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  1. Wonder what the wire quality is vs http://www.micro4you.com/store/jumper-wires-f/f.html or http://www.micro4you.com/store/jumper-wires-m/f.html
  2. Ordered a TiWi-SL... Will see what I can get done with it
  3. This is why I lean towards just using text and putting a web address in. Although sometimes you have room... I tried a bag of sugar on my last boards... turned out pretty good.
  4. Got mine last night, yay. I almost feel bad that I need to cut it up, it looks so nice and usable as a full strip.
  5. Can you send me the sch/brd for the board I was sent? I'm unsure of some things on the thread for it.
  6. Whats the sizes of the text? Most of the time I know my boards are limited for size and I use the smallest possible (readable/clarity) with seeeds silking... Tapatalk Mobile Device
  7. I think I'm going to copy this... Looks better than my current solution!
  8. G's aren't the only chips I use. 8-)
  9. Probably in the new version since it's all XML.
  10. ahh... so this is why I couldn't show someone a post today. Guess I'll just revert back to Dolphin...
  11. That's pretty cool... small piece of copper tubing soldered to the ends... That would be easy to make.
  12. Will order a set and see how it goes
  13. Or something like this? 5x4 on a 2.54 grid... Not too bad of a size. Could chain a few together with just one chip, or make them all chipped..
  14. eeek, I almost completely forgot about this I've been so busy lately Payment sent!!
  15. Hey cubeberg... How about this? I'm gonna make a "few" of these using some of the RGB's from RobG's GB.
  16. http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en/rf-if-and-rfid/rf-transceivers/3539948?k=TiWi-SL Seems to be the cheapest I find it... I'll order one to play with next paycheck and throw together a simple pcb... for the fun of it
  17. I'm not sure why, but here you go... SLAA465 inside SLAC525 Accompanying appnote: SLAA465
  18. You lose the GPIO of those two pins on that launchpad. But for the price of a launchpad... you can get 2, one with and one without... So... who cares? :-P
  19. I could post General Electronics stuff for Red Wrench... but I'd rather get it for what I plan on doing with those bare Launchpad boards... Muahahaha
  20. I'll take Wyoming over Cali any day. But cde is spot on... You have to look at it in relation to the whole picture... Big Media/News tends to throw out numbers and quantifiers but rarely tells the whole story.
  21. If you click the "The Red Wrench" text when viewing the Red Wrench's description, you'll get the unknown id link. It's like that for all of them, I think.
  22. I use a scroll saw and mounted a dremel cutter like a table saw blade... Both work quite well. As long as you can follow the line and control the cut, you should be OK.
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