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  1. I would definitely be in for the sub-1GHz spectrum analyzer also....
  2. @thanhtran ... yea my controlstick works with the controlsuite demo also. It may be that when I installed the mcu core edition, I also installed c2000 because I have another c2000 evm. This may be why mine works, but zeroskilz got his working also. @michaelwei Thanks for the information. Do I really have to install another version in addition to the one I already have, or will the piccolo controlstick work with ccs in the linux beta edition that I have on my ubuntu box. I guess I will have to play around with it later :idea: also, I would kill to own a drv8811evm, but I
  3. @ naturetm Sorry, I must have been confused @geekdoc Thanks, ..... and you get "thumbs up" for the info....... @ bluehash I guess I'll be using TI CCSv4 @ Michaelwei I got the picollo control stick today, and am installing the control suite software right now. I currently run xp sp3 and have the CCSv4 mcu edition. Do I have to install the "full" version to enjoy unrestricted evaluation of the f28069, or will the mcu core edition work ok? If I have to install the "full" version, will that affect my ability to program msp430 devices like the launchpad? I a
  4. @juani_c yea, I did not see that either. Do you have a link for the specifications? I just got this email when I sampled silicon for a project I am planning....... 43oh[1].pdf
  5. @naturetm Thanks for the CCS4 info I cannot wait to try the Piccolo. I have an older tms320f243 eval module that I got off ebay. I only bought it because it was $30 shipped to my house, and it did come with an xds510 jtag programmer. After the Launchpads finally shipped I totally forgot about it. The c2000 may be good to regulate an alternative energy system. I would like to make one for my roof. Ti also sells a "renewable energy kit". It uses a c2000 processor also, but I cannot afford the $350 price tag. Check it out: http://focus.ti.com/docs/toolsw/folders ... gykit.ht
  6. @Bluehash Thanks for the link, my brain must have shut off. Anyway, that is a much better link than the one that TI sent me. I wish they sent me one that went right to the product. :roll:
  7. I ordered one today, and it said in stock. I guess we'll see. Is there an opensource tool chain for the c2000, or do I have to rely on the CCS limited ide?
  8. @Geekdoc ...Now I'm jealous. I want a Chronos Seriously though, Do you think they will make a bluetooth model? Cause I would wait for that! @Harzack Congratulations, and Welcome. This site seems to be pretty awesome. The members can be real funny, and I think its a blast to be able to connect to other people that share the same interests, like we have here. Good luck and happy 430ing
  9. Yea, and we got 16" yesterday. Its great to see people from all over the world. My girlfriend actually studied in NZ while she was in college, but the closest I will ever come was watching "The Worlds Fastest Indian" Great movie BTW.....
  10. I ordered these headers, and they shipped fast! The whole endeavor took less then a week. They seem to be ok quality wise. I ordered them to build a launchpad project for my father. He is a mechanical engineer, and when I told him about the initial Launchpad offer he seemed un-interested. I told him that he could potentially use the launchpad to make a "new" scoring device for his Pine Wood Derby track, but he said that a $200 plc controller would be better. I just made him a simple led array for valentine's day, but at least he will then have a Launchpad and the "seed" will be plac
  11. Ti sent me an email for 50% off a cc2591 evaluation module. The Promo code is LRG5-SA02RK. I thought I would throw that out there if anyone is interested. Its only $50us instead of $100. The cc2591 is a 2.4Ghz range extender that compliments their other CC wireless offerings. They said this offer was for today ( 01/27/2010) but, at the bottom it implies longer.
  12. @jmlb Yea........... I bought the discovery board also, but STmicro has horrible information for noobs like me. TI, in general, seems to be more geared towards education of their products and, I think that Microchip could be a close second. I finally progressed far enough with school to get into a programming class, so soon I should be able to impliment some cool ideas that I have been toying around. Right now I can only design the hardware, like I have been doing since the earily 90's. I really do like this nes controller port, and I am sorry that it does not work with your
  13. @jmlb Are you trying it with a NES controller or an SNES controller. I dkn if they are different, but I would venture to say they are........... I would also like to say, this is pure genius. I have the NES controller apart on the bench right now............
  14. @Simpleavr Thanks, I hope it will be that simple, but with my luck probobly not. The last linux version I really used was redhat 7.x in like 99-00. After that I got a laptop with xp and went with it, but I did use linux from 1995, when I wanted to stay command line after Dos, til 2001 when I got the laptop. In 2008 I bought a used Sun workstation and started re-acquainting myself with unix, but since the oracle merger it just isn't the same company. The whole feel is different and when I triend to download the latest release there were a lot of errors. My other desktop, aside from a u
  15. @Geekdoc ...Yea I got that one off ebay for about $100us. Originally I bought a Snap-on Vantage in like 1999 (mechanic remember). The tool is great and I updated the database all the way until they stopped supporting it. About 2006 I bought a used Sun Ls2000 2 channel scope, also Snap-on, because it had a better sample rate and the vantage just could not keep up with what I wanted to do. In 2008 I decided to build a scope because I wanted to just leave my ls2000 at work, and the vantage is too slow, so I built an open source one called a lsc-1m which is described on the Instructibles c
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