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    salty9 reacted to Rickta59 in Energia (Arduino for msp430)   
    I came across the port of the Arduino IDE for the msp430 (it is called Energia) reading another post.
    Robert Wessels has made a great first stab at supporting the Arduino API for the launchpad boards. It already
    works on the MacOSX and Windows platforms. Edit: [i checked in the changes to git for the linux version
    [Linux isn't up to snuff yet, but I'll be helping him getting that working properly.] . It should be good to go.
    If you are running linux and have a working java, msp430-gcc and mspdebug. For a limited time you can try
    out an early snapshot by downloading this linux32 distribution.
    http://xxxxxxx It is large (~15MB) and will be changing so it will only
    available at that URL for a limited time.
    Download the tar file and unpack it. To launch, just run the energia shell script. In the Energia IDE, select the Tools menu
    pick one of the Launchpad boards. Set the Programmer to rf2500 and then pick your serial port. The picture below
    is a snapshot of the ASCIITable example found in the Communications section. The example uses the Hardware serial
    port of the msp430g2553 so make sure your TX/RX jumpers are set correctly. You can also find some msp430
    specific examples. I haven't tested all the examples so don't expect everything to work. This is a very early
    version of Energia.
    If you are a java weenie and want to checkout the source code, you can find it up on github:

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