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  1. I don't know anything about the Adafruit version but I've successfully got the Msp talking to the adxl345 with Code Composer. What software are you using to write the code, Code Composer or Energia?
  2. Conductivity is the way to go. Simple and effective. I bought this off of tindie: https://www.tindie.com/products/hbouzas/esp8266-03-wifi-wireless-water-sensor/ I modified it for low power and attached to an msp430. I planned to make it wireless but have been fighting with the cc2500.
  3. Hi Rob do you have a schematic for this?
  4. Well sure enough that fixed it. R4 was pulling SDO to ground with a 0 ohm jumper. Wish I had notice the amazon discussion a long time ago. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks ZEKE ! I would have expected SPI to be able to drive these resistors. I have to assume AD is reading them immediately after power to configure it? Oh well can't wait to give it a try when I get home.
  6. Hi Zeke, In the pic I'm using SPI, maybe I should have labeled that way, but I prefer to use the pin names. Ihttp://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B008B4W1QS/ref=wms_ohs_product?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Little to no info. "Armed with the datasheet for the ADXL345 you should be able to do everything you need with that device." I have the datasheet and quick start guide and it SHOULD be enough but its not working and scouring the internet I find I'm not alone. I'm using an MSP430G2553 on the launchpad. I gave I2C a stab at it without any luck, but I really need to use the SPI, I'm using a C
  7. Hi guys, I've been trying for sometime to get my ADXL345 to talk SPI, but haven't had any luck. Now I bought this off of Amazon, I'm trying to get a schematic. I know the chip works in I2C, when I hooked it up to my RaspPi it found the address. I can post code when I get home, but I did one better. I used my Gabotronics protolab's logic analyzer (pretty cool lil device and caught a screen capture. The states all look in line with the ADXL345's timing diagram. I'm trying to send a command to read the DEV_ID regsiter, but you can see nothing comes back. The ADXL345 is hard pulling the S
  8. Whats the advantage of using the H11AA1M?
  9. Hi Rob, This new version is exactly what I'm looking for! Where can I buy one? Thanks Ken
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