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  1. I had thought about this a while back but haven't had a chance to start on it. I bet robg could whip it out :-) Sent from my cm_tenderloin using Xparent ICS Tapatalk 2
  2. It will add them automatically if you use the net tool, do not use the wire tool unless you are manually connecting something it doesn't ratsnest for you. Tapatalk Mobile Device
  3. I was pondering one of these with the ends cut off and have rgb leds inside...
  4. Comical, I spent 5 years living next to the Edgewood golf course, worked in Noblesville Tapatalk Mobile Device
  5. I hold my brake pedal when starting... who doesn't? Good advice.
  6. Uh... Thedirty, 120ma PER CHANNEL. Go back and read those datasheets again.
  7. TLC5926 can be chained and is almost half the price of TLC5940. But you'd need extra code... :-P TLC5940 is rather simple to work with... I'd suggest the HTSSOP if you live in a warm area though. Sun is mean.
  8. 3 rows per TLC5926/TLC5927 http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/slvs677/slvs677.pdf ?
  9. Where do I send the monies? Lol Tapatalk Mobile Device
  10. It deleted that sentence from my post in his quote too... Bluehash, you got a bug with the smilies, I think.
  11. It's slightly used... :? :? :? Ok... rarely used... it sat in a drawer for a year... or two... :-o :-o... it screamed "Mail me! Mail me!" :grin: (Every time I edit this entry something wierd happens. It's deleted a sentence, it's changed my smilies... )
  12. Pink sea salt, i need to get one of those fancy mixed salt packages... Tapatalk Mobile Device
  13. I just corrected the temps... I typo'd them both. NOT 160
  14. I can make this recipe all year round... I use corn syrup from restaurant supply shops, it's a LOT thicker than that stuff you get in the grocery store.. and it comes in 5 gallon buckets (43 DE). plenty of wax paper on the counter top near the mixing area 3 1/2 cups sugar 2/3 cup water 2/3 cup corn syrup 2 or 3 egg whites (I tend to do this one by experience... If you use eggs much you'll notice some have more egg white than others. If you get a lot of egg white out of 2 eggs, that's "ok", if you get some but not a lot... use 3, if you're not sure, use 3.) touch of salt (I do two twists on the salt grinder with a very fine setting) Bring corn syrup, water, and sugar to a boil, 250
  15. The guy is kinda annoying, but he has a bunch of tutorial videos for Eagle that are worth watching. Here's the one relevant to this here...
  16. Threw this together based on an idea... it's missing caps, I didn't allow for WP/Sense... but it could be added... msdboost.zip
  17. You really shouldn't put a dimension layer in a part. You could also include the jumper and header spots around the chip and usb.
  18. That rfid reader is pretty easy to work with... I've got one sitting here that voodoofish sent me a while back...
  19. Came home and there was this monstrously huge box on the porch... Roomie ordered more ammo bins. Woot woot... kicked that in through the door and what was hidden under that box?... a Sparkfun box! Guessing it came from this, since I didn't order it :thumbup: Never used one of these to clean my iron, always had the wet sponge. Looking forward to trying it out. Flux pen... and more solder paste, yay! PentiumPC, you rock
  20. Yeah, I'll populate 30 of those and send'm to bluehash. Tapatalk Mobile Device
  21. Sweet that means I can order more for oPossums boards now Tapatalk Mobile Device
  22. I dunno... whatever it's supposed to do, or doing... I can't tell whenever I have messages. It always looks the same to me.
  23. Yeah, dunno if mine makes it before xmas, since I just mailed it today. lol
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