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  1. Thank you very much CrappoManm and MattTheGeek. I did now run the first app in MSP. I've been trying for 2 days with no success. The commands I can use ar the ones inside the libraries I'm including? How for exemple, could I initialize the serial port at 9600 baud rate, and make it reads the value received? Regards
  2. Hi. I need help. I've been trying, trying but always get the same error. #error "Device not supported or wrong device name" Whoops, looks like someone herp derped. 1 fatal error" I've tried to upload the code used on: instructables - Getting-started-with-EasyMSP Using the tips to include EasyMSP path from, here 43oh, "Help using the EasyMSP libraries!" Tried Using CCS v4 and v5
  3. Hi. I need Help to set up EasyMSP and the Code Composer Studio (CCS). I've spent several hours and searched every single site and didn't find this information. I can only conclude this is something very easy, so nobody has the same problem =) Anyway, I didn't figure it out yet.
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