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  1. [20:38:52] <Rickta59> "Finally opened my LCD and found a dollar. Thanks SA. Now I need to finally get around to building my controller. Thanks for the great job and the cheap price." -- pkonzak [20:39:03] <Rickta59> when did you make those lcd screens SugarAddict ? [20:39:15] <Rickta59> that has to be like 2 years ago no? [20:39:22] <SugarAddict> yes [20:39:43] <SugarAddict> Feels like forever ago [20:39:44] <SugarAddict> lol [20:39:48] <Rickta59> it does [20:40:00] <Rickta59> and I thought I was a procrastinator : ) [20:40:09] <SugarA
  2. I did Saturday... did you not get it?
  3. Nifty, I can hang it in my cube at work.
  4. is the footprint the same size with bigger pins or same with just 2 less pins? got a lighting project for this winter that I may snag some off a GB for. Tapatalk Mobile Device
  5. only thing I can think of is shared ground among same hub usb ports perhaps. try both on 2 separate computers and see what happens? Tapatalk Mobile Device
  6. huh? All they would need is my approval for genetics research. I'm skinny
  7. 1 cup fresh ground coffee in a 3 cup french press w/ boiling water for 10 minutes. Fill monster sized mug 1/2. Make 6 shots espresso, add to mug. Dump in 1/2 cup sugar, [four flavored creamers] or [powder creamer to taste/color of choice], cap off with more from press. Stir, drink, go to bed thirty minutes later and sleep like a baby Considering my intake of caffeine and sugar and general dietary choices, I'm not effected at all by this stuff... a pity.
  8. Don't take them too seriously, some people get uppity over the dumbest things... :-P Good job on the coffee pot
  9. <mildly unrelated> http://www.rw-designer.com/picture-resize works great for reducing image file size, without too much loss, even works for drag-drop of multiple files all at once. </mildly unrelated>
  10. Why not use two boards? Inset SMD leds and solder on the back side of a thicker rear board the same shape as a front board. The front board is thin, has black mask and white lettering. Could even cap touch the front board to change the leds on the back. If there's a small space in there and some diffusion, it would illuminate the letters
  11. I don't see how this price increase did jack shit for TI as Mouser is at $12.80, Digikey is at 10.37, and Newark is at $10. Shipping on top of all of them... So far I think the only place I've seen left to get them at the old price (and -2 cents) is the redirect from Arrow, Chip1Stop but they only have ~130 left (and really only Japan or nearby... Check their shipping rates :-) rofl ). So when TI will still be the cheapest distributor of these and people buy... from TI... where is the gain in all of this? Still looks/feels like screwing over the community when everyone prices the same or hi
  12. $40? wtf? That's lame, largely, in comparison to REAL competition.
  13. In the $10 range you might as well as throw an ARM at it and ST and Freescale already beat TI for the price range/features. http://www.newark.com/stmicroelectronics/stm32f0discovery/eval-board-cortex-m0-stm32f0/dp/94T6483 http://www.newark.com/freescale-semiconductor/frdm-kl25z/eval-brd-kinetis-kl25z-freescale/dp/28W5033?in_merch=Popular%20Products for example...
  14. Looking at it that way makes it seem legit for buying 1... But that doesn't account nicely for multiples. The price got me into it and got me to hand them out. At $4.30 it's less than a pack of smokes here and I could easily hand out 10 without blinking... but now, handing out 10 is $100? I won't be handing out free LP's anymore now...
  15. Don't look now... Mouser has it for $11... $11!!!!!
  16. Well that's just silly. TI should enjoy hunting down all those price references they put everywhere.
  17. Possibly, or not everyone chooses to use it since there are 4 IDE's? And I'm sure that 250k doesn't include the multiple LP owners :-P (I'm about 12 of them just on MSP430, btw)
  18. I just set this up in the garage... after owning it for 2-3 weeks :-X (busy busy busy)... It worked amazing on the first test. Found the depth I'll use pretty easily. Now to just thread two holes in some spare delrin I've got and make the guide bar solid so there isn't that stupid hole in it.
  19. Try turning off pos coords in the job Tapatalk Mobile Device
  20. Convert i to string and add it in the loop. http://forum.43oh.com/topic/878-fast-itoa-for-ccs/
  21. If it makes a "square" type shape... a panel of 6 for a 5x5 10 peice order gets you 60 and they don't deny it. I've yet to get a good panelization denied when over 5, because 6 just makes sense a lot of times. Why not get 60, you never know when you might need more of it or want to share it.
  22. I still order small stuff from Seeed... I just make sure I get 60 instead of 10
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