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  1. [20:38:52] <Rickta59> "Finally opened my LCD and found a dollar. Thanks SA. Now I need to finally get around to building my controller. Thanks for the great job and the cheap price." -- pkonzak [20:39:03] <Rickta59> when did you make those lcd screens SugarAddict ? [20:39:15] <Rickta59> that has to be like 2 years ago no? [20:39:22] <SugarAddict> yes [20:39:43] <SugarAddict> Feels like forever ago [20:39:44] <SugarAddict> lol [20:39:48] <Rickta59> it does [20:40:00] <Rickta59> and I thought I was a procrastinator : ) [20:40:09] <SugarA
  2. I did Saturday... did you not get it?
  3. Nifty, I can hang it in my cube at work.
  4. is the footprint the same size with bigger pins or same with just 2 less pins? got a lighting project for this winter that I may snag some off a GB for. Tapatalk Mobile Device
  5. only thing I can think of is shared ground among same hub usb ports perhaps. try both on 2 separate computers and see what happens? Tapatalk Mobile Device
  6. huh? All they would need is my approval for genetics research. I'm skinny
  7. 1 cup fresh ground coffee in a 3 cup french press w/ boiling water for 10 minutes. Fill monster sized mug 1/2. Make 6 shots espresso, add to mug. Dump in 1/2 cup sugar, [four flavored creamers] or [powder creamer to taste/color of choice], cap off with more from press. Stir, drink, go to bed thirty minutes later and sleep like a baby Considering my intake of caffeine and sugar and general dietary choices, I'm not effected at all by this stuff... a pity.
  8. Don't take them too seriously, some people get uppity over the dumbest things... :-P Good job on the coffee pot
  9. <mildly unrelated> http://www.rw-designer.com/picture-resize works great for reducing image file size, without too much loss, even works for drag-drop of multiple files all at once. </mildly unrelated>
  10. Why not use two boards? Inset SMD leds and solder on the back side of a thicker rear board the same shape as a front board. The front board is thin, has black mask and white lettering. Could even cap touch the front board to change the leds on the back. If there's a small space in there and some diffusion, it would illuminate the letters
  11. I don't see how this price increase did jack shit for TI as Mouser is at $12.80, Digikey is at 10.37, and Newark is at $10. Shipping on top of all of them... So far I think the only place I've seen left to get them at the old price (and -2 cents) is the redirect from Arrow, Chip1Stop but they only have ~130 left (and really only Japan or nearby... Check their shipping rates :-) rofl ). So when TI will still be the cheapest distributor of these and people buy... from TI... where is the gain in all of this? Still looks/feels like screwing over the community when everyone prices the same or hi
  12. $40? wtf? That's lame, largely, in comparison to REAL competition.
  13. In the $10 range you might as well as throw an ARM at it and ST and Freescale already beat TI for the price range/features. http://www.newark.com/stmicroelectronics/stm32f0discovery/eval-board-cortex-m0-stm32f0/dp/94T6483 http://www.newark.com/freescale-semiconductor/frdm-kl25z/eval-brd-kinetis-kl25z-freescale/dp/28W5033?in_merch=Popular%20Products for example...
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