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  1. Thank you both for your answers. Thanks, i use c a lot and also learn that before php, i have this doubt with the include because i was set on this: if the launchpad came with the 430g2553 why are they using this? is it like math.h an they include this to use #pragma vector or they actually using this other chip.
  2. Hello everyone, so, i finally have the time to work on my launchpad. I've been reading some things and i have a question. this line: :arrow: #include i have to use this only if i'm using the chip msp430g2231 or it's jut for "importing" a command or that chip functionality. Thank you or your answer.
  3. Hi everyone, i'm a web designer(not for much longer )but always wanted to make well... ROBOTS ,so, since the launchpad community is growing i decided to start with that(and also raspberry, great time for me :thumbup: ) as a hobby and hopefully i will able to reach the highest level of this. So if i can be of any kind of help(and also hope to get yours ) don't hesitate to contact me.
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