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    OppaErich reacted to gamersat678 in The Ultimate Guide To Eclipse IDE based STM32F0 Programming   
    This guide's intent and purpose is to allow a user with minimal Linux experience to successfully setup an absolutely free development environment to program the STM32F0 microcontroller with full debugging capability.
    A Linux distro, I used Linux Mint 13 (Ubuntu works nicely too)
    An Internet connection
    At least 2gb of spare hard drive space
    Familiarity with terminal
    A STM32F0 Discovery Board!

    PART 1 – Install Codesourcy
    PART 2 – Install OpenOCD
    PART 3 – Install Eclipse
    PART 4 – Setup File Directory
    PART 5 – Setup Eclipse
    PART 6 – Configure the gdb/OpenOCD
    Hope you enjoy! Any questions, comments, feedback, feel free to sound off below.Also a STM32F4 guide is on its way. When it gets here depends on how much spare time I have....

    Edit: Thanks bluehash! Guide is now hosted on arm-hq.
    v1-2 Downloads
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    OppaErich got a reaction from pine in Hall effect sensor sensitivity   
    I was wondering too. Strange shop that, no link to datasheet or manufacturer part number.
    Uhm, you give this sensor something to read like moving a magnet in front of it ?
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    OppaErich reacted to RobG in Ethernet Booster Pack   
    Here's a version of my Ethernet board with on board G2553.
    0.05" programming header, 0.1" header with 8 GPIOs , and an LDO are also included.

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    OppaErich reacted to bluehash in Nokia 5110 interface to an STM32VL Discovery Kit   
    BigMessOWires has an old tutorial on the Cortex M3 STM32VL. In one of his writeups, I found some code interfacing the discovery kit to a Nokia 5100 LCD from Sparkfun.
    Code is attached.
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    OppaErich got a reaction from pine in Variable resistor?   
    Turn many rounds. I don't know the english term for this, they have a 'gearbox'. You need to turn 50 or 100 full rounds to go from 0 to full resistance.
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    OppaErich reacted to bluehash in Variable resistor?   
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    OppaErich got a reaction from MarkoeZ in Arduino Quadcopter   
    Rise and shine ! Awesome sound, at first I thought you're close to a race track. Cool stuff :thumbup:
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    OppaErich reacted to MarkoeZ in Arduino Quadcopter   
    Aaaaaaannnnnnddddd...... A flight video!
    I was trying to stay low because i was testing new rubber bands for the props, at one point you see one snapping. Also trying to stay low for the camera ofc.
    But it gives a nice impression of what it can already do.

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    OppaErich got a reaction from MarkoeZ in Arduino Quadcopter   
    Try harder ! I guess it's just a matter of speed.
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    OppaErich reacted to MarkoeZ in Arduino Quadcopter   
    Well it's flying! Got a total flying time of about 14 minutes now, and my first crash
    Finally felt confident enough to fly it higher than 40 centimeters today. So it was at about 3 meters and easily hovering towards me when one of the cheap rubber bands that keep the propellers on popped off.
    Flight lesson number one: A quadcopter missing a motor/prop behaves like a brick.
    Flight lesson number two: Bricks dont fly well.

    So i was bummed, but then the urge to fly tomorrow came. So i dove into my drawer, found an old 10mbit network card, stripped and cut it, and voila: new arm base Its even stronger than the one i built originally, and i pushed the motor mount a bit towards the struts. Also, its the forward arm, so that now has a unique color.

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    OppaErich reacted to bluehash in web site / blog like 43oh for STM32?   
    Alright, forums are up now. I'l make changes to sub sections and main sections as the days go by, also the logo and text.
    Go forth and populate. Make sure you tell others about the forum. This will help grow the community.
    Arm-HQ Forums
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    OppaErich got a reaction from GeekDoc in ARM Forum domain shortlist   
    ArmEE ?
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    OppaErich reacted to oPossum in web site / blog like 43oh for STM32?   
    I would be very interested in a ARM forum like this MSP430 forum. Maybe include other popular brands like NXP and TI, and unique products like Energy Micro. I have 3 STM boards and a Energy Micro EFM32 board, but haven't done anything with them mostly due to lack of a good forum.
    I find the 'thumbs up' feature here to be very valuable and it is the reason I post here more then any PIC forum or mailing list. Knowing what people find interesting helps me decide what to share. Most of what I do never makes it on to the Internet, some due to contracts, but most due to lack of time. It is quite common for a post here to get no immediate replies but several likes - that is good to know and motivates me to share more.
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    OppaErich got a reaction from GeekDoc in What would you buy?   
    Partially populated please, kit at best. I'm lazy but do need that smell.
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    OppaErich reacted to MattTheGeek in OLIMEXINO-5510   
    /* #: Move to where appropriate */
    So Olimex is doing a arduino style F5510 development board mainly for use with EasyMSP. I'm requesting feedback from the Community. Ideas? Comments?
    Enhanced CPUX.
    Large amount of flash and ram for programs. (32KB FLASH / 6KB RAM)
    USB Bootloading + Spy-bi wire JTAG.
    ... and more.


