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  1. I am new to energia. Playing with the sensor and hub prog. Want to use adc in sensor prog. there is a map off all pin , but what analogread is free. rgds
  2. Some update, Have compiled the prog and upload to LP-cc110. Run the progb but can not se anything on my freq display and nothing in terminal window compiler css 4.5. Should it worked with ccs or must I use IAR rgds
  3. Have 2 lp MSP-EXP430G2 and anaren CC110L. Would like to send sensor data wirless. Would lik to try the "Bridge" one dzhon posted 17 june 2013. "Flash firmware into two booster packs with launchpads to get "wireless" UART @ 9600bps 8b1 mode. https://github.com/T..._rf_uart_bridge" but I need some help. Can I use one of the lp to also read ADC-value and the other to display the value. May I ask if someone could explain in a few line the best way to send-rec ADC values. using the bridge Can I use GCC compiler?
  4. Would like to try Energia using: LP F5593, SN754410 as motor controller, 2 dc motor, PWM. (try build a line-following robot) Doing this to learn to use Energia. SN754410 pin use: 5v on 1,9,16, V-motor Pin8, Ground 4,5,12,13. Motor-1 pin 3 and 6. Motor-2 11 and 14. 1)Have just found that SN754410 must/should have 5v. Can the 4 pin for "analogWrite() - PWM " on LP (3v) be connected to SN754410 or must I have "level-shift" betwin them. Would/could a direct conection "kill" the 4-port on Lp? 2)What is the max load for 3.2v pin on LP? Are there any type of current-limit on the LP? Or is the onl
  5. It looks very nice. Anyone know how one can buy it? rgds
  6. 2 of my grandchildren is between 8 and 10 years. Wanted to get them interested in "programing" . Someone that have recomendation in tools to use. Thinking to start with a launchpad and a robot-kit as a line-followr. Have someone of you experiens? Any recomendation in a starter-kit? Are there "programming tool" for children. I know that LEGO has this, but they is expensive to startup, rgds
  7. I am interested. Hope you will ship abroad. I am from Norway. rgds
  8. Would like to read 5 ch, use "average/oversampling" (as in post: reduce noice in ADC12). Use UART to send it. Have modified the code in msp430g2x33_adc10_14.c, modified to read P1.7 to P1.3, seems to work using debug to read result. Have just done a few more search and found this in e2e forum:"On 2x (or at least on the G2553 - I didn't check the other datasheets) this has changed. Sorry, you're hosed. If the port pin schematics is correct, you cannot use ADC10 sequence mode together with the UART. Only one at a time." My understanding is, I can not use what I have tested. May I ask
  9. Many thanks for reply. In debug mode below View I can not find "expression", but I have opened the view: (x)=Loxal(1) , Watch(1) and Registers(1). Have just found it. In case someone else need this. In Watch(1) view, click on first empry line (it show ), now to the right in this line, click and the variables show up and one can now select a variable name. rgds
  10. Using CCS4.2, launchpad g2553. Can starte Debug, do singel step, stop, start, but need help how to view the values of a item/names. Have search, read several guids, blog, but I can not find what I do wrong (Using IAR it works fine, but this code to too lage, reaching the limit for the free one). There must be a setting that I have not turned on? Appreciate if someone could give a few hints in what I may have done wrong , setting I should change.
  11. It looks as the lcd is damaged. Can change contrast, but no text show on the screen. Anyone that has advice how do resolder the "EADOGS102-6" without damage the printboard? Must you have as "desoldering gun" to do this? rgds
  12. I am quit new to Launchpad and have a few question about config for analog multi-input. Have found a prog and done a few changes. Want it to read from: p1.7,5,4,3 Is the following correct? ADC0CTL1=INCH_7; ADC start from p1.7 (highest no) ADC0AE0=BIT7 + BIT5 + BIT4 + BIT3; enable analog input on 7, 5,4,3 Can one jump over a port or must they be in order? ADC10tc1 = No of inputs? ADC10SA = pointer to a tabel that get the values. Entry 0 has the value from 7. The prog has this in the starting part: P1SEL |= BIT5; Is this correct or is it used only for singel analog input? I
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