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    N3TL0@D3R reacted to bluehash in Neewbie line code question   
    It's the header file for that particular chip which maps #defines to appropriate peripheral addresses.
    Just a small suggestion since you asked this kind of question... it would be better if you read up on the basics of C first. You already come from a programming background(Web), so it should not be too hard. This will only help you later.
    Welcome to the Forums. Keep asking your questions.
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    N3TL0@D3R reacted to chibiace in Neewbie line code question   
    have a look at the file, it defines quite a bit of stuff. while its always best to have the matching header a lot of the functionality is the same for the range and you can get away with a similar chip like the msp430g2001. or the f series.
    on my linux box the header is also calling for these:
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