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  1. Hi, I was not able to make TM4C129 transmit but finally it works. Before you give up when only Rx is working but no Tx (even if your module is working with MSP430 and TM4C123 correctly try to INSTALL BYPASS CAPACITOR on the module (e.g. 10uf capacitor directly over VCC and GND). P
  2. Rei, I appritiate your job and contribution. I did not ment to give you more work and hope you will have an opportunity to play with the board enough and also generate so valuable outputs. Thank you. P
  3. Hallo, Thank you for providing us with pinout map links/files in this post. While trying with Energia 0012 to get Sharp® LCD BoosterPack (430BOOST-SHARP96) working with EK-TM4C1294XL Connected Launchpad with no success so far (NOT PLUGGED IN BUT CONNECTED INDIVIDUALLY TO PINS - SSI module 2 is probably the default in Energia) I found different assignement of pins 14 and 15 (MISO and MOSI) compared to TI document provided in the box with LP - spmz858.pdf - and other TI docs including SSI2Tx and SSI2Rx. PD1 and PD0 correspond. TI: 15 - PD1 SSI2Tx - MOSI 14 - PD0 SSI2Rx - MISO E
  4. Hi Jeff, Good job, thank you! (Since the library is now for Tiva series you might consider to start new thread in http://forum.stellarisiti.com/ forum.) My observations with TM4C1294XL LaunchPad and one DS18B20, the same pinout: It works , zeros were showing randomly. I implemented decimal places by jxlbbb from above (I believe two are not relevant for the sensor precision but anyhow) and Serial.begin (115200) which had some influence on zeros on its own. By playing with delay (1000) in tempCMD I guess the sensor needs to recover (I recollect some two seconds for DHT11 - will have a
  5. Grant and Jeff Sounds promissing, thanks and happy to help with testimg. P
  6. Hi OzGrant! Thank you for the usefull OW library (I use it to read DS18B20). It works great for me on MSP430G2553. The same code with new Energia 0012 and TM4C129 LaunchPad gives me the following error msg C:\DOCUME~1\Mama\LOCALS~1\Temp\build596613283320066190.tmp\core.a, -LC:\DOCUME~1\Mama\LOCALS~1\Temp\build596613283320066190.tmp, -lm, -lc, -lgcc, -LC:\DOCUME~1\Mama\LOCALS~1\Temp\build596613283320066190.tmp, -lm] GFDS18B20V2\GFDS18B20.cpp.o: In function `DS18B20::DS18B20(unsigned char)': C:\Documents and Settings\Mama\Dokumenty\Energia\libraries\GFDS18B20V2/GFDS18B20.cpp:46
  7. Hi, Thanks for update! The same error on XP SP3 (also only with version 11). Moving fles to c:\energia worked for me. P
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