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    OppaErich reacted to mbeals in Is it just me or tonight TI doubled LaunchPad price?   
    huh...I never made that connection...$4.30 => 430
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    OppaErich reacted to brainwash in TV Out   
    I had this idea after finding out there are no TV Out libraries for the Stellaris Launchpad. Well, after two days of hair pulling I can almost imagine why. It's very hard to do timing accurate things on this uC and a lot of unknown stuff gets in your way.
    I got pretty far with the implementation, I'll have to see if I will do some more with it. Rather, I'm hoping that the community will chime in and support this feature, so if there is enough interest and able coders we might set up some some source community project (google code / github / sourceforge / ...).
    - some white streaks on the sides, caused by some peripherals. I'm using only two resistors as "the hardware" so they might pick up some noise from uC.
    - slight vertical jitter. This is kind of expected because I did not want to do loop counting
    - oscilloscope loses sync sometimes, this means that timing is off
    - no double buffering. I'm using a large array (~21k) as a buffer and it's not packed at all
    - code style: I'm pretty new to the embedded world so I appreciate any kind of feedback you have to offer. I might have reinvented the wheel in some places
    It's a flickering bouncing box.
    Any contribution is appreciated, I can provide the hex file if someone wants to try it. It has only been tested with a small beamer.

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    OppaErich reacted to sirri in D'OH ! : ) [humor :P]   
    What happens if Homer wants to do something with a Launchpad : )

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    OppaErich reacted to Fred in This is just ridiculous   
    You know we're right and you're all wrong.
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    OppaErich got a reaction from sirri in Hello from Turkey   
    Merhaba sirri. That's all of my turkish... :wave:
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    OppaErich reacted to GeekDoc in Post a pic of your home work bench, get a ..   
    I believe that was OppaErich's point.
    There really should be some kind of universal sarcasm font. ;-)
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    OppaErich reacted to oPossum in How many Development kits do you have?   
    Poorly written sample code - or none at all.
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    OppaErich reacted to RobG in Any Black Friday Deals you are looking forward to?   
    Free shipping from Mouser
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    OppaErich reacted to Automate in MSP430F5529 LaunchPad   
    I noticed some "Draft" info on a MSP430F5529 LaunchPad with 40 pin headers on this page
    http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php ... sign_Guide
    Anybody know anything more about this?
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    OppaErich reacted to Rickta59 in CCS V5.2 Linux and Stellaris Launchpad .. interesting find   
    I came across this post on the e2e.ti.com forums:
    It talks about another TI eval board that seems to have the same USB PID/VID as the Stellaris launchpad.
    (1cbe:00fd Luminary Micro Inc.)
    So hoping for the best, I created a file named:
    and stuffed this into it:

    <?xml version="1.0"?> <connection id="Stellaris In-Circuit Debug Interface" class="31040"> <connectionType Type="LM_ICDI"/> <property Type="hiddenfield" Value="No" id="dataFileRequired"/> </connection>
    (/opt/ti) is my installation directory, you might have to change the location if you installed someplace else.
    I followed the hints in that e2e post and ended up with a working CCS V5.2 under ubuntu 11.04. I restarted CCS as root and saw that there was a new connection type "Stellaris In-Circuit Debug Interface" in the General section of the project properties. I had to install and monkey around with the libraries mentioned in the post. Once it stopped complaining about missing libraries, I imported the workbook labs and was able to compile, download and debug on linux. Yay! I probably should add a udev entry so I can run as a regular user.
    I'm still very interested in a command line openocd interface to the stellaris launchpad. Until that appears, at least I don't have to run windows or a virtual machine to get a working linux development environment for my Stellaris Launchpad.

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    OppaErich reacted to cde in Free OSHS NY Ticket!   
    Took about 250 pictures, got some info on the wolverine and some of the talks were very informative. Need some time to write it up. Also got some things for 43oh on my own dime, so yea. Hoping for something really extra nice with the TI guys, which I might find out in a bit, so stay tuned.
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    OppaErich reacted to spirilis in TI wolverine   
    Tell the rep there are a few people who feel it's substantially more drool-worthy than the iPhone 5 announcement!
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    OppaErich reacted to SugarAddict in Why should I move to Stellaris?   
    Interlaced and Outside Top Inside Bottom.

