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    OppaErich reacted to yosh in Mailbag   
    See here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23684963
    More: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=rfid+mri
    So generally speaking it shouldn't be a problem ... besides maybe the imaging artifacts.
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    OppaErich reacted to nuclearrambo in Health monitoring system [work in progress]   
    I had been working on a compact health monitoring system which would have ECG, body temperature sensor, glucometer, and a pulse oximeter all put on one single PCB.
    So far I was successfully able to have ECG, temperature and the glucometer working.
    Having this was not sufficient, I wanted to send all this data onto an android phone. For this I used HC-06 bluetooth module and had an android app running on the phone to collect and display the data on to its screen. 
    I made use of Amarino's library for communication between Arduino and Android. It was pretty easy to port Amarino from Android to Stellaris and it worked very well! 
    I used Stellaris Launchpad in my project considering that I would be implementing signal processing in future and also it is quite inexpensive

    This is my entire unit fit in one box. I plan to having the processor on the same board and eliminating the use of bulky launchpad. Can anyone tell me how I could do that? I have never done such a thing before. 

    Just showing off some photographs

    The step up converter that I used to power up all the circuits in that box. Takes 3.5 to 4V from Li-ion battery (NOKIA) and converts it to 5.1V. Pretty cheap module I found on some chinese website. 

    This is my android app showing my ECG. I can enter my name in the text box and upload the ECG onto the online website. 
    Note: I used Amarino's example SensorGraph and modified it to add the uploading functionality. 
    You can view the database here : http://projectarogya.com/arogya/patients.php

    This is how my ECG looks online. The php script also does the task of calculating heart rate and putting a time stamp at the time of upload. 
    I am using a simple LM35 temperature sensor. I had to build seperate app for temparature and glucometer.

    Note: I used Multicolorlamp app from Amarino's website and modified it. Now it is so much modified that its like a completely new app except that the name is still unchanged
    I have also uploaded a more detailed blog post on http://nuclearrambo.com/wordpress/android-based-wireless-ecg-monitoring-temperature-sensor-glucometer-included/
    Because of some problem with ground, I am not able to get a clean output. It fluctuates a lot and hence does not give correct glucose readings. 
    I will add in the explanation about how glucometer works if you people want to hear about it. 
    PS: I had only been reading on this forum. This is my first post here and I thought I would share my project with you all. 
    I am also hoping to produce and sell it once its complete. If anyone's interested in lending a helping hand with design and stuff are totally welcome
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    OppaErich reacted to dubnet in New Line of MBED compatible STM32 Boards   
    STMicroelectronics just announced a new series of MBED and Arduino compatible boards, the Nucleo series.  Four boards introduced now, including a F4 version running at 84Mhz, with more to come (see excerpt below from their press release). 
    "The STM32 Nucleo-F030R8, STM32 Nucleo-F103RB, STM32 Nucleo-F401RE and STM32 Nucleo-L152RE are available immediately, priced from $10.32 per unit. The STM32 Nucleo-F072RB, STM32 Nucleo-F302R8, STM32 Nucleo-F334R8, and STM32 Nucleo-L053R8 boards will be introduced during Q2 2014."
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    OppaErich reacted to pjkim in MSP430 university project   
    Give a man a match, he stays warm for a day. Light him on fire, he stays warm for the rest of his life.
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    OppaErich got a reaction from aduckysoods in Dear Mr. NSA   
    you certainly know who's spamming our boards. Could you please launch some cruise missiles at them ?
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    OppaErich got a reaction from abecedarian in Can't Communicate with Launchpad from Energia   
    AND the switch on 'Debug'. My still sealed Tiva is set to 'Device'.
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    OppaErich got a reaction from bluehash in STM32F429 Contest   
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    OppaErich got a reaction from Smakkemeken in Dear Mr. NSA   
    you certainly know who's spamming our boards. Could you please launch some cruise missiles at them ?
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    OppaErich reacted to Remixed123 in Free online course using Tiva C   
    The following YouTube course on Embedded System Programming by Miro Samek of state-machine.com is excellent. He uses the Stellaris LaunchPad, but all exercises will function on the Tiva C LaunchPad.

