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    pane reacted to Rei Vilo in Pin Names - Connected Launchpad   
    Thank you everyone for your great feed-back.
    Please find the updated Connected LaunchPad Tiva C TM4C129 Pins Maps.
    This is a cross-post with 43oh.
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    pane reacted to igor in Pin Names - Connected Launchpad   
    @@Rei Vilo - Thank you for the updated pin maps, and for the consolidated spot to get the latest.
    This appears to be an error in the Connected Launchpad pin maps, and is still present in version 1.1 of the pin maps
    (at the moment the latest one on http://embeddedcomputing.weebly.com/launchpads-and-boosterpacks-pins-maps.html ).
    It looks like the error affects all of the SSI peripherals on the Connected Launchpad pin map.
    PE_4, PE_5
    PF_1, PF_0
    PD_1, PD_0
    PQ_2, PQ_3
    In each case the SPI TX pin is mislabeled MISO, and the Rx pin is labeled MOSI.
    Whereas TI labels the SPI TX pins MOSI, and the RX pins MISO.
    On the Stellaris launchpad pin map, the SPI Tx pin is labeled MOSI, and the RX pin is labeled MISO (which is consistent with TI's labeling).
    Just to be sure, I checked the Energia source code for SPI.  It does not play any special games trying to reverse Rx and Tx that I can see.
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    pane got a reaction from igor in Pin Names - Connected Launchpad   
    Thank you for providing us with pinout map links/files in this post.
    While trying with Energia 0012 to get Sharp® LCD BoosterPack (430BOOST-SHARP96) working with EK-TM4C1294XL Connected Launchpad with no success so far (NOT PLUGGED IN BUT CONNECTED INDIVIDUALLY TO PINS - SSI module 2 is probably the default in Energia) I found different assignement of pins 14 and 15 (MISO and MOSI) compared to TI document provided in the box with LP - spmz858.pdf - and other TI docs including SSI2Tx and SSI2Rx. PD1 and PD0 correspond.
    15 - PD1 SSI2Tx - MOSI
    14 - PD0 SSI2Rx - MISO
    Energia (RV):
    15 - PD1 - MISO(2)
    14 - PD0 - MOSI(2)
    Please clarify or expalin to me (I am still learning).
    Thank you.
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