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    vitoraugusto reacted to CrappoMan in Can't use EasyMSP Libraries   
    You need to #define the type of chip you are using, but don't need to #include the chip specific header file, EasyMSP should take care of that for you.
    Look at lines 21 & 22 of the 'EasyMSP083BETA1.h' that you are #including.

    #define MSP430G2231 #include "EasyMSP083BETA1.h"
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    vitoraugusto reacted to MattTheGeek in Can't use EasyMSP Libraries   
    Had a bit of fun there.
    0.83 is quite old, but again i haven't released a stable one yet (That i consider ready to be released to the masses) Yeah, the code in the repo should handle device type automatically when using CCS, But i'm still working on one universal include system for all family types. I have been neglecting the libraries for 2 and value line series MSP430's due to the OLIMEXINO, so i'm not sure it will build.
    Currently my plan is to have a release ready by a month...
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