    The course is aimed at new comers to embedded system programming, but it is the sort of online course that is likely to provide knowledge to anyone, as Miro is so knowledgable and such a great presenter.
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    OppaErich reacted to yyrkoon in Book - Getting Started With The BeagleBone   
    OK this book covers getting started, the basics of what is needed. Python, and python projects on the web. Bonescript stuff. A crash course in Linux command line commands( not all obviously ). The appendix covers installing Angstrom fresh, system services, and a GPIO quick reference.
    The most interesting chapter to me was chapter 4 - First steps with digital electronics. Mostly because in this chapter he shows how to use the external I/O's from within Linux here. This is stuff I am already familiar with, but many times find myself thinking ( sometimes hard ) to remember exactly what that specific command line command *was*. This is partially why I have my own howto guides online for Debian - so I can easily look things up that I've already done, 
    Glossing over the book I would definitely say this is worth the $10 for a beginner to the Beaglebone ( white or black ), or someone new to embedded Linux and /or Linux in general. For the more experienced people, this book will have less appeal. Also this book does cover a bit more than mentioned. Such as Cron ( something I am not all too familiar with myself ), and other such "things".
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    OppaErich reacted to tripwire in TI releasing something "game changing" on Sept 16th   
    Hang on... A $30 detector for electronic components dropped on the carpet? Now that really *is* game changing!
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    OppaErich reacted to jpnorair in Spam in the Stellarisiti forum   
    I used a binary arithmetic question on my forum.  Stopped the spam dead.
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    OppaErich reacted to juani_c in TI releasing something "game changing" on Sept 16th   
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    OppaErich got a reaction from gmtii in Itead raising fund for "Raspi class" board at indigogo.com   
    Feels more like a preorder - I'm in.
    Have fun,
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    OppaErich reacted to bluehash in Stellaris Launchpad Deal - $7.99   
    Buy Link.
    Why pay full price when you can spend 39% less? Right now you can get the ARM-M4 LaunchPad Evaluation Board for $7.99 almost half the original price of $12.99. The LaunchPad highlights TI
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    OppaErich reacted to tingo in Stellaris Launchpad Deal - $7.99   
    But it was cheap, and shipping was USD 0,- so I couldn't resist.
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    OppaErich reacted to oPossum in Yep... Just yep... :)   
    Only on the Ohms scale.
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    OppaErich reacted to G0XAR in Book Review: Getting Started with the MSP430 LaunchPad   
    Hi Guys,
    I have the book. I am not that impressed with it. I think for a raw beginner who can get hold of the Educational Booster Pack it's probably not too bad. But the Booster Pack seems only to be available in the USA. So to order it from Europe I have to pay for shipping, 20 percent VAT and a customs inspection fee. This turns out to be a very expensive option! OK, so there are instructions to use a breadboard. This is good but you still have to buy the sensors and the same applies. If you can't find a local stockist you have to order these from the USA... :-( . I would have preferred to see a breadboard only approach using commonly available parts. 
    Anyway, back to the book. Firstly the book is in black and white, colour would have been better for the wiring diagrams and pictures of the launchpad board. If you take a look at the appendix you will see a bad black and white scan of the nice colour picture of the board available on this site, together with the pin names etc. Also the diagrams drawn with Fritzing are confusing in monochrome. Light grey against dark grey or white is not good, especially if your hair is grey (as mine is) and you don't have teenage eyes any more...If you don't believe me take a look at the diagram on page 64 and try to find the switch! May be some hand drawn sketches would have been better. And there are also places in the text where the authors talk about coloured wires in the diagrams!
    Secondly the book uses Energia. Don't get me wrong. I like Energia and am very enthusiastic that it is available. But it is not without faults. If you try to do Project 9 which uses the serial monitor it probably will not work. I tried this on a Mac, and on a Windows 7 PC and both did not work. There is a known bug with the OS/X implementation which permanently screwed up the serial port assignments, and on my Windows 7 system I get no output. As I understand it to get it to work the user has to change some settings on J3, I'll try this later today. But the book does not tell you to do this. It just assumes that everything will work. As this book is aimed at beginners this is a bad mistake. 
    Thirdly, may be I am old fashioned but I like a text book to have an index at the back. 
    Lastly in 10.3 the authors refer to communications protocols as languages. This is unusual to say the least. No one else does this to my knowledge
    Writing a technical book for beginners is a difficult thing to do, I know because I tried. And I really wish Adrian and Dang the best of luck with it. At the moment it is the only beginners book I know of for the MSP430. I hope they take the above points into account if they ever do a second edition. 
    If you have finished this book, or are looking for something more advanced, I would like to suggest some helpful references :-
    MSP430 Microcontroller Basics by John H. Davis ISBN 978-0-7506-8276-3      This is a good but a little dated book on how the processor chip works. Chapter 7 about interfacing is very good for those of you with some electronics background. The book is not for beginners but if you have done some "C" programming and worked with other microcontrollers you will benefit from it. 
    http://dbindner.freeshell.org/msp430/  takes you to some nice examples, in "C", using the GCC toolchain hosted on Linux. He starts out with a launchpad board and some "blinky" code and explores aspects of the processor. His explanations are clear as is is code (which is more than I can say for many "C" programmers ;-) ) . And he is a radio ham!
    Hope this helps,
    Steve G0XAR
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    OppaErich reacted to PentiumPC in New $45 Beaglebone   
    Haha, new version? have not unbox mine yet..
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    OppaErich reacted to xpg in New ARM community   
    Well, I guess there is not much else to do than start posting more about the ST and NXP ARMs in here :-)
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    OppaErich reacted to Fred in New ARM community   
    There's definitely a lack of a community for the ST ARM devices too. The STM32Fx discovery boards are really nice and a great price for the hobbyist. It'd be great if there was a community that was as good as 43oh. (I know there's a sub-forum here that doesn't get that much use - maybe because the site is primarily TI focused.)
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    OppaErich reacted to Fred in TIDeals : April 17th - Chronos Watch.   
    I think you'll find that I got it first - about a week ago.  ;-)
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    OppaErich reacted to oPossum in Stellaris Drum Machine   
    This is a quick test of playback of vintage drum machine sounds. In the 80's there where several popular drum machines that used samples of real drums stored in 27xx series EPROMs. They would simply sequentially address the EPROM and the data was sent to a companding DAC (Am6070). Some sounds also had a filter or envelope applied - this code does not do that. These old machines had numerous EPROM chips to store the samples. With modern flash technology it is possible to put a complete sample set right in the microcontroller itself.
    Right now this just loops through all the samples in a set. There is no MIDI or any sort of trigger support yet.
    Samples are included for:
    Linn LM-1
    Linndrum (LM-2)
    Linn 9000 Drum Computer
    Oberheim DX
    Oberheim DMX

