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  1. salty9

    Best Path for Using Linux with MSP

    I was starting to feel like Moses wandering in the wilderness but I finally found http://www.naken.cc/micro/naken430asm_msp430_assembler.php which allowed me to program a mcu. The first positive step.
  2. salty9

    MSP430FR5xxx 40-Pin FET tool and target board

    Be thankful. Getting old is almost always better than the alternative. :roll:
  3. salty9

    Energia (Arduino for msp430)

    It was a quick, easy download and recognized my msp as msp430g2452 but would not open it because of security. I've been thrashing around trying resolve this issue and would appreciate any guidance.
  4. salty9

    Energia (Arduino for msp430)

    This is the most promising software I've run across so far. Haven't had a chance to do much with but on first look it appears useful.
  5. salty9

    Best Path for Using Linux with MSP

    I have been thrashing around for 2 or 3 days trying to find a download source that I could use and finally discovered that you can download and install the packages with the Mint system software installer. Given this, I estimate that it shouldn,t take more than 2 or 3 months to learn how to use it. :oops:
  6. Anyone done a build on a flash drive running a tiny Linux system? This could be stored with the Launchpad and you wouldn't get snarled in the full distro hairball.
  7. salty9

    first post - newbie seeking guidance!

    I didn't get much guidance from the instructions and manuals that come with the Launchpad. It is as confusing as a barrel of hair and a good reason to avoid further exploration.
  8. I'm moving to Linux and would like to find a good process to use MSP430.
  9. salty9

    Hello From Oregon

    Investigating the use of the MSP430 for controlling a hybrid tadpole trike.