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    OppaErich got a reaction from jp430bb in Permissions for /dev/ttyACM0 for LaunchPad on Linux   
    /dev/ttyACM0 is a modem device, if the Launchpad shows up as one of these you're probably missing the firmware for the TI USB chip. viewtopic.php?p=18354#p18354
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    OppaErich reacted to bluehash in [Group Buy-4][O]Wiznet WizFi210 WiFi Radio Module   
    http://www.i-vis.co.jp/pdf/wiznet/wirel ... _V1.01.pdf
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    OppaErich reacted to bluehash in Shipping to Germany   
    Added Germany.
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    OppaErich reacted to gordon in Launchpad Modification #32874537339847   
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    OppaErich reacted to RobG in Ethernet Booster Pack   
    [EDIT] The newest version of this BP is here
    [EDIT] This project is finished
    Available in the 43oh Store.

    This is still in it's early phase, so I need your input.

    Here are some specs so far:
    1. WIZnet's W5200 Ethernet controller chip (W5100 or W5300 is an option.)
    2. MagJack
    3. LDO + power header
    4. Opto isolators (2 or more) + output header
    5. Input/output header for switches/keypad/display
    6. DIP or SMD MSP430G

    I have decided to use W5200 because...
    "W5200 chip is a Hardwired TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller that enables easier internet connection for embedded systems using SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface). The W5200 is composed of a fully hardwired market-proven TCP/IP stack and an integrated Ethernet MAC & PHY. Hardwired TCP/IP stack supports TCP, UDP, IPv4, ICMP,
    ARP, IGMP, and PPPoE. By using W5200, users can implement the Ethernet application they need by using a simple socket
    program instead of handling a complex Ethernet Controller."

    In other words, you do not have to deal with or waste resources on TCP/IP stack.

    The board could be used as a booster pack or free standing, hence MSP430G and LDO.
    The total cost should be around $10 or less.

    Few decisions I have to make:
    2 or more opto couplers?
    DIP, SMD or both (MSP430G?)

    Any suggestions?

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    OppaErich reacted to cubeberg in TI Deals moves to new time!   
    Looks like they know there's a shipping problem - check their twitter account
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    OppaErich reacted to xpg in Release of MSP430Eclipse   
    Hi folks,
    Despite not having too much time to spend on this project, I have made a new release, which fixes a couple of bugs, and changes the way the msp430 tools are used:

    [*:2ct61l15]- gcc, gdb, and mspdebug are no longer distributed as an eclipse plugin, but as a separate download package. This allows the tools to be installed in a user select location, rather than trying to install into the eclipse directory.
    [*:2ct61l15]- MSP430 C/C++ projects can now be created.
    [*:2ct61l15]- The protocol (SBW, JTAG) used by MSPDebug can now be selected.
    In order to install the plugin, ensure that you have Eclipse Indigo, and add http://eclipse.xpg.dk as a software source in Eclipse, and install the Msp430Eclipse plugin.
    Currently, only Indigo is supported, but the plugin might work with Helios as well.
    If your system does not have up-to-date version of msp430-gcc, msp430-gdb, and mspdebug, you can download one of the following tool-packages:
    Linux 64-bit: msp430-toolchain-linux-amd64-1.0.tar.bz2
    Linux 32-bit: msp430-toolchain-linux-i386-1.0.tar.bz2
    Extract the package in an appropriate location ($HOME, for instance), and go to Eclipse (with the MSP430Eclipse plugin installed), and from the menu select MSP430->Tool Manager. Click the "Add..."-button, and browse to the tool-package directory. Click "close".
    Next, go to the Eclipse preference and select "MSP430". Here you will be able to choose if you want to use the tools from the tool-package, or supplied by the system.
    If you are upgrading from an older, simply upgrade the Msp430 Eclipse plugin. You can remove the toolchains installed through eclipse, and install the toolchain packages as described above.
    For more information see http://xpg.dk/projects/msp430/msp430-eclipse/.
    Feedback is very welcome.
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    OppaErich reacted to pabigot in [solved] delay loop doesn't get called   
    There's 2016 bytes of ROM on the G2231, and unless told to perform optimization mspgcc generates very simple code with a lot of redundant moves. Use -Os, or at least -O:

    linux[9]$ msp430-gcc -mmcu=msp430g2231 -Os x.c linux[10]$ msp430-size a.out text data bss dec hex filename 642 2 20 664 298 a.out linux[11]$ msp430-gcc -mmcu=msp430g2231 -O x.c linux[12]$ msp430-size a.out text data bss dec hex filename 758 2 20 780 30c a.out
    (Your sizes may be somewhat different; I had an internal development version in my patch on this machine.)
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    OppaErich reacted to Alan in [solved] delay loop doesn't get called   
    Try the above or try declaring tick as a volatile variable.
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    OppaErich reacted to Rickta59 in [solved] delay loop doesn't get called   
    your delay code is probably getting optimized out. You might want to try using __delay_cycles() instead. Or even better use a Timer to get more accurate results.
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