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    OppaErich got a reaction from bluehash in Stellaris Launchpad shipping details   
    Yep, two of them + LPC 1347 + a LoL shield and there went my afternoon, I did not expect that it takes me 3 hours to solder 126 LEDs.
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    OppaErich reacted to dellwoodbu in TI Posted Stellaris LaunchPad Workshop   
    Hours of video and training for the new kit. Including some for the display booster.
    Looks like you can attend live versions or watch most of it as videos online.
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    OppaErich got a reaction from bluehash in STM32F3 Discovery   
    Free seminars in North America: http://www.st.com/in...ews_f3sem_sep12 Let me quote:
    Have fun guys !
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    OppaErich reacted to Automate in Handy microchip serial protocol comparison table   
    Compares 1-Wire, I2C, SMBus, SPI, MicroWire, M-Bus, CAN, and LIN
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    OppaErich got a reaction from xpg in Stellaris Launchpad and Linux   
    [deleted] you saw that already...
    That may help you http://e2e.ti.com/support/microcontrollers/stellaris_arm_cortex-m3_microcontroller/f/471/p/189657/680486.aspx#680486
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    OppaErich got a reaction from Oscarasimov in Completely clueless and need advice for screen choice.   
    And a LOT of current...
    +1 for cubeberg. I'd take the 5110 plus a turn encoder for input.
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    OppaErich reacted to RobG in Color LCD Booster Pack   
    New kits should be in the store next week.

    R2, R7, and R9 are shorted. If you want to use memory HOLD or backlight resistor, cut the traces.
    J3 is also shorted for use with USCI (P1.7 MOSI, P1.6 MISO.)


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    OppaErich reacted to bluehash in Quadcopter on the cheap!   
    Very interested! I flew mine on a maiden yesterday. I'm using CC3D as a controller which is based of an STM32. I can give you alot more information if you want. Very eager to see your progress.
    Also, Stellarisiti has Blogging support, so you can continue a build log in this thread and also write to your blog about any milestones.
    This is mine:

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    OppaErich reacted to xpg in Eclipse plugin for mspdebug and msp430-gcc   
    It's around midnight now, and things seem to be working. So here it is: A new msp430-eclipse release.
    The most significant changes are:

    [*:2utjrf72]-Added Windows support.
    [*:2utjrf72]-Added dependency on "Target Management Terminal".
    [*:2utjrf72]-Add .cpp as C++ extension.
    [*:2utjrf72]-Support for FRAM board (by using a newer version of mspdebug).
    [*:2utjrf72]-Fix a bug: mspdebug fails to startup successfully for debugging session.
    [*:2utjrf72]-Group MCU List to make selection easier.
    [*:2utjrf72]-Remove usage of stdbuf.
    [*:2utjrf72]-Simplify tool selection by adding an "Activate"-button to the tool manager.
    [*:2utjrf72]-Add support for static libraries (project type).
    [*:2utjrf72]-Kill mspdebug when debugger is stopped.
    [*:2utjrf72]-"tilib" to the mspdebug driver selection.

    I have updated the first post of this thread as well. Please try it out and let me know what you think.
    And now for something completely different: Sleep
    Oh, by the way: Thank you everyone for your feedback and comments, they have been most valuable.
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    OppaErich reacted to bluehash in Stellaris Launchpad User Manual - SPMU289 - now available   
    Blue at the 43oh forums found the http://www.ti.com/lit/spmu289'>LM4F120 user manual. Good for him!

    Also attached here as backup.

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    OppaErich reacted to RobG in Nokia 5110 Booster Pack   
    New version of my Nokia 5110 Booster Pack.
    Additions include optional memory chip and MCU (MSP430G2553 for example.)
    MCU will allow this board to be used as a stand-alone display board, memory can be used as a display buffer.

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    OppaErich reacted to Fe2o3Fish in FRAM for Dummies   
    FWIW, IAGARA... Since Aug 10th, I haven't seen my book nor heard from Mouser about it.
    I reordered today but at least this time I got a page that said "Your order is on its way."
    Even regular snail mail from Mouser (at least in Mansfield, TX) is only a day away. That is
    why I order from them. We'll see what happens....
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