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    OppaErich reacted to cde in New (soon to be) valueline chip. MSP430G2955 56kb Flash 4kb Ram!   
    Just noticed this on the TI valueline list. http://www.ti.com/product/msp430g2955
    Not many details, even though it's marked Active and not preview. No Datasheet, no summary. Just the specs.
    Key Features:
    56kb Flash. 4 times the current limit. 4kb KILObyte Sram. 4096. That's EIGHT times the current valueline limit. 3 Timers (1 extra) USI AND USCI_A/B (Normally it's either/or) 8 Comparators. Not sure if this is 8 inputs to 1 Comparator, like normal, or 8 separate Comparators. ADC with 12 Channel (4 more than normal) $1.24 at 1000 units. 38 pin TSSOP It's basically blows the low level f51xx chips out of the starting gate. Cheaper, more ram and flash, better adc, extra USI peripheral. Only thing it isn't better is the processor speed, still at 16mhz compared to the f5xxx 20/25mhz. Best of all, it's a (relatively) friendly tssop package, instead of a tight pitched leadless quad pack (or even leaded quad flatpack).
    Every other f5xxxx chip outside of the f51xx that it beats is in a leadless or bga package. Guess TI did hear our pleas on low Flash and Ram limits.
    Edit: Just checked, same applies to the f2xxx series. This G2955 will beat out any Tssop (or bigger) f2xxx chip on all counts.
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    OppaErich reacted to spirilis in New (soon to be) valueline chip. MSP430G2955 56kb Flash 4kb Ram!   
    I vote info added too soon.
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