // the number of the pushbutton pin int buttonState; // the current reading from the input pin volatile int lastButtonState = LOW; // the previous reading from the input pin volatile long lastDebounceTime = 0; // the last time the output pin was toggled volatile long debounceDelay = 500;
  10. Hi All, I am looking for advice on converting a CCS project into Energia, preferably making a library. I did not created the CCS project, it is actually a demo project downloadable from TI for a booster pack called TMP006. The link is http://software-dl.ti.com/msp430/msp430_public_sw/mcu/msp430/boosterpack/TMP006/latest/index_FDS.html?DCMP=msp430&HQS=tmp006boosterpack The zip package included a CCS project with some C and header files. Where should I start? Any advise or links to understand Energia library will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all, I am new to MSP430 (and basically, topics on this forum) and I will probably ask some stupid questions, but I have to ask them anyway I just got myself a Launchpad, and I want to run this project http://nostarch.s3.amazonaws.com/arduino_project6.pdf using Energia. My questions are: 1) If I copy the Arduino code, change the connected pins in the code from D2,D4 and D6 to 6,7 and 8 base on this reference (P1.4, P1.5, P2.0) http://energia.nu/img/LaunchPadMSP430G2553-V1.5.jpg and connect it, will it work? 2) Do I have to use 3 x 560 Ohm & 1 x 2,2k Ohm resistors, as shown od
  12. Hi I am Anbu. New to MSP430. I have to a build a bot which is to be controlled using wrist movement. I'm using Accelerometer ADXL335 for that. I have to transmit the ADXL335 output from one msp430 to another msp430 which is on the bot. I'm having Anaren RF booster pack CC110L. How to transmit the data via the booster pack. please help me thanks
  13. I tried searching for likely topics, admins feel free to move it to a more suitable Topic Hello, I hope someone can tell me how to get out of this situation: Windows 7 Energia 0101E0011 MSP430G2553 YES I have the drivers installed! Lately I've been seeing this more and more I'm flailing away trying to upload my sketch. (Used to work okay) I make some changes (often), yes it compiles ok but hangs on upload I use Control-M to upload and open serial monitor (my preferred method but none seem to work now) The progress is displayed below the actual sketch in Ener
  14. Hi! I have already worked with Arduino wuite a lot and I want to use the MSP430 now. Therefor I ordered the MSP-EXP430F5529LP. I have a question regarding the support from Arduino's libraries: I want to drive a DOGS display with the u8glib-Library (maybe some of you know it). Is there any possibility to use this Library with Energia? Copy and Paste into the Library Folder from Energia isn't enough, right? Thanks in advance!! Greets, Max
  15. Hi Guys, I am new to MSP430 micro-controller. i have interfaced MTK3329 GPS module to my MSP430g2553 launchpad. i am trying to parse the data string i am receiving at hardware serial pin1_1 and pin1_2. here is my code:i am unable to read complete string . here is what i am getting at serial monitor here is the complete format of GPGLL sentence i am trying to read and store-"$GPGLL,1111.1111,a,yyyy.yyyy,a,hhmmss.ss,A,A*hh" Thanks. <code> char gps[20]; char first; int i; void setup() { // initialize serial: Serial.begin(9600); Serial.write("$PMTK314,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
  16. Hi, I created a cheat-sheet for Launchpad, based on http://www.cheat-sheets.org/#Arduino'>
  17. Hi guys! I'm trying to use energia for a simple TX/RX with cc1101 and launchpad + msp430g2452, but i don't know how to use spi to comunicate cc1101 with msp430 in energia interface... can sombody help me? I'am using: Energia 0101E0011 windows 7 (64 bits)
  18. I am new to launchpad and I've been trying to use the booster pack CC110L with no results. I am using the follwing: LaunchPad MSP430G2 (1.5) MSP430G2553 Anaren CC110L BoosterPack Energia 11 Windows 7 64-bit I am trying to run the example WirelessControl but i keep getting a huge error wihich at the end says: \energia0101E0011windows\energia0101E0011\hardware\msp430\libraries\AIR430BoostEuropeETSI\utility\Platform.cpp:114:28: error: 'SPIMISO_SET_MODE' was not declared in this scope Any ideas of what the problem could be??
  19. Hey guys. I recently got a Launch pad -- MSP430G2 board ( Rev B ) [only the board and the USB cable from a friend]. I downloaded Energia for my Mac running OS X 10.9. [maverics]. Though the Power LED lights up, the board is not recognised by the IDE. I don't know if the problem is with the board, the cable or the IDE. Though the board was detected for a short period of time and I was able to just uplaod the Blink sketch into it. Now when I connect to a USB power or my MAC, led1 just keeps blinking. I am unable to program it. I hope you guys can help me spot the problem so that I ca
  20. How to change the output frequency of the analogWrite() function in Energia??
  21. hi guys, I tried to program msp430fr5739 ,but serial monitor shows nothing when digitalWrite is included in program When digitalWrite is removed rest of the program works correctly... can anyone help me with this...........I have attached my program below void setup() { pinMode(P2_0, OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); analogReference(DEFAULT); } void loop() { int sensor=analogRead(A0); float tempvoltage = sensor*(3.6/1023.0); float temperature = sensor*(100.0/1023.0);//min.value=0 max.value=100 if (sensor >= 987) { temphigh(); delay(100); } else {
  22. All, I have heard that there is a problem with the ARM libraries use in Energia. However searching I did not find details or fixes. Well, I just ran across the problem while trying to build my weather station. Since I do projects for many different processors. I use a batch file to do the actual build from my IDE (SlickEdit) rather than use the Energia or ARDUINO or TI IDE. I thought I got everything. Included below is my output. The problem is that I can't link to pos(float,float) as is is not found. If I build for AVR (Arduino) I can do it. My base is Energia-0101E0009
  23. Hellow! First, sorry for my english. Second, I have one question. Can I set the baudrate in my MSP430G2553 more than 9600? In Arduino I can write the command "Serial.begin(115200)", but in Energia it doesn't work Can you tell me what I do wrong? Thanks!
  24. already posted this on the Stellaristi forum but this also works on MSP430 devices. Just change BLUE_LED to RED_LED in the examplle sketches. +-+- Hi All, Wanted to share a library I've created to broadcast x10 messages using a cheap 433Mhz OOK device. There are a lot of (Arduino based) libraries dealing with X10. I couldn't find any RF libraries that works without a 'firecracker' (CMA17) device so I've created one. I am not a coder and this is my first Energia library ever so use at your own risk. The library can emulate x10 switches and x10 security devices and also RFXMeter
  25. I am currently working on a battery operated wireless doorsensor. A message is sent whenever a magnetic switch causes an interrupt. I have read some topics on this forum and changed some lines in Winterrupts file and created the following sketch: #include <x10rf.h> #define intpin1 P1_5 #define txpin P1_7 #define txvcc P1_0 #define reps 4 x10rf myx10 = x10rf(txpin,0,reps); void setup() { myx10.begin(); pinMode(intpin1,INPUT_PULLUP); pinMode(txvcc,OUTPUT); digitalWrite(intpin1, HIGH); digitalWrite(txvcc, LOW); attachInterrupt(intpin1, Wake, CHAN
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